Mykonos Concierge

As apparent as this one may seem, professionalism is actually a rarity among many concierge companies worldwide.

The entire staff of The Ace VIP has been trained to upkeep the highest quality of Mykonos Concierge services.

We are setting new professional standards of providing exceptional service because we believe that concierge companies providing negligible service will be overlooked.

Our approach is to provide a highly professional, courteous, considerate and well-organized service.


Special Concierge Requests

Clients like to come to us with their special requests. Other times, clients want us to prepare highly unusual activities that they can do individually, in groups or with their colleagues and associates.

Over the years, our efforts and commitment in providing unique services have left our clients euphoric and energized.

We look forward to undertaking the greatest of challenges so we encourage you to email us your unique request at any time or contact us for more information on any of these activities.

Our top priority is to maintain full discretion on our clients and their requests.


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