Mykonos Beaches Guide (Updated 2020)

We have created the Mykonos Beaches Guide to help you find the best beach in Mykonos according to your needs. The choice is simple, but not every beach is suitable for everyone.

When you are thinking about the best place to spend your summer vacation one of the things that come to mind must be the beach where you are going to enjoy the sun and the sea to the fullest.

If you are vacationing with your children, you would probably want a safe environment, especially if they are not good swimmers, or if you are traveling alone or with friends or a significant other, you might want someplace where you can sunbathe and drink cocktails or party afterward.

Whatever the case might be, you are in luck, the best Mykonos beach for you is somewhere on this list. So buckle up, and let’s explore them all together.

You can get accustomed to the island life, sunbathe, enjoy the Greek seafood, and drink the most creatively made cocktails and party all night long to the best tunes.

top places in Mykonos

Paraga Beach

This is a spot that has a direct bus line from Mykonos Town, so reaching it is not a problem. While it may be busy and crowded it is very vivid and different from the other beaches. The nearby rock and small coves are colorful and full of underwater life. If you are someone who wants a bit more than just swimming this is the best place for you.

You can snorkel, swim, dive, jump from the cliffs and then sit back and relax on the comfy sunbed. Nearby restaurants serve great food and drinks to round up the whole experience.

Paraga beach in Mykonos is considered the most spectacular and fun beach not only in Mykonos but also in the world as well. Rest assured you will completely fall in love with this place. The beach pulls a sexy crowd all the time so the more people there is, the crazier it’s going to get.

Paraga is where Scorpios, SantAnna and Kalua are situated, side by side. While they all serve different food, beach-goers are motivated to visit Paraga on more than one occasion to try experience all three.

The exciting place to be is on the golden sand where you can sunbathe. It is highly recommended you make reservations through The Ace VIP before going to any of the venues of this beach. This way you will have everything arranged beforehand and thus you will have a great time there.

Psarou Beach

This spot that is 5 km far from the Mykonos town is a bit secluded and one of the trendiest spots on the island. The cove is surrounded by hills and gives the area a bit of privacy.

The beach is sandy and the water is crystal blue. You can rent a cabana or a sunbed with an umbrella. Sit back and relax. Since it is surrounded by many bars and taverns you can spend the whole day there without worrying about sustenance and continue partying into the night in one of the bars.

Nearby Nammos Club is the place to be especially if you are looking for the greatest party and putting the everyday life stresses behind.

This place is also crowded with the visitors of Nammos and Mykonos Blu Hotel, a luxury hotel chain. The food served at Nammos compliments the extravagant island life and therefore it is a great chance for you to enjoy the full Island life.

It is absolutely necessary to make reservations before arriving to Nammos on this amazing beach. Contact us and we will make all of the necessary arrangements.

Panormos Beach

Panormos beach is located on the northern side of Mykonos Island, you can get there with a 15-20 minutes drive. The beach is known for its crystal clear waters and golden sand bends where you can relax, chit chat and have quality time with your friends and family. Laying on the beach of Principote and then dining at its restaurant is truly a must! Food served at the restaurant of Principote is an internationalized Greek cuisine.

Spend a good holiday away from all the excessive worries and under the effect of soft music and dazzling beats. If you are in search of tranquility then the private and peaceful sunbeds on the beach will fulfill your purpose. Reserve at Principote Panormos now using the concierge service of The Ace VIP.

Ftelia Beach Party and Surfing

If you are looking for the most amazing and tranquil place all over the Mykonos then the wild beach of Ftelia is the spot for you. It is situated 7 km from the Northeast of the Mykonos town, you can get there by car or with the help of our private car transfers. The beach faces the north which means it receives heavy currents of the stronger summer and northern winds.

This basically makes it one of the best places for surfing. Surfers from all over the world get to visit Ftelia beach just to take part in surfing and wind surfing which is basically the main sport there, and an amazing one which you can’t fathom to skip when you are in town. The beach facilitates a couple of bars and restaurants which offer both a great hospitality and supreme entertainment.

The two most prominent venues situated at Ftelia are Alemagou and Interni Beach Bar. During the day you will have a lot to do by the beach. As discussed earlier the Ftelia beach party in Mykonos is just an amazing place to be especially for the people who prefer quiet and peace all along. During the night is when the party spirit of the Island cracks open so the visitors start gathering around and dancing among the wild beats of techno.

