5 Days in Mykonos – 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas

Mykonos is one of the most famous places on the Greek island that lies between Naxos, Paros, Syros and Tyros and covers an area around 85.5 km2.

The island is famed for its nightlife, parties, cosmopolitan character and open-mindedness. The 5 days in mykonos fun begins here at night after 10 in the evening when bars open, and the party continues until sunrise.

To fuel your wanderlust, Mykonos is an island with beautiful beaches, cultural activities and great restaurants.

Instead of being confined to party animals, this island is great for families as a perfect getaway, solo travelers, nature lovers, friends and couples.

If you are planning to visit this incredible place for a fun-filled holiday, we provide you with the 5 unique itinerary ideas that you shouldn’t miss.


Day 1: Arrive in Mykonos and getting settled

One of the easiest islands in Greece to get to is Mykonos. It’s a beautiful island with lots of wonderful things to explore.

There are many flights in a day offered by Athens that can get you to this island or you can opt for ferries too.

Many ferry rides are available from Rafina or Piraeus that can take you to Mykonos in about 5 hours on a slow ride and 3 hours on a high-speed ride.

The ferry stops either at Syros, Tinos and Andros or any combination of these three islands and is the easiest ones to include in Mykonos itinerary.

Once you arrive in Mykonos, the most important task is to get to the hotel and getting settled there.

It is recommended to book your villa or hotel room prior to coming to this island so that you don’t have to suffer transportation issues etc. however, you can also book a room after arrival in Mykonos on your own, but it can be a difficult thing to do during the peak seasons of tourism.

It is tough to find a room in September and June and is almost impossible in July and August (15 August holiday particularly).

By booking your private villa or hotel room before arrival, you get plenty of options to choose from such as which place to stay in and where to stay.

It can get quite tiring if you walk around to find the hotel room for booking and then settling on anything. And the worst nightmare is, all hotel rooms might be unavailable.

It’s better to contact The Ace VIP and book your accommodation hassle-free. The Ace VIP can help you with the bookings efficiently and at discounted rates as well.

book your accommodation hassle-free
Book your accommodation hassle-free

The plus point is, you can choose what you like according to your needs, and they can arrange ferries for you to pick you up through the port as well.

The whole phenomenon of getting to Mykonos and settling into a hotel will take much of your day. Especially, if you didn’t book the hotel room prior, it could get you in the real struggle.


Day 2: Visit the Beaches

Mykonos Itinerary continues! Now that you’ve rested for a while and wandered around the town for settling into the hotel, it’s time to explore the fantastic beaches of Mykonos, as this place is famous for its beaches.

The beaches are renowned for their crystal clear water and their golden sand.

Depending on your liking, you can find the perfect place where you would love to spend your time as the options are vast. You can avail the services of buses or taxis to get to the beaches.

  • Platys Gialos – If you are looking for a family beach, you must visit this place. It has small boats that can take you to other beaches along with beach umbrellas, restaurants and rooms to rent.
  • Paraga & Paradise – If you are a party person, this place is for you. There is music, restaurants, water sports and hotels. This sandy beach is popular among youngsters who love to come and party day and night. Also, this beach is nudist-friendly.
  • Super Paradise – This beach was considered a gay nudist beach once, but since a new road is built in its way, the whole appeal is expanded to a new level. It’s a great place for party animals!
  • Agia Ana – Mostly people don’t like to stay on this beach and pass without stopping here as it’s relatively underdeveloped and quiet.
  • Elia, Ornos, Lia, Kalo Livadi – These are relaxing beaches that has a couple of luxury hotels. One can find many restaurants, cafes, sunbeds and umbrellas there and are perfect places for water skiing, diving and windsurfing.
  • Psarou beach – If you love to explore the beach where celebrities like to stay, this beach is the trendiest one.
  • Kapari, Agios Sostis – If you don’t want to disturb your privacy and chill out, these are perfect beach options for you.

There are many beaches in Mykonos that are scattered all over the island, but we have short-listed a few of them which are the best ones to visit.

