It is almost impossible that you come to this island and don’t visit the famous Elia Beach, Mykonos. This beautiful place is one of the islands’ main attractions, thanks to its enchanting beauty and many interesting amenities. This beach is extremely popular among tourists, so there are a few things you might want to know before going there.

Where Is Elia Beach – Mykonos, Greece, Located?

Elia is a long, sandy beach spreading on the southern shore of Mykonos. By size, it is the longest beach in this part of the island and, by many, the most beautiful one. It is situated in the south, about 10 km from Mykonos town, and you can get there with different transportation options. You can book yourself a private driver, take the public bus from Mykonos town, or rent a car to ensure you get around Mykonos easily. Apart from the ground transportation, it can also be reached by water taxi leaving from Platys Gialos Beach – Elia is the last stop.

A soft chilly wind, clean, clear waters, and a never-ending beach of white sand Elia’s famous beach, with its comfortable, luxury sun loungers and thatch umbrellas, embodies a distinct balance.It is at the beach that you will be able to both relax and participate in water sports, as well as discover perfect privacy in small, neighboring coves.

Elia Is a Great Option for Families, and You’ll Definitely Enjoy Swimming in the Clear Aegean Sea

This beach used to be very popular and overcrowded during the summer season, but nowadays, the whole place is more relaxed and pleasant for those looking for a peaceful environment. It is much less noisy than overpacked Paradise and Super Paradise beaches, but one of the reasons for that is the fact that it is much longer, so there is more than enough space for everyone.

Person swimming

Elia beach is located in the south, about 10 km from the main town

What’s There to Do, Besides Swimming and Sunbathing?

If you’re not a very adventurous person and don’t want to bring your own umbrellas to the beach or lay down on the sand, Elia Beach is perfect for you. The organized part of it has large and comfy sunbeds, waterbeds, and umbrellas to rent. It also has a large restaurant area where you can find numerous things to eat once you get tired of swimming in the crystal clear water. If you still want to feel a little adrenaline rush, you can always participate in numerous activities.

You Can Enjoy Various Water Sports and Family-Friendly Activities

Nothing can make your day a bit more exciting than a little adventure. The water here is warm and decently calm, so you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant experiences. At Elia beach, you can participate in numerous water activities thanks to the Watersports Center.

During the summer months, the winds mostly come from the shore, which makes the sea calm and enjoyable. These conditions are perfect for various water sports, and when it comes to them, Elia is one of the best-organized beaches on the island, with a wide offer of different activities. Some of the most popular options are:

  • Parasailing,
  • Wakeboard/Wake surf,
  • Crazy Ufo,
  • Slider,
  • Flyboard,
  • Water ski,
  • Tubes,
  • Jet skis,
  • The AirStream,
  • The Sonar,
  • Flying fish.

Yacht and boat charters are also interesting options for those who want to get the most out of their vacation and sail around the Aegean sea in style. You can rent a private yacht with your friends and sail around the most charming Myconian bays all day long or even visit popular neighboring islands such as Santorini and Delos and enjoy breathtaking sunset views. The booze cruise is another popular attraction for those who look for something more exciting than just tanning on the beach all day long.

Elia beach

This beach offers numerous activities suitable for different age groups

Elia Beach Has a Gay-Friendly Section That Used to Be Very Popular

A section on the right end of this beach is known as a gay-friendly area. If you want to find this section, it is easy – just follow the rainbow flag. This part is also known as the nudist part of the beach because wearing clothing around here is optional.

Since it isn’t mandatory, the visitors are usually mixed, with about half of them wearing their swimsuits. This isn’t a big issue because the energy here is amazing and everyone’s relaxed in their own skin or swimsuit and in a positive summer mood.

You Can Try Out Delicious Food While Relaxing at Local Tavernas and Restaurants Around Elia Beach Mykonos

If you want to try some fresh seafood specialties or traditional Greek cuisine, there is no better place for this than at some of the best restaurants around Elia Beach. Some of the most popular options are:

  • Tiki,
  • Espuma,
  • Elia Restaurant,
  • Capela Food Senses.

Take a look at this video showing Mykonos Greece Elia beach from the best angles.

You Can Book a Private Luxury Mykonos Villa Close to This Mediterranean Gem

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