Surfing has got its own charm and you can check it out during the daytime if you don’t have enough training don’t worry, professionals can assist you with that. For sunbeds or party table reservations, contact us.

Platis Gialos Beach

If you want a beach that has many amenities around and is not far from the Mykonos town, Platys Gialos Beach checks both of those boxes. It is only 5 km far from the town and is surrounded by many restaurants, hotels and bars. The beach itself is long, wide, sandy and the water is crystal clear.

This might just be one of the best places to go with your family since you can enjoy swimming and sunbathe with kids and take them to lunch in a nearby restaurant when the time comes.

One of the most amazing and fantastic beaches is Platis Gialos, this beach receives thousands of visitors every day and there is quite a hustle bustle all the time.

The beach overall is completely organized with lots of hotels, bars and small restaurants, it is like you just got out of your room and the beach is right at your doorstep. The sunbathing cabanas and terraces pride themselves on the spectacular view of the sea. Food, cocktails and water sports are offered there.

The golden sand with rocky shores and the clam seawater flowing at a distance prove what an incredible scenery it is.You can enjoy it with your family, friends or if you are all alone you can still have a lot of fun and make new friends in the process which you will party with all night like a party animal.

Ornos Beach

This is the number one spot for a family day on the beach. Not only that parents will have the opportunity to enjoy a restaurant on the beach, but the perfect configuration of the area makes it easy for them to keep a close eye on their kids. The water is shallow upon the entrance and safe for the small inexperienced swimmers. Beach cabanas and sunbeds are perfect for taking a nap when they get exhausted from a whole day of activities.

Ornos beach is situated at about 2.5 km away from the town of Mykonos and is a land of golden sand along with rocky shores. Like Platis Gialos, it shares similar characteristics of having thousands of visitors daily with lots of hustle and bustle from the hotels and restaurants.

The beach in Ornos also happens to have bars and restaurants to enjoy lunch, dinner and drinks. Also great spots for sunbathing if you want to enjoy a little tranquility all to yourself.

Of those restaurants, the most famous one is Pasaji! The food served here is amazing and you will completely fall in love with the continental food served there.A truly amazing and unique cuisine.

You can reach Ornos from town in just 15 minutes, although there are multiple hotels present on the beach where one can stay and enjoy all the activities the beach has to offer. The place is a little overcrowded mainly in the rush season of July and August, therefore reservations at Pasaji should be made through The Ace VIP before going to the beach or restaurant so that you can best use the services.

Elia Beach

This is one of the longest beaches in the area and you can reach it by boat, by bus or by car. It has parking space beside it, so you can leave your vehicle without worry.

If you are up for some colorful boat trip, you can take a boat from Platis Gialos to Elia, which is some 11 km far from Mykonos town and transform a day on the beach to a whole day adventure. The sand is white and powdery and the water is crystal clear and shallow on the entrance, so your kids can enjoy swimming.

The place is well organized with a few restaurants. It is certainly the best place for a quality time with friends.If you have any passion for curiosity or adventure then you can also try the water sports. Many people enjoy all these sports like water skiing, diving and others. Further, Elia beach has a nude beach section on the far right side of the beach.

Super Paradise Beach

This tropical vibe, secluded area, 7 km far from Mykonos Town is a place where you go to indulge in many activities. You can swim in a beautiful sea, snorkel, dive, rent a jet ski, take a boat ride, rent a cabana, dine in the finest restaurants and party throughout the night. This place was also voted as one of the most gay-friendly spots. Although there is no direct bus line, you can take a boat Platis Gialos or Paradise Beach to reach it.

Rocky hills surrounding it give it a sense of privacy and the nearby restaurants and bars many choices for fun.It is one of the most amazing beach in Mykonos.

Attend some of the biggest parties at Super Paradise Club and Jackie O! Contact us to reserve your table or spot on the beach.

Agios Ioannis Beach

Want some peace and quiet in a small cove while also enjoying some upscale service. If you want your day on the beach to be a bit extra, this is a place for you.

