Are you looking for a chef or a catering service in Mykonos? The Ace VIP Private Chef Catering Mykonos service provides you with a splendid number of expert chefs at your disposal for arranging extravagant food and amazing waiting service.

Experience the real taste, tradition and hospitality of Greece and enjoy best food in Mykonos that is tasteful and full of color.

We bring out flavors in food and let people enjoy it as much as they can to make the experience memorable in Mykonos.

Our dedicated team will provide you with quick catering service and exquisite plating that will be perfect for any event. Your guests will receive incomparable attention as our staff is efficient and professional.

Private Chef and catering in Mykonos is one of our specialties and we make no mistake in arranging the best possible food service at your event.

We have staff members in different lines of work.  Our chefs and sous-chefs come from different backgrounds ranging from Mediterranean cuisine to Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.

We also provide waiters and barmen to service your event completely.

Covid-19 Notice

In just a few days, Covid 19 has a very significant impact on our day to day lives. Covid 19 passed from country to country and transformed from something we were seeing in the news to a worldwide pandemic.

My team and I would like to assure you that according to the regulations of the World Health Organization we wash our hands very often. The surfaces and the objects we use are cleaned very often and meticulously.

Gloves and face masks are used when performing a service. It is understood that at the end of this, they are removed, discarded and replaced with new ones.

Products such as alcoholic lotions and gels are used meticulously.

Finally, we would like to assure you that all raw materials are processed with full knowledge and safety for the best result.

Private Chefs


All our private chefs Mykonos are well trained and experienced from different backgrounds to ensure refinement and authentic taste in diverse dishes.

We have chefs belonging from Mediterranean cuisines, Peruvian, Japanese and other cuisines as well.

The Ace VIP has a selected number of the best chefs from around the world that provide five star restaurant quality and service.

Exceptional taste and standard of food is our guarantee with no customer complaints. Feel free to direct all private chefs in arranging and modifying cuisines according to your taste.

The chefs are very friendly and will help you decide your menu and also suggest with ingredient options and dishes.

The sole purpose of these private chefs is to satisfy all customers in regards to food and service.

Customized menus

Our clients have the liberty of making requests on the menu according to their own personal taste and dietary preferences.

The Ace VIP is one of the few who provide personalized menu options to their clients. You can talk to the appointed chef before any event and explain all your desired choices.

He may suggest you with unique dishes and recipes and will make them according to your preferred diet.

You can create your very own recipes as our master chefs have the knowledge and creativity of creating unique dishes.

Beverage choices and seasoning adjustments can also be made and depend solely on your choice and taste.

We make sure that all our clients and their guests return home with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

catering mykonos


Maybe you really hate grocery shopping or maybe you’re really, really busy. Thankfully, there are grocery delivery services that will do the heavy lifting for you.

We take care of your purchases at your request and deliver them to your villa or boat. We can provide you anything you wish with discretion!

Mykonos catering

We love organizing every event which needs our special menus and exquisite services. That includes cocktail parties, yacht catering, cater wedding, events and more…

We can find the perfect food solution for your needs and make this life experience unforgettable.

We will provide you with the most professional and lavish experience of food and catering at your event.

All our catering Mykonos services including waiters, chefs, barmen, food, beverages and decorations will be arranged by us.

VIP services are handled with precision and accuracy to ensure no mistake.

Our waiters are discreet and will provide no hindrance to the guests. They are serious and professional in their work.

The Ace VIP provides a complete catering service for both private and corporate receptions, cocktails, parties, weddings and other events in Mykonos.

When it comes to catering, the main reasons behind our success are hard work, persistence, commitment to high quality and cuisine expertise.

We can place small and large orders, with a food variety ranging from Greek, Japanese, Italian and Spanish cuisines or fusion.

Please enquire here for all available catering options.

We provide catering services to all kinds of events including private and corporate receptions, cocktails, parties, weddings and many other events arranged in Mykonos.

Yacht catering

Catering and live cooking experience on a yacht is the most luxurious experience of spending a memorable day.

Mykonos beaches are always a delight to sail on and with exquisite food you will enjoy all the more.


