Private Security Services Mykonos

Our Private Security Services provides personal protection with Security Officers to a principal client and his closest members.

Our officers are highly motivated with the ability to work alone or under the direction of the client’s head of personal security.

They are highly trained and incredibly strong as they have substantial experience to undertake charge of unexpected situations, acting quickly and efficiently under all kinds of circumstances.

We can also provide a secure driver service for our clients, ensuring total peace of mind and assurance for all of our clients.

A combination of both police-trained officers and regular security is our method to protect clients daily in Mykonos, as well as 24h static security for guarding the precious Luxury Villas.

Peace of mind

While travelling to Mykonos you may require private security services in Mykonos to ensure your safety and protection at all times.

If you are staying in Mykonos to throw a private party then, you are absolutely required to hire the services of Mykonos security to make sure that your party is not intercepted.

Holiday security Mykonos

Also, if you have had past experiences with security breaches or stalking—you can rely on the private security services in Mykonos.

Our bodyguards in Mykonos will ensure you are safe at all times and that you are not harassed during your stay.

The Ace VIP can provide you with reliable private security officers and bodyguards as well as concierge services in Mykonos to help you with your safety.

We can secure your place of residence as well as you and your entourage during the daytime and nighttime.

You can request for tailor-made security services, and we will provide you with the best security services that cater to your needs.

Experienced high profile security services for public figures that are under threat or need an extra layer of assurance.

Benefits of hiring security bodyguard

There are several benefits of hiring our private security bodyguard services in Mykonos.

Safety of you and your family should be your main priority, and you should be ready to go the extra mile to provide your family members the required security.

Our private security bodyguards are trained to implement excellent security plans to ensure your safety. They will follow your directions and instructions to fulfill your security needs.

Our team generally comprises of former policemen, veteran military officers, and specialized protection service guards.

If you are looking for family protection in Mykonos then, you can reach out to us to ensure the safety of you and your family members.

The following are the benefits of hiring our private security services in Mykonos

  • Safety and peace of mind
  • We prevent the occurrence of any illicit activities at your luxury villa in Mykonos
  • Immediate action in case your current security is compromised
  • Help you evacuate in case of any unwanted activities around you or at your residence.

Safety comes first

Below you will find the following types of security and concierge services in Mykonos that we have to offer:

Private Bodyguards – Personal Security in Mykonos

Reach out to The Ace VIP, an exclusive VIP concierge services in Mykonos for hiring bodyguards and a whole security team for your family.

We promise to deliver top-notch professionals and executive VIP protection services right away.

Static security – House guards in Mykonos

If you are travelling to Mykonos with valuable belongings, you should definitely consider hiring private security house guard to ensure your safety.

There have been reports of theft and robberies in villas, driving many clients to hire house guard services in Mykonos to ensure the safety of their minds.

House guards in Mykonos

House guards will look after your villa while you’re absent. Hire a house security guard for a couple of hours or overnight.

They will patrol your house and monitor it for any illicit movements and mishaps.

Your peace of mind will be in the best hands, and you can treat yourself to a night of peaceful sleep without any worries.

Armored cars rental Mykonos

If you are a business executive or politician then, you would need top-notch security services anywhere you go.

You can request for armored cars rental in Mykonos, and you would be provided with the ideal armored cars best suited to your needs immediately.

A highly trained personal security guard will be at your service and an additional crew of security guards will trail behind your vehicle to supplement your security in the best possible way.