Wonder where to go in Mykonos for nightlife? The truth is, whatever place you opt for, you can’t go wrong. This is a small island packed with numerous great clubs and bars, so it won’t be hard to find a place to dance your night away because here, the party never stops, and you can dance from dusk till dawn. Our guide can help you discover some of the greatest spots on the island, so stay tuned.

The Best Nightlife in Europe Is the Reason Why so Many People Travel to Mykonos

This place became famous as a destination with the best nightlife, great clubs, and insane parties. People from all around the world come here to experience a piece of its magic summer atmosphere and have the time of their life

It’s not a secret that many celebrities come here for the same reason as well, so don’t be surprised if you see them around. If you’re a newbie and don’t know where to begin your party tour, let us guide you through some of the most popular locations you must check out if you’re looking for a good atmosphere.

People dancing in a club

Start With the Good Old Paradise Club

Paradise Club is probably one of the best-known places around here. It is located on a beach with the same name, and there you can find some parties even during the daytime. Techno and house music are usually played during the day, so you can relax with a cocktail in your hand while listening to some popular beats and enjoying a super chilled atmosphere. 

Paradise Club Is Close to the Main Town

The club actually consists of three different areas and a large swimming pool, so its interesting design will definitely entertain you. It’s all spiced up with phenomenal music played by the world’s leading DJs, as well as firework shows and other kinds of entertainment.

Paradise Beach

Tropicana Beach Bar Is Another IT Place to Be Seen at

Conveniently located at the same beach (Paradise), the Tropicana Beach Bar is another place you shouldn’t miss if you come here to experience the best of the Mykonos nightlife. It is recognizable for wild parties, and suitable for younger crowds.

The Fun Begins During the Early Afternoon Hours

If you feel like you need a little daytime entertainment, the good thing is that the party here starts around 4 PM, and it continues until the late-night hours. As the atmosphere heats up, music starts getting louder, and the whole beach gets involved in one big fiesta. The host, Sasa is the icon of the club – he animates the crowd with his unique jokes and ideas.

Beach party

Cavo Paradiso Is One of the Most Iconic Clubs 

Cavo Paradiso is another iconic destination you shouldn’t miss if you want to have a memorable night out. It overlooks Paradise Bay and offers a marvelous sea view, and since it is located on a smaller hill outside of the town, trying to walk there is not recommended. You don’t want to miss these parties, so catch a cab or rent a car because without a doubt, getting around Mykonos is easier if you have your own vehicle, just remember – don’t drink and drive! 

This Is One of the Most Beautiful and Most Expensive Mykonos Clubs 

Clubbers love Cavo Paradiso and don’t mind that there is an entrance fee because the international clubbing experience is on another level here. Thanks to its beautiful design, this place is considered one of the most visually stunning locations on the island, but that’s why it is also very expensive. Besides the entrance fee, prepare to spend a lot on the drinks.

Dj playing the music

Scandinavian Bar Offers Great Atmosphere in Chora Town

Scandinavian Bar is one of the places with a long tradition. It was actually opened in 1978, and over the years, it remained one of the best and most beloved spots on the island. Young tourists usually begin their evenings here since it is located right in the main town – Chora, which makes it easily approachable and often overcrowded.

You Can Start Pregaming With a Reasonably Priced Cocktail at Skandi

At the bar, you can try out some delicious cocktails made by professional bartenders and listen to great music, from dance to rock. There are indoor and outdoor areas, and the best part is that the prices are not that high, considering the location.

Still Wondering Where to Go Nightlife In Mykonos? We Have a Few More Suggestions

If you’re a true party animal and still have plenty of energy after visiting all of the above-mentioned places, you shouldn’t be worried. There are even more beach clubs, bars, and nightclubs, so you definitely won’t get bored easily. The best part is that everything is close, and you can easily check out most of these places even if you came here just for five days. Some other locations you can visit include:

If you want to ensure you have some good rest after all these parties, you should avoid crowded and noisy hotels and rent one of the private Mykonos villas. You can share it with your crew, so you’ll have a memorable Greek summer.