What to Wear in Mykonos?

Deciding what to wear in Mykonos can be a tricky task because this is not your typical summer vacation. This destination attracts not just tourists from all over the world but many celebrities, who are all trying to look effortlessly fashionable 24/7. So, it is summer, it is hot, but you still want to look cool and modern on every occasion. Whether you will be sunbathing the whole day, partying, or sightseeing, we have just the right tips for you.

How Should I Dress in Mykonos? Our Guide Can Help You Find Fashion Inspiration for Your Next Vacation

If this is your first time visiting this popular island, you probably wonder what clothes you should bring here and how people usually dress on islands. You already know that this is one of the most luxurious destinations in Greece with world-class restaurants and trendy beach clubs right? So don’t be surprised if you see fancy dresses and high heels on your way to the beach. 

Apart from regular beach stuff, it is recommended that you bring some more elegant attire, especially if you plan to visit fancy restaurants and hotels. A perfect packing list should be based on the places you plan to visit and things to do, but also on your personal style. If you’re not someone who enjoys dressing up daily, don’t overwhelm yourself, it is totally ok to go around in whatever you feel comfortable in. You’re going on a vacation, not a runway.

Are You Coming Here During the Summer or Off-Season?

Depending on your personal style and planned activities, there are many options when it comes to clothes you can bring. Keep in mind the time of the year and check the weather forecast. For example, if you travel during the summer season, you should bring mostly light clothes and shoes. 

But for winter, you’ll need a wind jacket, sneakers, and something that will keep you warm. This doesn’t have to be a ski jacket – remember that temperatures here rarely go below 50°F (10°C). This should answer your question: do you need a jacket in Mykonos, Greece. You can bring a light one for summer just in case it gets a little bit colder during the evening hours.

Make a Plan of Activities Before Packing 

Are you coming here to enjoy water sports and beaches, or do you plan to visit the most popular places and restaurants such as Nammos Mykonos and take some Instagram-worthy photos? If you plan to go walking and sightseeing a lot, you’ll definitely need something comfortable, apart from high heel sandals and party dresses – a pair of sneakers is a must. 

When it comes to your beach attire, you should try to save yourself from sunburns and wear something light on your way to the beach. Although this Greek place is known as The Island of the Winds, and you won’t feel the heat, UV rays can still be dangerous during midday hours.

Girl hiking around Mykonos Greece

What Do People Wear Out in Mykonos? 

For going out around this place, you first have to decide where exactly you are going. If you’re going to a glamorous wedding or a fancy restaurant, you obviously won’t dress the same as when you’re going to a beach bar. If you’re going to a five-star hotel for dinner, you would probably want to bring something that is not see-through and doesn’t involve flip-flops

What to Wear to a Beach Club?

If you want to look stylish in a beach club, you should play with layering, which is always easier for girls than for guys. To build a solid base, pick up a nice bikini, then cover it with a see-through tunic or a dress that will still show some parts of it. Depending on your personal style, add some chunky jewelry or a flower in your hair

You can also spice things up with trendy sunglasses and a nice bag. Men can put on just a pair of shorts in a neutral color or throw on some light colorful Hawaii-style shirts to stay in fashion as well. When it comes to colors, white always looks good on tanned skin. Wearing something blue will help you fit in with the Greek colors, but since this is a fun, party destination, colorful outfits are always welcome.

What Do You Wear to a Club in Mykonos?

For a club and nightlife in Mykonos, it is recommended that you put on something comfortable – a mini dress or a jumpsuit (something trendy that will still feel light and easy to wear.) Heels can be troublesome if you have to go through some cobblestone streets, so flat shoes or platforms are a more suitable choice. For men, a nice white shirt and linen trousers are something that’s perfect for every occasion, so it is easy to get ready and go. 

Man in a blue shirt sitting next to a blue door

What Shoes to Wear in Mykonos?

Now that you know all about clothes and how to stay fashionable around here, you might as well want to know what kind of shoes you should wear. As we already mentioned, this mostly depends on your taste and courage. If you want to experiment with high heels, bring a pair or two – at least to take some pictures on the terrace of your luxury Mykonos villa, and later you can switch to platforms and dance your night away. 

For hiking and sporty activities, but also for traveling, sneakers are a must. You should also bring some flip-flops – for the pool and the beach. Apart from flip-flops and sneakers, men should also bring a pair of nice loafers to go with their elegant clothes for the evening.

Now That You Know What to Wear in Mykonos, It’s Time to Make a Packing List According to Your Style

If you want to travel to Mykonos, nothing should stand in your way. With our convenient tips, you have probably already planned some nice outfits for different occasions, so the only thing left is to plan your stay and ways of getting around the island. Apart from car rental, we can help you take this experience to a whole different level and rent a yacht or one of many beautiful Mykonos villas. And don’t worry if you forget to bring something from your closet – shopping in Mykonos is amazing, and you’ll definitely find some beautiful clothing pieces that will make your outfits unique and fashionable.