Mykonos is very well known as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, or even in the world, as some would argue. It holds endless stunning views and attractions, and the artificial lake of Ano Mera is one of the most gorgeous and well-kept secrets of this popular Greek island. So, here is everything you need to know about this hidden gem in the Cyclades before your upcoming trip.

Go On a Day Tour and Visit the Secret Artificial Lake of Ano Mera Close to Fokos Beach and the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani

The village of Ano Mera is one of the most magical places on the entire island of Mykonos. It’s a very rustic, secluded spot on the northeastern side, and it holds all the best hidden gems this island has to offer, as well as the main attraction of the village – the monastery of Panagia Tourliani. One of those gems is the beautiful artificial lake of Ano Mera. It’s the main support for the island’s irrigation system and collects water from Maou Lagada. This water supply is relatively new, and it was built around 600 meters from the sea.

Bring Your Binoculars and Go Birdwatching

While this artificial lake is a beautiful attraction to see, there’s a lot more to it. Did you know that it’s the main spot for birdwatching on Mykonos and home to various bird species? Every year, throughout the months of September, October, and November, you can find various birds nestled up around. Some interesting species you can see include Eleonora’s falcons, herons, and swallows, so make sure you bring your binoculars if you’re planning to visit Mykonos during the fall months. 

This Is the Perfect Secluded Place to Go Horse Riding in Mykonos

Horse riding is a very popular vacation activity, and there is no better place to do it than by the Ano Mera. The surroundings are exceptionally beautiful, and there are organized professional horse riding tours.

End the Tour of Ano Mera Artificial Lake with a Swim on Fokos Beach

While the Ano Mera is a beautiful body of water, it’s not really meant for swimming. But the good news is that the amazing Fokos Beach is just a short walk away, and it’s one of the most beautiful secret beaches. It’s very secluded and wild, so don’t expect any water sports, fancy parties, or beach bars. Fokos Beach is meant for suntanning, lounging around, and swimming in crystal clear water, and it’s also a good spot for nudists, offering a lot of privacy.

A view of Fokos Beach on Mykonos
End your daily tour of hidden gems in Ano Mera by taking a swim on Fokos Beach

There Is Another Artificial Water Source on the Island – The Hidden Marathi Lake

Mykonos is a relatively small island, so it may come as a surprise that there is not just one artificial lake – there are two! The first one we mentioned above is situated in Ano Mera, while the other dam is more to the west, near the Old Town of Chora. The Marathi dam was made in 1992 to serve as an artificial water supply for the community. It collects rain from the hills that surround it from all sides, and it’s an invaluable part of every summer season when the demand for water skyrockets. The Marathi lake is right on the way to the famous Panormos Beach, so you can’t miss it.

The Marathi Lake Is Closer to the Old Town of Chora and the Main Attraction – The Famous Windmills

Besides its beauty, the thing that really makes this artificial lake special is its location. The Marathi dam is situated not only right next to Panoramos Beach but also at the edge of the heart of the island – the Old Town of Chora.

It’s just a 15-minute drive from all the main attractions – the Old Port, Little Venice, the iconic windmills, the famous Armenistis Lighthouse, and so much more. So, if you’re not planning on going to Panoramos Beach (which we highly disagree with), you can just extend your walk through the Old Town of Chora to the beautiful Marathi Lake.

Windmills in Chora
The Marathi dam is located on the edge of the Old Town of Chora

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