Mykonos Luxury Holiday Villas

Despite the fact that Mykonos has a number of hotels, a holiday villa in Mykonos, Greece will provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience that many find unmatchable. With the freedom to enjoy the entire villa however you please, this provides guests with unparalleled independence.

The best Mykonos holiday villa rentals are available with The Ace VIP, which are suited for every kind of holiday you’re planning, including a celebration, party time or family vacation.

Our extravagant luxury villa holidays in Mykonos are the perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy breathtaking views from a luxury location in Mykonos. Whether you prefer a villa in the city center or for something more exclusive with a private beach and a dock, we provide villas in more than 32 different areas, all of which are in the best place to stay in Mykonos, allowing us to find you, your ideal holiday rental.

Villa Exteriors and Architecture

All holiday villas have a connected wide paved area outside that is attached to a private pool with clean turquoise clear water; it captures direct sunlight for an exceptional sunbathing experience.

The architecture of the villa has been specifically designed from the best architects, and its exterior has modern as well as traditional Greek designs with fresco or stucco pillars and wide steps for the guest’s enjoyable stay.

Many of the villas have barbecue stand constructed with stone and a long marble table. It can give you the best holidays experience.

Cycladic Architecture – except being tastefully decorated and adorned with elegant, cautiously decided on information that helps infuse a homely feeling, Mykonos holiday villas also are meticulously designed in order that they blend with the encompassing surroundings seamlessly at the same time as adopting many factors of conventional Cycladic architecture, therefore supplying you with a Mykonian experience that’s a long way better than any given hotel room.

Some of our villas are voted among the Best Mykonos Luxury Villas in the Mediterranean Sea.

Our Luxury Villa Interiors

The majority of vacation homes have their own private swimming pools, which add to the pleasure of your stay. Sunbeds on the pool terrace and sunbath areas with reclining chairs will make you feel like you’re at a spa. Choose Mykonos villas with private pool to have the time of your life in complete privacy!

An elegant outdoor seating is luxuriously set up at every luxury villa Mykonos with infinity pool with sunbeds and sun loungers for a resort-like experience; relax and bathe in the sun whilst you read a magazine or listen to music with a breathtaking Aegean sea view of the beautiful island and its exceptional scenery.

All our villas will have large double bedrooms that have an attached suite bathroom with all services and equipment such as hairdryer, TV, A/C, kitchen electronics, Wi-Fi, bath amenities etc. We also cater to those driving and each villa we provide has space for parking vehicles.

We ensure that our villas contain more than just the necessary amenities and supply outdoor and indoor showers with amazing water supply, Jacuzzi’s and water heating systems. You do not have to lift a finger when our concierge service is involved as we also provide calming spa treatments, massages and beauty services that are provided by expert beauticians.

Why Choose a Mykonos Holiday Villa Rental with ACE VIP

We love villas that are unique and located in spectacular locations that showcase the beautiful sunsets Mykonos has to offer. Not only do our villas have striking views but they also house several other benefits.

best luxury villa in mykonos to rent

Having a Mykonos villa all to yourself gives you the freedom to spend your days however you would like in peace. Equipped with private pools and spacious open areas, spending the entire day within the villa will often be the perfect day.
You are free to come and go at any time without having to stick to schedules or follow hotel rules. In case you need to throw a noisy party or perform some laps on your private swimming pool during the evening, you can simply go for it. You can also hire our personal chef team 24/7 to cook for you at any given time.

We provide exclusive and luxury service to ensure that you have all the amenities you need, whenever you need, without having to share or wait with other guests. Additionally, in vacationing within a villa, this provides sufficient room to savor some private/personal moments far from everyone else.

Often when booking hotels, parties can be split up by floor. Remove this issue by choosing who takes what room in your own private villa!

Many luxurious villas in Mykonos are located in private estates. Which means the level of protection and safety they provide is extraordinarily high. For safety, we suggest static protection officers which guard the property.

We provide a range of amenities with all of our vacation rentals, from basic comforts like furnished kitchens, laundry facilities, and Wi-Fi access to luxuries such as heated swimming pools, home theaters, amusement rooms, gyms, and more.