Our customers have a number of options when it comes to arranging dinners or parties on board and our services will be convenient for not making the yacht crowded or less manageable.

All our chefs are well trained and of international level in maintaining top of the line restaurants of the world.

It makes them more professional and they know how to serve the right food at the right party.

The chefs will serve you as your own personal caterer and you will have the opportunity to request whatever you may please.

Five star experiences on board will never be better than this.

Thematic dinners

Arrange your event with thematic dishes and carefully designed food choices and plating for an appealing and memorable event. Your guests will enjoy your event and it will soon become the talk of town.

If you are arranging a party at one of our special villas or yacht then everything will be managed accordingly including personal tables and plating. You will be amazed to see our thematic arrangements and choices.

You can personalize everything on the menu when it comes to theming an event, we provide our customers with ultimate comfort and freedom in choosing whatever they please.

Our professional team will recommend you with useful ideas and the perfect theme for your special evening.

Waiting service is very quick and will arrange all tables with precision and the finest table dinner ware.

All our dinner sets are selected from the finest retailers to set up impressive tables. Our waiters are highly professional and keep their service discreet so guests would not be disturbed.

Your events will be made lavish and everything will be managed without putting our clients in any tension.

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Are you arranging a beach party? Or a bachelor party at a luxury villa? BBQ can be arranged on any site by special chefs of The Ace VIP.

BBQ is enjoyed by everyone and is the most enjoyable way of eating.

It can be hectic to arrange a summer party and it can be messy at times. If you have the right people to arrange it then nothing can go wrong.

That is why we at The Ace VIP make sure everything is perfect including food, decorations and waiting service.

Be it a small celebration or large gathering, Mykonos BBQ is always the right choice and our chefs and management specializes in arranging the perfect BBQ for you and your guests.

All your visitors will have a memorable experience of your event and will be completely impressed by our arrangements.

Not only this, but our food is worth the taste and our private expert chefs are professional and keen in their work.

We will guarantee that your party will be talked amongst people and will leave a good impression.

Every specific detail is taken care of in our food and arrangements. So sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

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Cooking Class

A cooking class in your private space is a unique experience.

The classes are interactive and all of the participants cook along with a professional chef who prepares the dishes on the menu with you.

Once the seminar is complete, you will be able to taste what you have cooked. At the end of the seminar the recipes that will be made will be given in writing.

Cooking class is an interesting activity for anyone who visits Greece and wants to get to know the Greek traditional dishes and taste the mediterranean cuisine.

Live cooking experience

Experience the finest service of live cooking at your events. All specific events can have live cooking at their events including on yacht, luxury villa and beach service.

Live cooking on beach service is the most preferred and people enjoy having fresh food being made in front of them.

The purpose of live cooking is for guests to enjoy and your events to be more exciting and fun.

Live cooking on yachts are the most enjoyed with a sidebar.

Fresh fish & Seafood

The first thing you may think when eating in a traditional Greek tavern is that it serves weird plates you are afraid to taste.

However, leaving Greece without having eaten some of its signatures foods is one of the biggest mistakes you will do!

With sea all around, it is expected that the Greek cuisine used since the antiquity its ingredients to create unique recipes.

They are delicious, and if you learn everything you need about them, their Greek name, how they are cooked, and which taste you should expect, one thing is for sure: you will look forward to trying them and broadening your culinary horizons!

Fish is cooked in the Greek cuisine either grilled, when it is a big fish, or fried, when the fish is small. Some very small fishes are not cooked but rather marinated, being the Greek version of sushi!

The big fishes, which are grilled, are served with a delicious sauce of olive oil mixed with lemon (ladolemono), which gives them an exquisite taste.

To enjoy Greek sea food in mykonos is a pleasurable experience and one of the most preferred when visiting the mediterranean.

fresh seafood options

Mykonos Seafood is very famous in Greece because of the surrounding beaches and the blue aegean sea.

While in Mykonos, we will provide you with amazing seafood and our private chefs and catering will amaze you with the quality of taste and food.

All seafood is highly fresh which makes it tasty all the more. Seafood in Greece has a lot of variations with distinct sides and herbs.

You may choose whatever you may please and customize your menu options according to your events.

