The Ace VIP is an unrivaled Luxury Villa & Concierge service provider and a locally trusted partner in Mykonos.

We are an organization of resident and international experts in real estate, hospitality, rentals and entertainment.

Our clients trust in our ability to fulfill their dream holidays.

We stand out because we provide our guests with exceptional services and access to highly demanded events and first-class entertainment.

Business events are also arranged through our company. Executives require timely travel arrangements and exquisite accommodations that embrace the perks of the island. Similarly, our business services include the setup and organization of conferences, seminars, meetings and team building activities.

Our objective is to bring our business clients a step closer to greater success.

The Ace VIP offers its clients all-inclusive experiences of the finest quality service embodying our key philosophy towards a secure, pleasant and memorable holiday throughout their entire stay in Mykonos. Our company is strongly defined by three values:


Frequently asked questions

Are the Ace VIP Services Affordable?

The Ace VIP offers luxury services and caters to VIPs and celebrities. We offer premium, high-quality experiences which could be deemed worth the cost for those seeking luxury and exclusivity. Contact us and we will help you create unforgettable Mykonos experiences, that will fit your budget.

Where Can You Rent Villas?

With The Ace VIP, you have the opportunity to rent luxury villas on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. This destination is becoming increasingly popular among the international elite, rivaling well-known hot spots like St. Tropez and Ibiza.

How Easy Is It to Book Villas With the Ace VIP?

The services provided by The Ace VIP include booking flights, hiring private drivers for hotel transfers, luxury villa rental in Mykonos, etc. With such comprehensive service offerings, The Ace VIP aims to make the villa booking process as smooth and stress-free as possible for our clientele.

Can I Book Mykonos Villas for New Year and Christmas?

The Ace VIP seems to provide a full range of services, meaning that holiday bookings, including for New Year’s and Christmas, are absolutely an option. All you have to do is give us a call.

Is My Privacy Protected With This Website?

Service catering to VIPs and celebrities places a high priority on privacy and security. We put your safety and security first, and that’s why we implement all necessary steps while you are visiting our website.

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