Welcome to the Helicopter Charter Mykonos service!

Are you travelling to Mykonos to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your loved ones? Or, have you traveled to Mykonos before but, you want to relive your experience from a new angle?

Mykonos is one of a mystical and majestic place on earth, and if you do not immerse yourself with the astounding beauty of such a heavenly island then, you are going to regret it later in your life.

Wandering on the land of Mykonos is not enough to make your experience memorable—as you never know what you might miss out on!

Helicopter Charter Mykonos

Helicopter Charter Mykonos – Heli rental service

Rent a Helicopter in Mykonos, introduce yourself to the undiscovered side of the island city. The island is enormously beautiful from all sides and angles.

It has a contemporary feel to it but, it also has a traditional side that one should see.

Renting a helicopter in Mykonos takes you beyond the heights and it will unmask the beauty of the surrounding, like it has never been unmasked before.

Observe the beautiful sceneries of the blue Aegean Sea from Zeus’ point of view, dominantly roaming over the islands.

One can always choose a sightseeing helicopter ride Mykonos to learn about the character of the island in depth.

What does the Helicopter Charter Mykonos have to offer?

A sightseeing tour from a helicopter ride will introduce you to the small orthodox churches and white windmills and town buildings in the city.

You will witness the glory of this Cycladic Island and you will be introduced to the traditional places and villages in Greece from the air.

The villages feature the most extraordinary cubist buildings and rustic villas that would be a delight to your eyes.

Visit Greece! Visit Mykonos! Book a private helicopter charter and become part of the myth and the legend.

If you have been enamored with the history of the Greek cities then, what compelled you the most?

Was it the sprawling ruins of the ancient cities preserved into timeless statures? Or, did the mythical birthplace of Artemis and Apollo inspire you to Visit Greece ?

Why book helicopter tours in Mykonos?

Are you travelling to Mykonos for celebrating the time of your life with your friends, spouse or, family—you should escalate your experience to another level by booking helicopter tours in Mykonos.

Renting a helicopter tour would take you to the heights, and it will introduce you to the side of Mykonos that you weren’t expecting to see.

Mykonos is a beautiful island-city, and wandering the city on foot or by car shouldn’t be the only way to enjoy your trip.

Have you ever come across a picture of Santorini, Athens, or Mykonos from a panoramic view, and it made you want to visit Greece?

Well, now that you are in Greece, you should definitely book a helicopter ride and it will take you above the ground to make your dreams come true.

Book Helicopter tour in Mykonos

Also, booking Helicopter Charter Mykonos allows you to make the best out of your trip in the best possible way. It is a safe and sound way to witness the beauty of the city from a bird’s eye.

You are simply required to book a rental, and a well-trained helicopter pilot will take you above the grounds and into the heights to make your experience memorable in the best possible way.

In addition, you can request to be assisted by a tour guide, who will introduce you to the historical sites that come into the view.

You can opt for a simple helicopter tour or, you can sign up for a sightseeing tour to make your trip worth the investment.

Helicopter tour from Mykonos to Santorini

Did you know that you can book a helicopter transfer from Mykonos to Santorini ?

When travelling to Greece, no trip is ever fulfilled without visiting Santorini. So, if you are staying in Mykonos—you can rent helicopter in Mykonos, and travel to Santorini to explore the best of Greece.

You can either request the pilot to land on the Santorini land or, you can travel to the wonderful island of Santorini, and return to Mykonos.

You can take pictures and make videos to can post on your social media. Take your friends by pleasant surprise. The choice is all yours!

If you are a newlywed couple, and you are staying in Mykonos to commemorate the new beginnings with your spouse—you can surprise them by booking a helicopter ride from Mykonos to Santorini.

You can coordinate with The Ace VIP, and you can work with us to make arrangements for you and your spouse.

Helicopter Luggage Capacity

Luggage allowance on private helicopter charter

If you are considering renting a helicopter transfer in Mykonos then, you are required to specify your luggage allowance.

Usually, if you book a helicopter ride for few hours then, you wouldn’t be required to bring your luggage.

However, if you are travelling to Santorini and you plan to stay there for a few days before returning to Mykonos.

Each passenger should carry one medium-sized bag. The size and weight of the bag should not exceed 15-20 kg.

You should refrain from carrying a hard case carry bag to the helicopter—as soft luggage is more practical for helicopters.

Private Helipad in Mykonos

Mykonos is a land of wonders and you will a number of wonderful places here to delight your sight and senses.

Renting a helicopter is one way to make the best out of your trip, and it takes you to the unseen places in Mykonos and Santorini.

You can hire a professional photographer on your expedition to capture the delightful moments of your spouse and you.

Private Helipad in Mykonos

You can contact us to rent a helicopter in Mykonos. You have several choices to choose regarding landing points.

There is the Mykonos Airport, Nammos, Scorpios, Kalafatis, Ano Mera and a couple of private estates. It all depends on where you will be accommodated and what is available.

Having a private helipad assures that the helicopter is ready for the departure and landing without any restrictions.

It also allows you to have a quick photography session before you board on the helicopter.

Rent a helicopter hourly in Mykonos

Did you know that you can hire a helicopter on an hourly basis? It allows you to pay for your adventurous trip on the basis of an hour.

If you are apprehensive of exceeding your vacation’s budget then, you can reach out to us for this deal.

You can simply rent a helicopter for one or two hours, and it would be sufficient to take you for sightseeing around Mykonos to Santorini and back.

You should keep your cameras ready to capture images from the sky.

Helicopter hire for business trips

You can book a helicopter to reach a specific venue for a conference on time.

Similarly, if you have a business meeting in Santorini, and regular flights are unavailable, then you can always choose The Ace VIP to book a helicopter for your business trip, and it would help you reach your destination on time without any hassles.

It also allows you to have a great, fun time with your colleagues.

Documents required for renting a helicopter

Required documents for Helicopter Charter Mykonos

For those who are renting a helicopter for the first time should know that a private helicopter flight is different from a commercial airline flight; therefore there is a different procedure.

With us, we make it easy! All we require from your end is your itinerary, passports of all passengers and number of luggage.

Keep all documents with you when boarding a helicopter as you will need to present them.

Your helicopter would depart from the airport or, you would be assigned to a helipad from where the rental helicopter will take off.

You are not required to reach the departure point hours before the helicopter takes off.

If you are booking a helicopter ride—you should book the formalities in advance.

However, you should reach the helipad or airport 15-30 minutes prior to its departure.

How does the booking process work for helicopters?

First contact us via email at legends@theacevip.com. If you have an urgent trip you need to make then please reach out to us by phone or Whatsapp on +306943195090.

Next kindly inform us your desired itinerary, the exact number of people in your group and the exact date(s). It would be great to know if you have any additional preferences or requests.

We will email you with helicopter options with rates. You’re your confirmation, we will reserve the helicopter for you. After that we will provide you with payment options and details. Once we receive the full payment from your end, you are confirmed. The rule for luggage in helicopters is 1x medium-sized suitcase per passenger.

We also organize helicopter tours of Santorini and other islands. VIP Meet & Greets at airports are extra.