Vacations in Mykonos are always memorable, whether you come here to experience the best party atmosphere during the season or you’re planning a family vacation and dream of relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. This is a small island, so everything is close, and you can get around easily, so let our guide show you what the things you must see and do when on Mykonos are.

Vacations in Mykonos Are Always Fun Because This Place Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Although exciting Mykonos nightlife is the main thing that attracts people to come here and what made this island so famous, Mykonos is actually much more than that. Unlike some other party islands, this one has a rich history, an interesting food scene, plenty of amazing beaches, luxury hotels, and upscale beach bars.

Because of so many possibilities, all-inclusive Mykonos vacations are not recommended if you want to experience the real Mykonos. It would be a shame to skip so many amazing local food places or enjoy the comfort of staying in a private Mykonos villa, which is a typical type of accommodation on Mykonos. Don’t lock yourself in a resort. Go out and explore the island to experience everything Mykonos has to offer.

Streets in Mykonos

You’ll never get bored around here – whether you came to party or to relax at some of the most beautiful beaches

When It Comes to Accommodation, You Can Find Great Deals for Your Upcoming Vacation in Mykonos, Greece

Finding the right vacation rental in Mykonos island shouldn’t worry you because there are plenty of options, and almost every one of them is amazing. The island is known for attracting upper-class tourists, so it’s no wonder hotel offers are prestige and luxurious. The only negative aspect of this is that prices often get very high, and some hotels are booked months in advance. If you plan to travel here, it is recommended that you book some of the best hotels as soon as possible or consider renting some of the most beautiful luxury private villas in Mykonos.

What’s the Best Hotel With 5 Stars on Mykonos?

Out of so many amazing options, it is hard to say which one is ultimately the best, but because of major online promotions and many positive reviews, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos is definitely one of the most popular ones. It got its world fame due to its attractive interior and exterior design in the traditional Mykonian style.

Some cave-style rooms even have private pools that are very attractive for taking photos – we are sure you’ve already seen some of them because they are all over the internet. This well-known franchise also has their hotel in Santorini – a popular neighboring island, but that one is more popular for honeymoon vacations.

Cavo Tagoo on Mykonos

According to reviews, Cavo Tagoo is one of the most trendy hotels on the island

What Are the Main Attractions Around the Island?

Appreciate the opportunity to spend your summer in Greece because you’ll be able to experience some memorable times. Around the magical streets of old town Chora, you’ll find attractive little boutiques and see why shopping in Mykonos is so popular. You’ll also find many beautiful restaurants, especially near the coast. One of the most famous spots is picturesque Little Venice.

Here you can see famous windmills and have dinner in one of many lovely local tavernas while admiring the sunset. Town port is also near, so you can plan an island hopping tour and travel to some of the best neighboring islands. For example, Delos is extremely popular among tourists because of its significant historical heritage. The second most interesting option is definitely Santorini, but you’ll need more time to travel there and a bigger budget.

Visit Some of the Popular Beaches and Famous Beach Bars

If you want to enjoy the blue Aegean Sea, relax at the beaches with beautiful white sand while enjoying nice drinks and listening to the most popular summer beats, there is no better place in Europe to be than here. You can start with Scorpios Mykonos, one of the most iconic destinations that will definitely impress you with its unique architecture and beautiful setup. Nammos Mykonos is also an exciting place to visit – it is exclusive, with an outstanding offer of food and drinks and wonderful entertainment.

Beach in Mykonos

This place offers everything you might need to enjoy your days and wild summer nights

Mykonos Vacations Are Always Fun and Memorable, so Don’t Hesitate to Book Yours on Time

There is no need to hesitate about booking some of the beautiful hotels or Mykonos villas, because this place is definitely worth visiting and it is one of the best places for the summer vacay in Europe, no matter what your preferences are. Mykonos has become one of the most popular Aegean islands, attracting everyone from backpackers to the super-rich, day-trippers to yachties to celebrities. It combines all the best things that one small Greek island has to offer – amazing food, luxury accommodations, exciting parties, and outstanding beaches.

During your Mykonos holiday, sit back and relax on the beach while watching the sun flicker across the water. A trip to Mykonos will be exactly up your alley if you’re looking for an outstanding beach experience. You just need to book your stay in advance, because everyone wants to spend their summer here, so it gets a little bit crowded during the season. The Ace Vip has the finest vacation rentals in Mykonos, Greece, so don’t hesitate to contact us.