Fokos Beach Mykonos has the status of one of the most beautiful beaches on one of the most wonderful islands in the world. Therefore, it is definitely worth visiting this charming place if you get the chance to travel to Greece. Read all about this amazing place and learn how to get there without any trouble with the help of our guide.

Fokos Beach Mykonos

Fokos is without a doubt one of the best beaches around the Cyclades

How to Get to Fokos Beach, Mykonos?

Fokos Beach Mykonos, Greece, has no flaws at first glance. However, the only thing that is somewhat troublesome is that there is no public transportation that can take you there, and it is not very close to Mykonos town, which is the most popular place on the island. If you’re an adventurous person who’s not afraid of wandering around, visiting this beach might be very interesting. 

It is located about 12 km from Chora town, in the northeast direction, and you can get there only with your private or rented vehicle, motorbike, or if you’re lucky enough to catch a Mykonos taxi. You’ll need to follow some local road signs to get there – you’ll follow the signs that lead you to Ano Mera. 

This is one of the best towns in Mykonos and historical sites around here, so you can spend some time here first and visit the famous monastery that is located in Ano Mera village. From there, you can follow signs that will eventually take you to Fokos Beach.

This Area Is Pretty Wild and Secluded

How to recognize you’re on the right path? You’ll need to drive past a water reservoir with birds, and you’ll need to drive over the dirt road for the last couple of meters. Unfortunately, there is no public bus stop nearby, so you can’t get here by using public transport. On the other hand, that is one of the things that make this beach very private and peaceful. It doesn’t get overcrowded with tourists.


Windy road on Mykonos

Have a little adventure with your friends and visit Ano Mera along the way as well

Things to Do at Fokos Beach

If you have never visited this beach before, you must be curious about its amenities. This beach is not organized, but there are still many interesting things to do around here – swimming, horseback riding, and participating in fun water activities are only some of them. Whether you’re visiting this place with your family, friends, or significant other, we’re sure you’ll have a memorable time. 

It is Good for Swimming and Relaxing Under the Sun 

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole island. It is secluded, spacious, and sandy, with crystal clear water and breathtaking views. It is convenient for those who like to relax in a natural environment – it’s not very urban, and there are no organized sunbeds and parasols at the beach. 

But in case you get hungry, there is no need to worry – this beach has a very nice taverna with comfortable chairs and delicious local food. Once you get tired of swimming and sunbathing at this gorgeous location, lunch at this tavern will be perfect. 

There Aren’t Any Water Sports Facilities at Fokos Beach

This area is perfect for those who are looking for a peaceful oasis among busy Mykonos beaches that are known for crowded beach bars and loud music. Here you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment, so it might be perfect for those who are spending their honeymoon on Mykonos and want to have some privacy.

Unfortunately, there are no facilities that include water sports around here, so you can only swim or snorkel around and enjoy the calming sound of waves splashing gently against the shore. Close to this beach, there is another interesting one to see – Mersini. However, the situation is quite the same, public buses don’t go there, and there are also no hotels close to this beach.

Fokos Beach Is a Great Place for Nudism

This beach is a popular spot among nudists because it’s very private and secluded. People coming here feel comfortable going nude and enjoy being completely free – the whole ambiance is pretty relaxed and calm, so it’s understandable why many come here to escape the ordinary. 

Horseback Riding Is a Popular Activity You Can Try

If you want to have a memorable day and try something different, horseback riding is an excellent choice. This can be a fun activity for the whole family. Riding tours start from Horseland stables and go to Fokos Beach. There is no need to worry – these rides are suitable for beginners, and before you start riding, you’ll have a little brief lesson on how to do it properly. 

During the riding tour, you’ll also have a chance to visit local farms surrounded by rocky hills and see many local animals such as goats and donkeys. Experienced riders can book an early morning tour when the beach is empty, so they can canter. Afternoon riding is more suitable for beginners who can have a slower and more laid-back approach. 

Girl riding a horse on the beach during the sunset scaled

Try something unique and different while you’re on your vacation

If You Want to Stay Close to Fokos Beach, Renting a Private Mykonos Villa Next to It Is Your Best Option

If you still want to stay somewhere close to this area but can’t find a hotel nearby, renting one of the luxury Mykonos villas might be a perfect option. The Ace Vip can offer you various private villas in Mykonos, all over the island – most of them come with a large infinity pool and several rooms that can fit a large group of friends or bigger families. 

If you want to have a completely new experience and make your vacation truly memorable, renting a yacht and sailing around the most beautiful bays can be an interesting choice. Getting around Mykonos and visiting hidden beaches such as Fokos can be much easier if you have a private driver at your disposal. If you want to travel around the island, make sure you contact The Ace Vip, we can take care of everything.