Are you an adrenaline addict? Even if you haven’t been so far, that will change once you experience some of the most exciting water sports activities – and Mykonos is the perfect place for that. Water sports in Mykonos islands are top-notch, and there are so many wonderful beaches where you can try them.

If You’re Coming to Mykonos, Greece, This Summer, Water Sports Should Be on Your To-Do List

You must be so happy to have gotten a chance to visit Mykonos, the best island in Greece. There are so many things to see and do here, and we’re sure you will discover the beauties of The Island of the Winds in no time. From Chora to various beaches all around the coast, you’ll have your hands full exploring places Mykonos has to offer.

Most tourists know that Mykonos nightlife is the best in the world – partying like there’s no tomorrow might be on the top of Mykonos’ must-dos list, but it’s not the only thing worth trying. Why don’t you improve your Greek vacation and try something new, like water sports? Mykonos has a lot of those to offer – are you ready to give them a shot?

Set Aside At Least One Day During Your Mykonos Trip for Water Sports

Whether you’re on a 5-day trip or staying in this heaven for a month, there’s enough time to see and do everything your heart desires. Mykonos is a tiny island, and all popular spots are close to each other – especially if you have a car rental. When you choose your preferred beach for sports activities (and we’ll later tell you which ones are good for that), be sure to set aside a day for all the fun. Of course, you’ll stay for a nice swim and maybe lunch or a drink after the adrenaline rush.

Man riding a jet ski near Mykonos coast

Maybe it’s time to discover your new favorite sports activity?

Water Sports in Mykonos Islands – Which Ones Are the Most Popular?

So, what should you try out first? Obviously, it depends on your preferences, but hopefully, you’ll have enough time during your trip to enjoy various things, from scuba diving to jet skiing. Mykonos has it all – here are the most common beach activities that don’t include sipping cocktails or tanning in the hot Mediterranean sun. We also added the average cost, so you know what to expect.

  • Parasailing – around 100 euros,
  • Jet skiing – from 60 to 100 euros,
  • Flyboarding – about 100 euros,
  • Water skiing – 40-60 euros,
  • Scuba diving – from 90 euros,
  • Snorkeling – from 55 euros,
  • Wakeboarding – 50-60 euros.
  • Windsurfing – from 35 euros.

If this seems like too much adrenaline for your taste, there is other fun stuff that is a bit more relaxing and would also be great for the kids. You can enjoy tube rides, pedal boats, sliders, or kayaking. Either way, you’ll find something you like – everybody does. That’s the beauty of Mykonos. For those ready to embark on a true adventure into the stunning sea life of the Aegean Sea, we have a pro tip – the best diving spots near the island are Dragonisi, Paradise Reef, and the shipwreck of Anna II.

Can You Safely Enjoy Water Activities If You Don’t Have Any Previous Experience?

You haven’t tried diving before coming to Greece, but it seems exciting – can you still do it without any experience? Maybe parasailing or riding a jet ski? You have nothing to worry about. All the good beach places where you can book these activities have certified instructors who will teach you everything you need to know and assist you during the adventure. Who knows – you might discover a new talent during your Greek trip.

Person near the coast of Mykonos

Time for a fun day near a beautiful Greek beach – discover a new hobby on Mykonos

The Best Beaches for Water Sports in Mykonos

We’ve told you what you can try in Mykonos, but there’s still the question of where to go for all that fun – what is the top-rated beach for water sports in Mykonos? There isn’t just one, of course – who could decide on just one when there are so many beautiful places around the coast?

Which Beach Should You Choose for an Adrenaline Rush?

Usually, water sports are reserved for the south coast of the island, with the exception of Ftelia on the northern shore. Ftelia is a tourist-favorite spot for windsurfing, and it has a few restaurants where you can grab lunch as well. We would also suggest checking out Kalafatis on the south coast – it’s one of the most family-friendly places on Mykonos, and it offers basically every water sport in the book. Plus, there are great restaurants here as well.

The same applies to Platis Gialos – this spot also has a very good water sports school, so it might be a great choice for beginners. Agrari and Elia are also excellent options, with Agrari being the top choice for snorkeling.

View of beach in Mykonos

Ftelia is the only part of the northern coast suitable for water sports

Book a Luxury Mykonos Villa Near One of the Most Exciting Beaches in Greece

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