You will be able to enjoy air conditioning in every room, terraces that provide you with an incredible view of the outside, a fully stocked fridge and a private chef who makes delicious cuisines for you and your loved ones on demand.

Other facilities such as transport, beauty treatments, house massage, chauffeur, etc are also available, with professional chefs also on call to help you truly relax.

Connected to beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, luxury pools and a splendid bird’s eye view of the extraordinary city, our Mykonos holiday villas will ensure that you have a memorable experience.

Villa services

1. We offer convenient services including a daily cleaning service that will not disturb the residents of the villa and will be completely discreet during your Mykonos vacation. Weekly, the towels and bedding will be replaced, assuring consistent high-quality housekeeping services with check-in and check-out processes.

2. The housekeepers will fresh the pool water every day for a clean and hygienic living.

3. Requests can be made on a broad perspective as you can order groceries and maintain the kitchen without any hindrances.

4. A private chef will be provided to each villa which is another bonus and comfort, he will prepare delicious meals for the house members every day to keep them out of trouble for ordering or dining out when not needed.

The Ace VIP is an exceptional villa collection service where you can find all things in one place.

Rent a car, helicopter or yacht for exploring the beautiful island of Mykonos; you will not miss out on the extraordinary sceneries and tourist attractions if you travel with us.

Not only for exploring, but The Ace VIP also provides fun activities like water sporting and boat riding along with your Mykonos holiday villa rental.

If you are traveling with family and friends you will have the time of your life with no moment wasted. We will turn your vacation into the most amazing life experience.

Villa VillaNeeson 2 scaled

Explore Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos is famous for its beaches and if you love spending time at the beach then this might be just the place for you.

We will provide you with amazing villas that are located next to Mykonos’s best beaches. Sleep with the rhythm and sound of the ocean and take long night walks on the shore. These beach villas are perfect for spending time with your significant other. Get an experience of walking on the coast of Psarou beach and Paradise Beach as it is a known highlight for visiting Mykonos.

The beaches in Greece are different than beaches in any other place.

With its clear turquoise water and clean environment, you will be able to take a breath of fresh air, especially if you are traveling from a loud city environment. The beach water is amazingly clear and great for swimming.

For a relaxing moment of sand-worthy experience, get a peaceful and quiet contemplation by taking a walk on one of these rent villas Mykonos beach.

Villa VillaThorpe 26 scaled

Villa for Celebrities

Many celebrities, politicians, famous people stay at our luxurious villas for their short visits or long-term stay.

In order to provide unparalleled service, we are extremely strict and careful about keeping our client’s information and visit, discreet.

The Ace VIP has exceptional customer service and we never let our clients down, which is why we can boast that no client has ever had a bad experience with us! We take all measures to ensure that we keep our clients happy and satisfied.

The Finest Mykonos Villa Holidays: Some of our villas are voted among the Best Mykonos Luxury Villas in the Mediterranean Sea.

Airports pick and drop service

All our villas are close by to the Mykonos airport with an average distance of 3-5 km. As we also offer our own luxury car rental service which can accommodate airport pick-ups.

We can also provide you with travel options, including a variety of cars, helping to accommodate you when you would like to visit Mykonos’ best attractions and restaurants for the experience of your life.

You can trust us with all services and put your feet up and relax for the entire vacation.

Book early

One of the most essential Mykonos holiday villa rental tips to keep away from disappointment is to book early.

Villas in famous locations at peak times of the year tend to be booked at least six months out, due to private properties being considerably more exclusive than reserving a hotel room.

You can book your reservations a few months before your stay any time you think necessary or whenever you feel comfortable.

You can contact us via the contact form here or call us directly to choose the best villa.

Explore a variety of houses and villas available for rent and make your trip to Mykonos the most memorable of all.

Off-season within the low season, villas can offer incredible offers, particularly when you have a little flexibility to your dates, or you are reserving the last minute.

Villas for Events Mykonos

Reserve a Villa for your Holidays

The Ace VIP team will help you find the best villa for you in Mykonos, which has all the features you are interested in.

