Scorpios Mykonos Reservations is something you can call the ultra-legendary place, not because it is all fancy but because it promotes a free Bohemian lifestyle, with a well thought out with an oceanic theme. Scorpios Mykonos will give you the extra feels where you can come face to face with nature, chill out and accept the beauty of the healing nature by letting it seep right inside you. There are several kinds of reservations which you can make for Scorpios Mykonos through The Ace VIP and these include:

  • Restaurant Tables for Lunch or Dinner
  • Sunbeds on the Beach by noon (12PM)
  • Sunset Area Tables
  • Regular Clubbing Tables
  • VIP Club Tables

All of these above-mentioned things are available for reservation and that can be easily done by getting in contact with The Ace VIP. The party at Scorpios starts at around 17h00 and lasts until around 1AM. Enjoy the great times close to nature and discover yourself in the process.