Can you even call yourself a clubber if you have not partied at the best Mykonos beach club? It is time to fix that mistake if you’re coming to this beautiful island during the summer months. You’ll easily find everything you dreamed of – a vibrant atmosphere, beautiful and friendly people, good drinks, and popular beats. It’s up to you to choose from one of our top suggestions, and one of the best summers of your life can begin.

Mykonos Best Beach Clubs Are Not Hard to Find

You won’t have a lot of trouble finding the best beach clubs in Mykonos, even if this is your first time on this gorgeous party island. During the summer season, thousands of international tourists and people looking for good vibes travel to this place. And what describes one of the most popular party islands in the world better than its legendary beach clubs?

It’s the incredible energy that comes from these beautifully designed clubs and their entertainers, all together with one same idea – to provide their visitors with the time of their life and make them come back for more great music and incredible atmosphere! Follow our guide and ensure you don’t miss out on some of the finest locations around here.

What to Wear to a Mykonos Beach Club?

If you’re currently packing for your upcoming trip and wonder what to wear in Mykonos, Greece, if you plan on visiting some of these clubs, you can sit back and relax. Most of these places don’t have any strict dress codes – those are open-air clubs on beaches, after all, meaning that you can show up in a bikini if that’s comfortable for you.

If you still want to style up a bit, women can always casually slide it into a dress or floral tunic, while men can put on a nice summer Hawaii style or linen shirt. Add some fashionable sunnies and comfortable shoes, and you’re ready to dance the night away.

Girl at the beach

You can party at a new Greek club every day if you travel here and follow our guide

Scorpios Is One of the Most Popular Bars on the Island

There is a small chance that you have never heard of this popular location before – Scorpios Mykonos is one of the most iconic places in the world and attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is located on the Paraga peninsula, and everything about it is honed to perfection, no matter if we’re talking about its polished interior or luxe restaurant serving amazing food.

This recognizable club is considered a heaven for international jet-setters in search of spirituality. Its concept is actually based on the idea that DJs are the modern-day shamans who, through the Inner Gardens program, practice mindfulness and meditative rituals during sunsets with their fresh mixes of electro and local beats.

Beach club on Mykonos

Spending a summer day in Scorpius is one of the supreme ways to relax

JackieO’ Super Paradise Beach Is Another Iconic Location in Greece

This is also a well-known Greek place that attracts many people looking for a welcoming environment and recognizable black and white interiors inspired by the 1990s. JackieO’ Super Paradise Beach offers everything from friendly staff, delicious food and drinks, and most importantly, a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

JackieO’ Super Paradise Beach Restaurant Serves Delicious Fresh Specialities

The restaurant is famous for its amazing menu offering delicious though expensive food such as sea-urchin salads and lobster linguine. If you come here, you shouldn’t miss out on Champagne cocktails and signature JackieO’ – a mixture of Otto’s Athens Vermouth, Veuve Clicquot Rose, apricot brandy, and Champagne. One of the best things about this place is that there is no need to book days before.

People with cocktails in their hands

You don’t need to book a table over the phone or website – you can just show up and look for an available spot

Alemagou at Ftelia Beach Is Another Fantastic Boho Bar to Visit

This is one of the classic boho spots that are sort of expected around here, but despite that, it offers new and interesting things. Imagine the picture-perfect golden sand of Ftelia beach with a combination of crystal clear blue sea, and then add this bar, designed by one of Athens’ most famous architecture companies – K-Studio.

Its recognizable design is meant to represent traditional Cycladic shapes and crafts. That’s why the pergola roof and gourds shell lighting of this bar provide contemporary minimalist aesthetics. Unlike the previously mentioned places, this one also attracts family people, and it’s amazing for parents who like to relax with drinks while watching their children build sandcastles.

Wooden sign and drinks on a shelf

This bar serves amazing mojitos, so ensure you try them while relaxing and listening to some popular music mixes

Choose Your Favorite Mykonos Beach Club and Rent One of the Private Mykonos Villas Close to It

Once you choose the best beach club in Mykonos and plan some stylish boho outfits to match the vibes, it is time to think about your accommodation. Staying in a luxury Mykonos villa with your own private pool can actually bring you much more comfort than staying in an overpriced and crowded hotel. Booking a private yacht is another interesting way to experience this island’s luxury entertainment while renting a car can be a good way to get around the island and explore its natural beauties and many cool beach bars and restaurants.