You can’t go wrong with any of Mykonos beaches as they all offer beautiful white sand and crystal clear water. What makes the difference is the type of surroundings you can expect, the crowd that goes to these, the offer of beach bars, restaurants, and water sports. However, since this is a small island, you can easily visit several of them and find your favorite. We suggest you begin with these five.

Which Is the Nicest Beach in Mykonos?

It’s hard to pick just one perfect beach when all of them have a unique beauty and incredible amenities. But are you looking for a wild spot without many tourists where you can comfortably tan nude, or do you want to see and be seen at some of the trendiest bars?

Are you interested in popular watersports, or are you looking for clear shallow waters where your children can comfortably play all day long? No matter the case, you can find it all on this one island if you just follow our guide.

Are There Sandy Beaches in Mykonos?

Most of the beaches around here are sandy, with the exception of some rocky parts, so there is no need to worry about finding a perfect spot. Although it’s a small island, it has over 30 beaches, so it won’t be hard to find the one that suits all of your needs and requirements.

Sandy beach at Mykonos

You can have the best daytime entertainment at some of the most beautiful beaches

1. Platys Gialos Is One of the Best Beaches in Mykonos, Greece

With crystal-clear waters, beautiful hotels, and fine restaurants, the famous Platys Gialos is one of the best beaches on the whole island. This place is also a convenient starting point for discovering other beaches and a good option for those who are not looking for wild parties and want to relax in a more chilled atmosphere.

Are Beaches Free in Mykonos?

It won’t be hard to find free beaches in Mykonos, but sunbeds and umbrellas can get pricey at certain spots. Entrance to Platys Gialos is free, but the prices of sunbeds and drinks depend on the restaurant or the bar you choose. Prices at some popular spots can get extremely high, and if you’re wondering why is Mykonos so expensive, it is because it attracts the jet-set and many celebrities.

Platys Gialos beach

You can enjoy an amazing view and relax with some delicious cocktails at trendy bars

2. Agios Sostis Beach Is One of the Popular Wild Mykonos Beaches

Agios Sostis is one of the most remote and chic beaches in the northern part of the island – about 8 km away from the main town. It was named after a nearby church that stands above the bay. It’s uncultivated, pure, and wild but also very peaceful and quiet even during the busiest months, which makes it a unique oasis for everyone looking for a place to relax and rest.

You Won’t Find Sunbeds and Umbrellas at Agios Sostis

This beach is completely wild, and there are no sunbeds and umbrellas here, meaning you’ll have to bring your own otherwise, you risk a sunburn. This is a great remote place suitable for everyone who wants to avoid the popular touristy spots and get its own piece of paradise.

Agios Sostis beach in Greece

Agios Sostis is a peaceful place near the main town

3. Elia Beach Is One of the Nude Beaches in Mykonos, Greece

If Mykonos nude beaches are the thing that interests you, this is the spot for you. Elia beach is one of the most popular gay-friendly spots around here, and the best part is that the clothing is completely optional. It’s also one of the largest beaches with beautiful sands and crystal clear water, perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Sunglasses on sand

Sunglasses can be the only thing you wear on this beach

4. Super Paradise Beach Is a Trending Spot

Super Paradise beach is an extraordinary spot is located right next to Paradise Beach, and it’s easily reachable if you take the taxi boat. Regular boat services are available from Platys Gialos, but you can also get here with a local bus.

With soft golden sand and crystalline water, you’ll truly feel like you are in paradise. One thing you need to consider before coming here is that thanks to its huge popularity, this place often gets overcrowded during the summer season.

Super Paradise Beach Is One of the Most Popular Beaches for Parties

Super Paradise Beach Club is a legendary party spot around here. With its vibrant entertainment and high-profile DJs hosting extravagant parties all summer long, this is one of the hotspots you don’t want to miss.

Woman's legs on the sand

Super Paradise is close to the main town and one of the most popular destinations with an incredible view

5. Lia Beach, Remote Paradise Located on the South East Coast

Located 14 km away from Chora, Lia is one remote gem that is easily accessible by car, and renting a car is definitely worth it. Buses won’t take you to every corner of the island, but you can drive yourself there and explore many hidden gems.

This is another gay-friendly destination, a relatively small but very clean and nice sandy beach. Facilities around it include car parking, restaurant, sun loungers, and effective bamboo windbreaks. It offers a more peaceful atmosphere than Elia, so it’s a good alternative.

Lia Beach

You can stay at some of the best private villas and hotels close to the trendiest hotspots

Rent a Perfect Villa With the View of Some of the Nicest Beaches

Those were our top five Mykonos, Greece, beaches, but there are many more worth visiting, such as Psarou, Ornos, Paraga, and others. If you want to be close to some of your favorite locations, renting one of Mykonos villas nearby might be an excellent solution, and we have private villas in Mykonos in all prime locations. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to spend an unforgettable vacation on The Island of the Winds this summer.