If you’re planning to spend your vacation on this party island, you must have heard about the legendary Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos. It is a synonym for everything that Mykonos represents. If you want to have fun day and night, this iconic place has to be on your itinerary, so let’s reveal what’s so special about it.

Mykonos Is One of the Most Attractive Destinations in Greece, and Super Paradise Beach Made It So Popular

This island is everything but conservative and many tourists who come here each year travel all the way to this southern Mediterranean gem because of its unique energy and undefeated sense of freedom you can only find here. Let the pleasant summer breeze carry you just 6 km to the east of Mykonos town, and you’ll find yourself at one of the most popular and charming beaches on the island.

Treasured not only for its natural beauty but for many trendy amenities and beach bars, this place has been home to many social gatherings and iconic parties – it basically made Mykonos popular back in the days when this was one of the most visited places on the whole island.

You’ll Have a Lot of Fun Around Super Paradise Beach Club

The soft golden sand, glamorous crowd, funky DJ sets, comfy sunbeds, warm Aegean Sea – it’s all combined at this place for your pleasure and relaxation. Although it was overcrowded before, you don’t have to worry about finding your place under one of the recognizable pink umbrellas now. And while you’re around, make sure you pay a visit to Jackie O’, a trendy beach club.

Person riding a jet ski

You’ll get a chance to participate in numerous water sports

You Can Try Numerous Water Sports at This Beach

If you’re a water sports enthusiast, you can already start feeling excited knowing that you’ll find plenty of possibilities here. Water sports activities you can participate in at this beach are numerous. No matter if you’re an experienced jet ski driver or just a beginner, if you want to try something new or take the safe path, you can do it here.

Water sports fanatics rush here to enjoy their favorite activities from the early morning hours, but the fun doesn’t stop even after the sun sets. If you aren’t a fan of scuba diving or wakeboarding, you can always look for fun elsewhere. Where would that be? You don’t even have to guess.

You’ll easily spot numerous beach bars with loud music and energized guests sipping on their freshly squeezed cocktails and juices and showing off their sun-kissed skin in trendy beachwear. It is one of the most popular gay-friendly places on the island as well, so this is another reason for its major popularity.

You Can Book Sunbeds Online for About 30 Euros

Compared to some other beaches around this island, Super Paradise might seem pricey. It is much shorter and more narrow than Paradise Beach, so logically there are fewer available spots and organized sunbeds, and this is why the prices are higher. For the summer season, there is one very convenient option if you want to make sure you have a comfy sunbed waiting for you – you can actually book it online. Prices for sunbeds usually don’t go over 30 euros.

Sunbeds on the beach

You can book your place online – the same way you would book a place at a bar or in a restaurant

How to Get to Mykonos Super Paradise Beach? It’s Conveniently Located Near Mykonos Town

Getting to Mykonos Super Paradise Beach is actually very simple, no matter where your starting point is, because, as we already mentioned, this is one of the most popular spots on the island. Depending on your possibilities and preferences, you can choose between different transportation options. If you are in the town of Mykonos, you can get here in 10 minutes by car or by taking a bus. Bus rides are frequent, so you can easily catch one from the main bus stop in the town.

You Can Always Book a Private Transfer on Mykonos

You can also book yourself a private driver and make sure you check out this and many other beaches with a knowledgeable driver who can wait for you at the desired time and drive you to any location around the island. You can also drive yourself around in a rented car if you don’t mind driving on your vacation.

The last but not the least interesting option is to take a water taxi to this location or rent a private boat and explore Mykonos’ most beautiful beaches. There are also boat rides to share, starting from Paradise, Ornos, and Platis Gialos beach, which are very popular among tourists who come here.

Empty road on Mykonos

You can book a private transfer and get to this paradise in no time

Rent Yourself a Luxury Mykonos Villa Close to This Attractive Destination

Finding accommodation in this area won’t be very challenging because there are plenty of options. Just make sure you book in advance – this is an extremely popular destination, and everyone wants the best spot under the warm Greek sun. If you want to make sure you get enough comfort and luxury, renting one of the private villas in Mykonos might be the best option for your visit. Almost all luxury Mykonos villas for rental on the island offer a fantastic view, and The Ace Vip can ensure you find the right one for you.