There are a few things that are common in all of these beaches as they offer plenty of facilities.

Watersports such as parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing, beach bars and clubs, beach umbrellas, sunbeds and of course, the crystal clear water, all these aspects make these beaches the most enjoyable and ideal places to spend the day.


Day 3: Explore Mykonos Town & Little Venice

After visiting the beaches and getting yourself pampered with sunbath and much more, the excitement doesn’t end here.

Mykonos is not only a place for partygoers; this amazing place has so much to explore. It offers cultural activities, gourmet food and an excellent platform for romantic holidays.

It’s a great destination for couples, families, gay travelers and solo travelers with many things to do.

One of the requisite things to do when in Mykonos is to stroll around Mykonos town.

The blue doors and windows, white houses, colorful bougainvillea are so mesmerizing that will invite you to lose yourself in the winding alleys of this small yet captivating town. Mykonos town is all about the maze of alleys and streets that render the best example of Cycladic architecture.

There is so much to explore in this town as you will see expensive restaurants owned by international chefs, high-end boutiques, traditional churches, Greek taverns, famous jewelry shops and much more.

One of the most artistic and romantic parts of Mykonos is Little Venice, where the most western part of the town meets the sea.

Colorful houses are constructed at the edge of the sea that is so captivating and resemble a lot with Venice (hence given the name Little Venice).

The colorful houses have now been turned into elegant restaurants and bars, which makes it one of the best places to visit and enjoying your drink or cocktail while you watch the enchanting view of the sunset.


Day 4: Relaxation and Party

Now that you’ve explored much of the places in Mykonos, it’s time for some relaxation.

Either you prefer to hit the beaches of Mykonos for a relaxed day or resting in your hotel room and enjoying the views that are truly mesmerizing even from the balcony, take some time and regain energy because the nightlife of Mykonos will blow you away.

One exceptional way to relax at Mykonos is to enjoy your day at the spa. The spas of Mykonos reflect the traditional architecture of the city with its classic décor and ambience that evokes the true essence and serenity of the island. There is a vast range of services available at the spas such as signature massages, body treatments, beauty services and much more.

The famed parties of Mykonos are to die for and shouldn’t be missed! Mykonos is considered the best place for party lovers and ideal for the best nightlife in Greece.

Nightlife in Mykonos
Nightlife in Mykonos

Mykonos Island is filled with a lot of clubs and bars that are one of the craziest party destinations one might experience.

Partying late enough and watching the sunrise from the horizon is indescribably magical that must be experienced by everyone.

There are DJ’s, music, a lot of fun, drinks and much more that will leave you spell-bound with its extravaganza vibes.


Day 5: Excursion in Delos Island

The Itinerary days are coming to an end, and one thing Mykonos lovers shouldn’t miss is their excursion to Delos Island that is one of a kind.

Delos Island is one of the most important historical, archaeological and mythological sites in Greece that is said to be the birthplace Artemis and Apollos.

The first multicultural civilization was once contained in this tiny island starting in about 2500 B.C.

You will love to spend time in investigating many archaeological findings such as grave stelae funerary statues at the Archeological Museum of Delos.

It’s essential to have a Mykonos tour guide right by your side while you explore this incredible historical place.

You can take any ship or boat that departs daily from Mykonos old harbor (except for Mondays).

This place is definitely worth the visit as ruins of the city are pretty extensive, especially during spring season when wildflowers are in full bloom.


The return home

For returning back home, there are many flights that can take you to Athens or you can also travel by ferries to get to Athens and then take the connection flight to your destination.

Also, many airlines have a direct flight to European cities, especially in summer. If you want to travel by boat, the two major ports are Rafina and Piraeus.



Mykonos Island is the best place for a holiday destination, and there are plenty of wonderful places to explore.

Five days (5 day itinerary) on this island are ample time to visit the most amazing sites, enjoy the true essence of the island and to relax as well.

Once you visit this breathtaking place, you will not want to leave as there’s so much to do for fun and explore.

We hope that we’ve provided you with unique itinerary ideas to assure you have a wonderful time.

We wish you Good luck!