When we say Latin cuisine, the first thing that pops is usually Mexican, or some variation of it. But how much do you actually know about the authentic Peru cuisine?

Coya Mykonos is a luxury Peruvian restaurant that brings Incan heritage and Latin American culture to the island of Mykonos. This luxury restaurant and Pisco cocktail bar are carefully crafted for you to immerse in the Latin American spirit as you only could if you went there.

Let’s broaden your knowledge a little bit when it comes to the colorful and variant cuisine of Latin America.

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Peruvian Cuisine

What makes dishes in Peru cuisine special is the variety of influences that were adapted to local ingredients and native heritage. Immigrants from all over the world, like Spain, Italy and Germany brought their food and recipes from their homeland. Predominantly Incan indigenous population kept their heritage but they also incorporated all those foreign influences and made them their own.

The staples of Peruvian cuisine are corn, potatoes, quinoa and beans, while some meats like beef, pork and chicken were brought by Spanish immigrants as well as rice and wheat. A major Incan staple are, of course, chilly peppers.

What is interesting is that the local ingredients now spread and cultured worldwide, gained huge popularity in recent decades. Some plants and cereals are marketed as super foods thanks to their nutritional value.

These days we all know and value the nutritional quality of quinoa, sweet potato and chilly peppers. Some of them are used as quality food ingredients and some are even used in homeopathic remedies.

Peruvian cuisine differs a lot depending on the part of the country. That is why you have three groups of Peruvian cuisine: Coastal, Andes and Amazon type. They differ mainly in the ingredients and fresh produce that is used for each region.

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Coastal Peruvian Cuisine

Relies mostly on fresh fish and a bit of seafood and various vegetables and fruits. You’ve probably heard of Ceviche, well, this is where it comes from. In its original form it is a dish made out of marinated fish and seafood and garnished with herbs.

To name just a few other specialties from this region: Shrimp cioppino, Antichucos, Tamales, Arroztapado, Lomo Saltado, Peruvian Ham, and many others. Some of them are brought by immigrants and adapted by locals with their recognizable spices and some of them are purely native to the region.

Andes Peruvian Cuisine

The Area of Andes is still very much indigenous considering cuisine. The main meat is alpacas and guinea pigs, and the main fish is sweet-water trout. Some of the immigrant influences are best seen in the form of other animals that are now used like pork, chicken and beef.

Some of the most important dishes from this region are Pachamanca stew made of a variety of meats, Olluco (a plant from the tubers family), Arequipa (stuffed chilies) and some other less-known dishes that are by no means less tasty than the ones that we mentioned here.

Amazon Peruvian Cuisine

Cuisine in this region exploits the meat, fish and plants from the rain-forest. Many animals that are the staple of this cuisine are prohibited to be hunted by the law, so you won’t find them as easily as the specialties from the other regions.

This cuisine is exotic, to say the least. Some of the animals that are protected by law but are important in cuisine of this region are turtles, black caymans, and some jungle mammals that are collectively called “carne de monte”.

Some of the specialties that are legal, however, are Juane (chicken and rice wrapped in bijao leaves) and Chapo (a beverage made with sweet plantain).

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What is Coya Mykonos all About?

This luxury Peruvian restaurant and its late-night bar are all about celebrating the Indigenous culture of Peru and the influence that was brought by immigrants, making a world fusion for the tastiest results.

If you are up for some well-known, or less known Peruvian dishescocktailsopen-air lounge dinner settingLatino vibes DJ and great experience overall, this is the place to go.

Pisco cocktail bar may just be the best Latin bar on Mykonos, with the best selection of cocktails with that little Peruvian kick. They say that Latino parties are best there, and we all know how Latinos like to party – with a lot of dancing and a lot of great drinks, and maybe some snacks on the side to keep them going through the night.

Don’t forget to try the Coya signature cocktail “Pisco Sour” it is the best refreshment for the steamy Mediterranean night in the rhythm of the Latino music.

Besides it being the best Latin bar on Mykonos, Coya is also the very best Latino restaurant. Fiesta comes to life here every day, glorifying the colorful fusion Peruvian food, made out of the best and the freshest local ingredients.

There is so much to choose from, starting with light but vivid appetizers like Croquetas de lubina (Chilean seabass with red chili), Calamares con Ocopa (baby squid with Peruvian marigold and quinoa) and a few different types of Ceviche.

For your main course, you should try Peruvian Sashimi, Marinated skewers on the charcoal grill, some of the dishes cooked in iron pots like lobster and seabass stews, and the freshest seafood and fishes you could possibly wish for made in the distinctive Peruvian way.

For all of you barbeque and meat lovers out there, don’t worry, there are ample of meat dishes to choose from like beef and chicken prepared on the grill. And for your sweet tooth, may we suggest churros or roasted pineapple with coconut ice cream. This is the type of open-air lounge dinner that you won’t easily forget.

Sun Salutation  

In honor of the Incan sun god, Inti, Coya Mykonos hosts a Sun Salutation Festivities every Thursday starting with the 30th of July. Performers dressed in Peruvian inspired costumes will take care of the Latino atmosphere while you enjoy magnificent dishes, specially prepared for the occasion like Wagyu beef tagliata.

Resident DJ, Alex Twin, well known throughout Ibiza for some of the best parties, and the drummer will create an unusual but harmonious mix to amplify the whole Peruvian experience.