This is not just another of your regular seaside restaurants. Koursaros Mykonos Fresh Fish and Seafood is a Fish and Sushi fusion restaurant with a vivid and interesting interior and pleasant atmosphere.

The design of the interior is modeled after the Corsair’s ship and it is truly unique.

The exceptional service and the extraordinary food are right there to round the whole experience.

Koursaros Will Get You on the Mediterranean Journey Through Tastes

All the guests readily agree upon one thing, the chefs of the Koursaros restaurant are truly making more of an experience than just meals. More than 20 years of hard work and experience, make up for the management and staff that know how to adapt to the new trends, revamp the old ones and always stay in tune with the latest demands of the market. Fresh, crisp and white and blue interior make up for the on-board feeling the customers will get. It is not just about dining, it is also about the atmosphere and that makes this restaurant very popular. They are very well versed in catering romantic dinners for two as well as big gatherings and business meetings.

Koursaros Fresh Fish and Sushi Fusion

We recommend that you start your evening with some of the mixologist’s signature cocktails like Greek Lover Martini, Cultura Mexicana or Bengal and dive into the dining experience. You have two menus to choose from: dinner menu and sushi menu, and you can’t go wrong with either of them. The produce they use for the dishes are as fresh as they get.