The quality and taste of our seafood is very unique and immensely satisfying, you won’t find seafood this amazing from any other five star restaurant.

We have a variety of delicious seafood including Sea Bass, Calamari, octopus, Taramasolata, Red Mullet and much more!

Mykonos Seafood and other cuisines can be requested on board with specialized menus created by our expert chefs.

Enjoy this opportunity and impress your guests with tasty food at your service.

We deal in all kinds of foods and you can personalize any dish you want. Our waiters are very professional and generous in their work.

Everything on the menu is a five star restaurant experience with amazing waiting service provided to each guest.

Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is a cuisine that does not belong to a specific culture and so varies from region to region.

It is made according to a country’s culinary trends, and so Mykonos Greece has its own variety and exceptional taste of Mediterranean food.

Our specialized and private chefs will provide you with mouthwatering Mediterranean food with numerous tastes and variances.

Enjoy the most amazing Mediterranean cuisine in Mykonos with our private chefs and catering.

You can choose whatever you please on your menu and create a unique dish.

The service our chefs and management will provide will be satisfying enough for all our customers to be assured of quality service and no mishaps.

We do not believe in mistakes and provide professional VIP service.

wine bottles and grapes

Mykonos Wines

Among the greatest pleasures of life, a balanced meal could be one of them.

A perfect meal would, of course be lacking without the presence of a wine, which would be an equation between the ingredients of a dish and the characteristics of a wine.

As long as food and wine are complex, the basics are simply to understand them.

It is common knowledge that God Dionysus in ancient times was the god of Wine and Kefi, so he tried to give humans the opportunity to taste the ‘nectar of mortals’.

Wine therefore became an articulate choice at the best of times, which over time passed from generation to generation as custom.

Greece is widely known as the birthplace of hospitality, and its purpose was to please the visitor without price. Next to wine specialization is an obligation for you.

Greek Hospitality

The kind welcoming and care of a stranger in one`s home, was an institutional matter for ancient Greeks.

The kind and respectful welcoming of guests derived from the strong belief that the people were being visited by the Gods themselves, transformed as guests, in order to verify the compliance (or not) to the religious rules.

Furthermore, the ancient Greeks were constantly traveling to foreign lands due to their way of living (traveling, trade, wars) and in need for accommodation, assistance and protection, receiving in that way the benefits of hospitality, as well as providing them.

Guests and travelers were widely considered to be the sole contact with the outside world and due to the lack of means of communication, a good source of information.

Traditional products of Greece

Greek feta cheese

Greek extra virgin olive oil

The treasure of a Greek diet, olive oil is the foundation of Greek cuisine, enriching the majority of dishes with flavor and goodness. In Greece you will encounter foods that have not been manufactured by the industrial behemoths often found in the west.
The world’s third-largest producer of olive oil, Greece is justly proud of its extra-virgin quality, thanks to the very high standard of its olives. You could think of the country as one big olive grove.

Greek cheese

Dairy products hold a special place among traditional Greek products. Discover the taste of the graviera cheeses, excellent dairy products.

Other PDO cheeses in Greece include types found nowhere else in the world; the soft fresh anevato, peppery kopanisti and ladotyri from Mykonos, creamy manouri and smoked metsovone, batsos, pichtogalo and xinomyzithra, the Parmesan-like San Mihali ,sfela, formaella, the easily spreadable katiki and, of course, feta.

You may remember that since 2002 Greece has been the only country allowed to use the name feta for this widely popular sheep/goat’s milk cheese. Imitations abound throughout the EU but they must be called something else.

You’ll taste many variations on the theme during your stay in Greece, ubiquitous in households and taverns across the country.

Fresh baked bread

A good piece of baked bread is always on the table in Greece; fresh, made of wholesome wheat, and baked in a wood-burning oven. It doesn’t matter what you want to try in Greek cuisine, bread is present at all your meals. After all, it’s delicious even on its own: just dip it in a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, top it with some sea salt, and enjoy!


Tomatoes are a major agricultural crop farmed in Greece and one of excellent quality and organoleptic characteristics. As a result, Greek tomatoes are perfectly red, utterly juicy and deliciously tasty.