We all know that this piece of paradise in Greece is well known among clubbers, but if this summer you want to visit it with your partner, you might wonder, is Mykonos for couples a good idea? We think it is. Whether you want to come here for your honeymoon, anniversary, or just have a nice summer vacation together, love is in the air at every corner of this island, so you won’t make a mistake.

The Best Place to Stay in Mykonos for Couples – A Private Villa Will Give You More Privacy and Comfort

If you’re lucky enough to visit this marvelous place with your loved one, you are about to have the time of your life. Staying here is exciting, and this place definitely has a lot to offer – from beautiful beaches, amazing Greek restaurants, popular beach bars and nightclubs, interesting shopping places, and many other amenities. The only question is where to stay and experience this place in the best way possible?

Our top suggestion is renting one of the private villas in Mykonos. It is not a secret that this place can get expensive, especially if you choose to stay in overpriced hotels. During the busy summer season, it might be hard to find available hotel rooms in town at reasonable prices. But the main reason why luxury Mykonos villas are a much better option is that you’ll have your own private pool and much more privacy and comfort in general, which is important for couples.

Little Venice

This place is full of breathtaking views and amazing amenities

Romantic Things to Do in Mykonos for Couples – From Chilling at the Beach to Sightseeing

Although among the Cyclades, Santorini is known as the most popular destination for couples on a honeymoon, Mykonos can be romantic too, which is why so many lovebirds and newlyweds travel here. So even if you only have five days in Mykonos, take a look at some of the things you can do around here.

Don’t Skip the Most Important Sightseeing Spots in Mykonos Town

There are many things to do and visit around this glorious island, but luckily some of the most beautiful sightseeing spots are located in Chora – the main town and its vicinity. So, grab a map (and your partner’s hand) and make sure you include these stops in your itinerary:

  • Little Venice,
  • Paraportiani Church,
  • Archeological Museum of Mykonos,
  • Rarity Gallery,
  • Old port,
  • Matoyianni Street.

These should be some of your sightseeing priorities – if you have more time and want to expand this list, you’ll find plenty of other attractions just by wandering around the charming streets of Chora.

Plan a Romantic Dinner by the Sea in a Greek Taverna

Greek food is something you have to try, and Mykonos has many restaurants serving various international and local delicacies. Trying fresh seafood, meat specialties, and local desserts is a must, and there is no better place for that than a local Greek taverna in Little Venice seated right by the water.

Book a table in advance and ask for the one with the best sunset view and some candles, so you and your partner can enjoy the most romantic dinner ever. Don’t forget to take some photos as well to capture the moment and make some unforgettable memories.

Whether You Prefer Water Sports or Just Relaxing at the Beach, You Can Find Both Here

If you prefer an active vacation, you can actually try numerous water sports, from parasailing to water skiing and wakeboarding. You can also rent a jet ski and take your partner for a ride on the waves. After a fun day on the water, you can both relax with cocktails in your hands while soaking up the sun at some of the most popular beaches:

  • Paradise Beach,
  • Agrari Beach,
  • Fokos Beach,
  • Agia Anna Beach,
  • Kapari Beach,
  • Agios Ioannis.

Mykonos for Gay Couples Is a Great Idea – This Place Is Full of Gay-Friendly Spots

You probably already know that Mykonos is also one of the most popular international gay-friendly locations. That is why many come here to relax and enjoy a chilled atmosphere where everyone can be themselves. If you’re here with your partner and want to explore some popular gay-friendly places, these are our top suggestions:

Besides that, Elysium and Cavo Tagoo are some of the most popular hotels and travel destinations in Greece for gay couples, but if you’re looking for more privacy, renting a luxury Mykonos villa just for the two of you is always the best solution.

A beach in Mykonos, Greece

Paradise and Elia are two of the most popular beaches you must visit if you travel here

Mykonos for Couples Is Always a Great Idea

Depending on your personal travel preferences, you can choose the best time to visit this iconic destination. Keep in mind that the summer season is usually very busy, especially in July and August, so if you want to avoid crowds and a lot of tourists, visiting during June and September might be ideal.

You should also plan a way of getting around the island – if you want to avoid driving around on a bus or spending your precious time looking for a taxi, renting a car might be a good option. After picking up a perfect villa and booking your tickets – everything should be ready for a perfect romantic vacation with your loved one.