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Be it business or pleasure, The Ace VIP Mykonos Concierge takes care of all your travel demands.

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Whether booking flights, hiring private drivers for hotel transfers, luxury villa rental in Mykonos, reserving tables for restaurants, bars and events to hiring private security for a completely stress-free experience during your stay, we are here to serve you as best as possible!

Mykonos island has established itself as the platinum cosmopolitan destination of the international elite.

As VIPs and celebrities around the globe decide to spend their holidays on this glorious Greek island that rivals the likes of hot spots like St. Tropez and Ibiza, the popularity of this picturesque and breathtaking destination is on the rise.

If you’re yearning for a perfect weekend getaway or a fun-filled family holiday, the in-house specialists at The Ace VIP will provide bespoke experiences for you and your family.

Our partnerships provide you preferred treatment at the finest luxury properties, restaurants, clubs and tour operators for a wide range of exciting activities during your Mykonos holiday.

mykonos villas collection

Mykonos Villa Holidays

The Ace VIP offers the best Mykonos Villas, suitable for every type of holiday in more than 32 different locations in Mykonos island.


Mykonos Luxury Yachts

Mykonos Luxury Yachts bring together the best of travel. You will see scenic beaches on which you can spend days in peace and quiet.

hire a driver in mykonos

Private Driver Mykonos

This service of The Ace VIP is the crème de la crème for that glamorous transportation experience and it is the ultimate entry to all of Mykonos’ main attractions.


Jet Charter Mykonos

Book a charter jet based on the Mykonos JMK national airport with The Ace VIP and choose a luxurious aircraft of your preference.


Helicopter Charter Mykonos

Observe the beautiful sceneries of the blue Aegean Sea from Zeus’ point of view, dominantly roaming over Mykonos island.


Private Security Services Mykonos

The Ace VIP can provide you with reliable private security officers and bodyguards as well as concierge services in Mykonos to help you with your safety.

Luxury VIP Services

Rent Villas
luxury Villas

Mykonos Luxury Villas

We understand that our clients tend to have diverse, varying needs from the real estate market. This is why we collaborate with clients in a highly engaging relationship with open communication and immediate responsiveness to provide as much information as possible.

The Ace VIP is proud to acknowledge that we know Mykonos luxury villas booking inside out. Villas can be rented for variable stays ranging from a weekend break to a long term sublet. We can also assist you with the acquisition of Mykonos villas for sale.

charter a yacht

Luxury Yacht Charter

Mykonos and the Aegean Sea are the world’s most popular destinations to charter a yacht. We provide high quality professional assistance and ensure clients that their expectations are always met with the utmost satisfaction.

Charter a luxury yacht of your liking from our fleet of exquisite luxurious yachts and sailboats. Captains, skippers, chefs and other crew members are included on-board. Set sail with our luxury collection of yachts. We are at your service.

rent a car

Luxury Car Rentals

We offer a modern car fleet that is both luxurious as well as safe to take you around the island. You can choose a car of your liking ranging from the most expensive SUVs and luxury rental cars to the more economical smaller cars that can also be great solutions for smaller budgets and busy schedules!

We also provide private chauffeurs as well as personal protection officers for daily drives, weddings, parties and special events. Our car brands that are the most sought-after. Get a grip and rent a luxury car in Mykonos.

hire driver mykonos

Private Driver

We offer amazing ground transportation services with a list of latest SUVs, vans and mini coaches and an generous private driver. Not only this but we also maintain our quality and provide with luxurious packages and deals on special events.

We will carry your entire luggage and shopping with safety and take care of them in the car. Why choose ordinary taxis or buses when you can travel in style and elegance.

Our motto is that we never sacrifice quality, and we make sure all our customers experience the best time of their lives and make it a memorable experience.

jet helicopter rental

Jet & Helicopter Charter

Private Jets & Helicopters Charter in Mykonos. Luxury aviation collection at your disposal.We are proud to offer you private jets and helicopters for both leisure travel or business with strict time schedules and impeccable service.

Helicopter rentals are ideal for travelers wanting to travel between the Greek islands privately, conveniently and with little time to spare.

Set your own schedule with one of our private jets or helicopters.

security services

Security Services

We provide reliable private security officers and bodyguards as well as concierge services in Mykonos to help you with your safety.We can secure your place of residence as well as you and your entourage during the daytime and nighttime.

You can request for tailor-made security services, and we will provide you with the best security services that cater to your needs.

Experienced high profile security services for public figures that need an extra layer of assurance.