Getting around in Mykonos can be quite the challenge, especially for newcomers, as transportation in Mykonos isn’t readily available.

Besides being one of the windiest islands, Mykonos is also famous for its very narrow roads surrounded by stonewalls on both sides making it really hard to get around.

Driving a scooter or quad (ATV) is dangerous and not recommended due to winds and slippery roads from the heat.

There are only 30+ taxis on the whole island so everyday there is a long waiting time.

Get around by car

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Chauffeured cars Mykonos

Getting around in Mykonos with privacy

Explore the wondrous beaches of Mykonos or travel around the island in our selected VIP car fleet service with private chauffeurs.

Private transfers in Mykonos are provided by us in popular destination of Greece.

Our associates will take you to amazing places in Mykonos where you would have never gotten before.

You can get a private VIP transfer service in any car type including various vans, sedans, SUVs etc.

You can book a private jet flight or helicopter service in Greece with VIP service and exceptional comfort. Private yacht service can also be provided for many events.

You can explore the famous beaches of Mykonos in peace or be photographed in the most popular areas in town.

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