Our wish is to offer you a pleasant and relaxing stay, we are always at your service to provide any type of information or suggestion you want.

Villas FAQ

  • First contact us via email at or reach out to us by phone or Whatsapp on +306943195090.
  • Kindly let us know which villas are of interest to you as well as how many people there are in your group (including children) and the exact check-in/check-out dates. Prior consent is required for pets. It would be great to know if you have any additional preferences or requests like fridge stocking, alcohol preferences in the villa or other requests.
  • We will email you with available options and rates. Upon confirmation from your end, we will reserve the villa for you by placing a 3-day hold. Then we will provide you with payment options and details. Every villa requires a security deposit which varies by the size of the villas. Once we receive an advance payment from you (30-50% of the total + security deposit, then you are confirmed. The security deposit will be returned to you upon a successful check-out.
  • For villa rentals we require only one passport, which needs to be of the signee.
  • Cancellation policies for Villas varyfrom villa to villa. It will be specified in the rental agreement that you receive from us but generally speaking, there is a 0% refund for cancellations that take place approximately 1 month before the check-in date.
  • We accept payments by debit card, credit card and bank transfers. Should you need to withdraw money for your own personal expenses in Mykonos, you will find a lot of ATMs on the island. Further, Wi-Fi and Internet in Mykonos is steady and relatively fast, allowing you to conduct e-Banking and m-Banking transactions from your device.
  • Our largest villas can accommodate up to 32 guests.
  • Most of our villas have a 7-day minimum but do not let that discourage you.
  • We also have a lot of properties that do not have a one-week minimum.
  • The South Coast of Mykonos is least windy. This includes Agios Ioannis, Ornos, Paraga, Agios Lazaros, Psarou, Elia and Super Paradise.
  • No, The Ace VIP does not provide options for sharing villas between different groups and clients.
  • Only daily maid service is included.
  • If you require a private chef, butler, waiters, security or babysitters, please inform us at your convenience.
  • Check-In Time: Depending on the villa, Check-In time is either 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM. Certainly you can arrive later. A representative will be in contact with you to coordinate a smooth Check-In. This representative will provide you with your keys and house rules. This representative will also conduct your Check-Out process and will help you out if you run into any problems.
  • Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM the latest.
  • Rates for villas vary greatly by seasonality. Although Mykonos is a summer destination operating from April until November, the most popular time to visit Mykonos is from July 1st until August 31st. That is when everyone rushes to the island and books everything they need. There are a lot of guests who pay extremely high rates for hotel rooms and villas just to be present in Mykonos during this time. The most expensive time to be in Mykonos is during peak week which is the last week of July.
  • We highly recommend you consider visiting Mykonos during June and September because you are bound to get better rates for rentals and services during those months.
  • During peak season, some parts of the island will experience power outages and water shortages. The Ace VIP is neither responsible nor liable for any faults with the villas including breakdowns of mechanical parts, water problems, swimming pool filtration, power outages, gas or other. If such an occurrence rises, The Ace VIP will investigate into the matter and invest a maximum effort into getting the problem solved. If the problems still persist, then The Ace VIP will look into other solutions including change of property and refunds.
  • Further, The Ace VIP assumes no responsibility for accidents, injury, death or loss, including consequential damages from the rental and use of its properties. As a precaution, do not leave children unattended in the pool of your villa.
  • Small house parties are generally allowed in villas as long as the guests can upkeep a safe and clean environment without any damages. A lot of properties have strict rules regarding bigger parties and private events which include an extra fee for holding parties with limitations on the exact number of people that can attend and allowed noise hours. There are a lot of properties that have neighbors which will not tolerate noise or loud music at any hour which will make them call the police to close down the party. Generally, quiet hours are between 14:30-18:00 and 23:00-08:00.
  • The Ace VIP is here to assist you with the complete organization of your private event. Upon agreement with the property owner, we will provide you with speakers, lighting, DJ, performers, security staff, catering, alcohol and anything else you may require.
  • As a precaution for event safety we insist on at least 1 security staff per 15-20 guests for a safe and fun party environment all throughout the night and so that there are no uninvited guests.