Mykonos beach clubs that you MUST explore

When in Greece, the best beach parties in Mykonos are worth a visit. Also, what is a party without one of the best beaches?

If you are no surrounded by some sand and water; is it even worth it? Well, with Mykonos being in Greece, there is literally nothing to worry about.

You can easily have the best time of your life by enjoying and strolling around on one of the best beach club in Mykonos.

They do not only offer an eye-catching beautiful atmosphere and view but are also one of the best clubs that you can visit.


Here, we have summed up the best Mykonos beach clubs that you must explore, while in Greece.

  • Luxurious Beach Club Experience

If you are a luxury lover, then Nammos is the perfect beach club for you. With the best jetsetters lined up at this beach, this is one of the most exclusive and expensive beaches in Mykonos. If you are looking for something affordable then be aware as this place is definitely not for you. There is nothing “cost-effective” about this beach. If you are in search of some real beach fun and have a huge budget then you must go here and have the best beach time with the most exclusive jet setters!


  • Amazing Sunset Beach Parties in Mykonos

Scorpios is famous for the lovely sunsets and if you are a sucker for sunsets, then this is the beach you need to head over to. This style beach club is a newcomer in Mykonos but has managed to magnetize thousands of people towards it within a short period of time. It offers you a wonderful and scenic view of two bays and also offers snacks according to different sceneries. This place is well-known for its sunset parties on Sunday.

Scorpios Club Party
Scorpios Club Party
  • Mykonos Beach Clubs for Foodies

This is a new beach club in Mykonos but is surprisingly the heart of different Greek cuisines. It has the best restaurants within it and has the capacity of the seat almost 200 people within it. Also, it brings the largest pools too and till now, these pools are known to be the largest in Europe. SantAnna is breathtakingly gorgeous and you can relax and have fun at this place endlessly.


  • Chic & Stylish beach club in Mykonos

If you are a style and fashion lover then Jackie O’s is definitely your pick. This is an elegant beach club with some very costly and vintage champagne lined up. It also offers a birds-eye view of the sunbathers below. The over-ocean swimming pool is highly amazing and catches one’s eye instantly.

Having fun without beaches? Well, that is not even a thing to ponder upon while being in Greece, specifically while being in Mykonos. With some of the best beach parties in Mykonos, there is nothing but eye-catching beautiful views and has something fun for everyone. From the luxury lovers to the food lovers and from the chic fellows to the sunset adorers; everyone gets a beach that fulfills their demands. While there, make sure that you visit these best Mykonos beach clubs because you definitely do not want to miss out on them at all.