Comfy sunbeds, taverns nearby, sun umbrellas, crystal azure water, cushy pillows and some of the best refreshing drinks you may ever get make this more of a luxury experience than your regular day at the beach. The service is pleasant and kind, and they will help you to feel like a celebrity vacationing in some exotic piece of paradise.

If you want to stay close to the beach there are a couple of restaurants such as Hippie Fish as well as hotels to choose from.

One of the beach’s finest qualities is that the environment is suitable for families with small children because the water near the beach is shallow and it is supervised by the beach lifeguard.

Kalo Livadi

Now Kalo Livadi is one of the best beaches in the southeast part of the island. Although it is quite a distance from town, it is certainly worth the trip. At Kalo Livadi, you will find the perfect restaurant Solymar as well as Lindsay Lohan’s beach bar restaurant Lohan. Both of the places are worth trying and certainly you can count on us for reserving you spots on the beach or in their restaurants.

Kalafatis beach

Next to KaloLivadi is Kalafatis. A beach primarily famous for its wind-surfing. It is a proper beach with a forest all around the coast of the sea. The water at Kalafatis will set your mood to be an explorer of nature. Kalafatis beach is located about 11 km away from Mykonos Town.

The strong summer winds blow in this beach which is favorable for the watersports, if you are feeling like having a bit more adventure than the usual then you are in the right place.

Enjoy the amazingly served appetizers in the restaurants, uniquely crafted cocktails from the bar and the amazing night party life as well.

Agios Sostis (Jean Paul Gaultier favorite beach)

Agios Sostis is the most splendid beach in Mykonos Island which truly fascinates the overall beauty of this Island.

Many famous celebrities and artists from around the world come down in this beach and enjoy a great time of their lives, Agios Sostis the most astounding visit this beach ever had was from Jean Paul Gaultier the most famous French Fashion designer.

The clear blue water and all the golden sand scattered throughout the canvas of this beach makes you want to forget your ordinary lives and be a part of something utterly amazing.

Come down here if you are a real nature lover and let nature make you surprise and wonder.

Agrari Beach

Although there is no public transportation to this spot you do have two options to reach it. You can take the bus to Elia Beach and then walk for 15 min to reach Agrari Beach, or rent a vehicle and drive 10 km from Mykonos town to this beautiful sandy spot. Why you should do it?

Agrari Beach has a tropical island vibe throughout it. The sand is shiny white, the water is crystal clear and the sunbeds and the umbrellas are made of straws which perfectly emulates some Bahama feel. The place is quiet and cushioned, and you can eat in a nearby restaurant.

The beach offers you peace of mind and complete privacy so that you can enjoy sunbathing in full discretion. This is a very attractive beach for nudists.

Chances are you will get to meet a lot of people and make new friends as well on this beach. Comparing to the rest of Mykonos, the price comparison for Agrari is significantly lower as the restaurant and beach bars are charge much less than other beaches in Mykonos.

Megali Ammos Beach

When you are fed up with taking trips to go swimming this is an easily reachable spot only 500 m far from Mykonos town. Although there is not much of a choice considering amenities and the spot tends to be windy, the sea is clear, the beach is sandy and there is a restaurant just beside it. If you take a short walk you can reach it in no time from the Chora.

The main reason behind this situation is due to the fact that this beach has strong northern winds and these heavy winds are not suitable for enjoying the beach or water sports. It is not perfect but there are still visitors.

The only people who are most interested in this beach are people who are unfamiliar with Mykonos (luckily you now have us) as well as tourists on cruises who don’t have enough time to make it to the other beaches. Literally these people are just passing through.

Lia Beach

This is yet another place that might give you a headache to reach, but if you are a snorkeling fan, this is the place you shouldn’t omit. Lively and colorful underwater flora and fauna can keep you occupied and in the water whole day.

Besides snorkeling and swimming, you can relax and sunbathe on the exceptionally comfortable sunbeds, covered with tropical umbrellas and recharge your energy after an exhausting swim or diving. If you have the means of transportation to reach this place that is 14 km far from Mykonos Town, we recommend that you make the trip, it will be more than worth it.

The place has a nice sunbathing setup and a nice restaurant called Liasti.

The restaurant is fun with a great variety to try from. The appetizers will melt your heart away and the bar is also worth a try.The cocktails, shots and other beverages served there have a unique taste from the most auspicious bartenders on the Island.

