If you’ve been thinking about a vacation in Greece and want to plan a romantic tour for your loved one, Mykonos is the right place. As a beautiful island, it offers numerous options for a great date. It’s hard to choose just a few best date spots in Mykonos, but we’ve managed to narrow down the list for you. Take a look at our suggestions – we’re sure you’ll visit this place soon enough!

Mykonos Is a Romantic Haven All Couples Should Visit Once in Their Life

Mykonos island might be well-known for its party scene, but make no mistake – this place is also one of the most romantic spots in the world. If you come here for a romantic getaway, you will have an abundance of popular and remote places to check out with your significant other. Getting around the coast will lead you to views you could have only imagined.

No matter how long you decide to stay here, we’re sure that both you and your partner will agree – no amount of time is enough for Mykonos. The additional benefit of choosing this destination is that it’s an LGBT-friendly place, which means that queer couples can enjoy their dates here without any worries. Now, let’s see where you can have a great date on the coast!

Smiling young couple walking on the beach
You will have a hard time deciding between numerous great date spots here!

Let’s Start With the Basics – The Best Date Spots in Mykonos Can Be Found on the Beach

When you’re on this part of Greek soil, a date on the Mykonos beach is the most obvious choice for an intimate gathering of two. Whether you want to enjoy drinks in beach bars or sit on the sand and look at the water while you talk about the future, the experience is bound to be magical thanks to the stunning views you can find all along the Myconian coast.

Which Mykonos Beach Has the Most Stunning Sunset to Complete Your Date?

When better to schedule a date than during a Mykonos sunset? Imagine swimming or relaxing with an ice-cold drink in your hands with your significant other by your side while the sun sets on your perfect day. That’s surely a core memory in the making, don’t you think? But which beach to go to? Here are a couple of suggestions for the best date spots on the beach:

  • Agios Ioannis,
  • Platys Gialos,
  • Agios Stefanos,
  • Lia,
  • Fokos Beach,
  • Agia Anna,
  • Kalo Livadi.

Want to Plan a Fabulous Dinner? Take Your Date to One of the Lovely Taverns

Mykonos is known for its great selection of international cuisine restaurants, but since you’re in Greece, we wholeheartedly suggest opting for a date at a tavern. It will be a more authentic experience, and you and your partner will have a chance to try exquisite Greek foods you maybe haven’t had before. We must emphasize one thing, though – try to stick to taverns and skip Greek street food if you’re going on a date. Gyros is great; no one can deny that, but a cozy tavern is probably a more romantic choice.

Whether You’re Organizing a Lunch or a Dinner Date in Mykonos Town, Little Venice Is the Place to Go

The chances are that you’ll be visiting a tavern that’s located in Chora, Mykonos town. This picturesque town is full of wonderful restaurants with great food, but what we’re going for here is the right view on a date that will give you that feeling of a blooming romance. Most would agree that Little Venice is a perfect romantic setting for lunch or dinner – sunsets here won’t disappoint you.

Little Venice in Mykonos at sunset
Look at this view! Your significant other will appreciate you taking them to Little Venice

If You’re a Couple Who Loves Exploring, Organize a Sailing Date and Go to the Nearby Delos

Mykonos is for couples who like adventure as well – your choice of dates isn’t limited to quiet beaches or charming restaurants. A popular tour that’s perfect for couples is a half-day trip to nearby Delos, an uninhabited isle brimming with archeological sites that will take you many centuries back in time. Enjoy a short sailing trip – you’ll see great views of the Myconian coast as you sail away!

To Make Things Even More Romantic, You Can Rent a Luxury Yacht

It’s easy to find this sailing tour – many agencies in Chora offer it, so you can easily book your trip when you go for a walk in the town. Still, if you want to upgrade your experience, there’s nothing better than Mykonos yacht rental. Book a luxury yacht, and enjoy a private tour with the person you love. Just the sea, the sun, and you two – it will be one of the most memorable dates you’ve ever had!

Happy couple on a yacht
Yacht rental in Mykonos can be a fun and luxurious experience for couples

The Ultimate Date Spot in Mykonos – Your Mykonos Villa Rental

If you want to ensure your entire vacation is perfect and you have a unique date spot, you should choose your accommodation from the numerous private Mykonos villas for rental. This place is known for its fabulous villas on the coast – luxurious, vast properties with infinity pools, sea views, and various other amenities.

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