Although this amazing Greek island is extraordinary during any time of the year, experiencing Mykonos in summer should be on every person’s bucket list. This period brings out most of what this place has to offer, so there is no surprise there are many reasons for visiting it during the warmest months. We can help you discover them all.

#1 It Brings the Best Weather for Swimming and Sunbathing

Clear, azure waters of the Aegean Sea and amazing beaches attract hundreds of tourists throughout the year. However, the best period to enjoy them would be between June and August/September since those are the warmest months.

The hottest month is usually July, but keep in mind that the weather in June, August, or the first part of September is also suitable for enjoying the beautiful beaches and all they have to offer.

At the same time, remember that rain in Mykonos is pretty rare during the warmest months, which is just perfect for those looking to soak up the sun during the vacation.

Mykonos Is Home to Some of the Best Beaches in Greece

This part of Greece has more than thirty beaches, many of which are great spots to enjoy your trip. Deepening on your preferences, you can choose:

  • Super Paradise Beach – if you’re looking for a trendy place,
  • Platys Gialos Beach– for families with children and those searching for a bit more relaxed atmosphere,
  • Agios Sostis Beach – if you want a more peaceful place to enjoy,
  • Elia Beach – for those who wish to explore top gay-friendly spots.

Whatever your choice may be, you’ll get the most from each of these beaches (or any other you pick) if you opt to visit them during the warmest months.

Woman reading on the beach

Opt for the beach that has all you need to enjoy your travel

#2 The Nightlife Scene on the Island Is the Most Vibrant During This Time

This place is known as a party island, but did you know that the greatest parties occur during the season? Whether you want to party in some of the world-famous coastline bars, popular private villas in Mykonos, party hotels, or experience nightlife in Chora, the best time to do so is during the summer.

On the other hand, once the season ends, so does the partying in this place – until the new season starts. Therefore, warm months are also the most suitable period to stay in this place if you plan to party like there’s no tomorrow.

Girls partying

Paty-oriented people will thrive in the nightlife scene this area of Greece is famous for

#3 There Are Much More Activities to Choose From Than in the Winter Period

During the peak of the season, there will be plenty of things to do whether you arrive alone or with friends or family. Summers are periods when this island offers something for everyone. Whether you enjoy water activities or want to hike, bike, or cruise, it will be significantly easier to do so during the season.

Summers simply offer the most entertainment options to choose from – and the ultimate weather to participate in them. On the other hand, nothing is closed on this island during the busiest part of the season – another of many reasons why the warmest months are the best time to visit and stay in this place.

Whether you want to explore Mykonos attractions, visit fascinating Mykonos museums and luxurious shops, explore the trendy bars and restaurants, or book some of the Mykonos luxury villas and hotels, know that they all stay open during warmer weather. However, if you happen to travel to this part of Greece some other time, especially between October and April, plenty of these spots won’t even be open.

A Trip to Close-by Islands Will Be Easy to Plan During This Time of the Year

The amazing Greek islands of Naxos, Paros, and Santorini are all worth visiting, which you can do simply and promptly during this period. Although you can find ferries to take you from Mykonos to Athens (and vice versa) all year round, keep in mind that ferries that can take you to these islands only run during the season. Therefore, if you wish to explore nearby islands while on vacation, summers are once again the best option.

Boats on the water

Water traffic is more frequent during summers

#4 Winds Won’t Bother You When You Decide to Visit Mykonos in Summer

One of the Mykonos’ nicknames is The Island of the Winds, due to frequent and strong Meltemi winds. Although this island is windy throughout the whole year, note that winds tend to be milder during warmer months. Moreover, while they can bring inconveniences during the colder periods, during the hot weather, they can be pretty helpful with cooling down in high temperatures.

Girl in the white dress on the shore

Although this isle is windy, it won’t bother you during the warm months

#5 Some Famous Events Can Only Be Experienced in This Short Period

Summers are most popular when it comes to annual events, as well, with many feasts, festivals, and cultural gatherings happening during this time. Plenty of art exhibitions, theatrical performances, evening events, and concerts take place during the season. Simultaneously, you’ll be able to explore local traditions, music, and delights during religious festivals and feasts in June, July, and August, which can make your trip even more interesting.

People partying at a festival

Many cultural events take place on this isle between June and September

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