The soothing and calm waters and the tranquil wind blowing over your head with the mesmerizing views of nature along with grainy golden sand, all make this beach a must-visit.As a visitor or tourist you are going to love all the hospitality from the locals.

Fokos Beach

If you are fed up by all the glitz and glam of the most popular beaches that are easily reachable by anyone, you might want to opt for some more secluded areas like Fokos Beach.

It is one of the wildest and farthest beaches in Mykonos. It is a pure gem of the island and everything there symbolizes freedom and privacy.

The main problem may be that this destination is not connected with Mykonos town by any kind of public transportation, but if you are up for renting a car, a scooter or a bicycle, or you have your vehicle with you, the 5 km trip to this beach is surely worth it. There are no facilities on the beach, but there is Fokos Restaurant nearby, that is worth the trouble to visit.

The food is prepared with the utmost care and passion like traditional families do in their homes.You will get to eat lots of delicious meals with special variety deserts and other main meals as well.

Enjoy your time at Fokos beach in Mykonos, have a calm and soothing experience with all the sunbathing which will feel you relaxed and completely peaceful at the same time. Have a great quality time therewith your friends.

Agios Stefanos Beach

This nice urban beach is situated close to the new port in the Island, Agios Stefanos Beach is the home of many ships and amazing cruises as well.

This beach is one of those hype spots on the island since it offers many amenities and it is easily reachable. It is very frequented by tourists and it is only 3.5 km far from Mykonos town next to Tourlos harbor.

The place is perfect for water sports, and you have many options to choose from and it is also surrounded by restaurants, bars and taverns. This is a place that can keep you occupied throughout the whole day and night.

As you can see, there are so many places to choose from according to your needs, and this is only a shortlist made according to the most popular and most recommended spots by locals or tourists that visited Mykonos.

You can always take the wild card and embark on the journey to find a perfect place on your own. However, there are a few things you should have in mind:

  • Bring something to eat and drink since not all the beaches have amenities on them or nearby
  • Bring cash or credit card if you decide to stop on the beach that has sunbeds since you would have to rent them or get a drink, depending on the beach policy
  • Don’t go swimming in windy areas if you are an inexperienced swimmer
  • The most popular nudist spots are on Elia Beach, Agios Stefanos and Agios Sostis, but there are designated areas for nudists, not the whole beach.


Agia Anna (Paraga) Beach

This is one of the most traditional beach spots on the Mykonos island, also very frequented by the locals. There is no direct bus line to it but it is very easily reachable by 25 min car drive, or by the bus from the Old Port to Kalafatis and then by a 5 min walk along the shore.

There are many hotels, house rents, restaurants, taverns and bars surrounding it, and many boats parked along the shore and in the cove. You can rent a sunbed or a cabana on the beach at a reasonable price.

Do not be surprised if you see fishermen nearby since it is a popular fishing spot. Better yet, pack your fishing rods and join them if that is what you like, you might even get some useful advice from the locals, about the fish and the fishing license if you don’t have one.

The most astounding fact about Agia Anna beach is its simplicity. Located before Paraga, the beach offers a great scenic view with tranquility and calm moments next to the blue Aegean Sea. One very distinctive trait of this beach is that you get to enjoy the beautifully cooked fresh fish right next to the sea.

The most notable restaurants at Agia Anna are Pinky Beach and Nikos’ Taverna.

Kapari Beach

For many years this beach remained a hidden gem for tourists on the island but not so much anymore. Although it has since been discovered and enjoyed by many it is usually not crowded and full of people, and that is why you may opt to go here when you want a bit more peace and quiet.

Since there are no restaurants and bars on the beach, we recommend that you bring your own food and drink, because most of the people get so mesmerized by this beach that they usually spend the whole day on it.

Mersini Beach

This is not your usual tourist spot, this is a place that is far from all the noise and lights of the buzzing Mykonos Town. Although it is not connected to it by public transport, and it is 12 km far, it is easily accessible by car, bike or a taxi.

There are no amenities there, so you’ll have to bring your own towel or a beach umbrella, but the biggest upside is that it is not crowded and you’ll have more than enough space to unwind after all the noise of the tourist frequented spots.