When you start planning your vacation on one of the best Greek islands, one of the things you should inform yourself about is transport – how to get around Mykonos? Naturally, this dream place can offer you more than a few options, and all you have to do is choose the one for you. Let’s dive into this topic and explain everything about transportation on The Island of the Winds.

How to Get Around Mykonos, Greece – What Are the Travel Options to Know About Before Arriving on the Island?

Mykonos has a lot to offer, no matter where you come from or what you expect from your vacation. This paradise will show you some of the best beaches in the world and offer exciting entertainment opportunities. Still, when you start exploring the isle, it’s important to find out about transportation options – not everything will be close to the best Mykonos villas for rental, and you undoubtedly want to see more than just the closest beach. So, how to get around in Mykonos, Greece, regardless of in which of the many private villas in Mykonos you’re staying?

Is It Easy to Get Around Mykonos and Travel the Whole Island During Your Relaxing Stay?

Don’t worry – you won’t have any trouble getting around the Mykonos town (Chora) and this Greek island in general. You will get to visit all the amazing beaches and enjoy the most beautiful sand and water you could ever imagine. To make your stay entirely stress-free, check out the available transportation options – you wouldn’t want to risk missing out on something because you couldn’t get there or overpaying for a ride that would’ve been cheaper if you took another means of transport.

Be sure to find the best transport option and enjoy your paradise vacation to the fullest

Be sure to find the best transport option and enjoy your paradise vacation to the fullest

Do You Need a Car to Get Around Mykonos?

This depends on your travel plans – if you want to explore all the beaches on the island (especially those on the north coast, which are less accessible), then chances are you will require a car rental. You can find plenty of options, with our excellent offers as the best ones out there. Additionally, getting around the outskirts of town is also possible by car, but keep in mind that streets are more narrow than you’re used to, and finding parking can be a bit challenging during high season.

A view of the road and village in Mykonos

Cars are the best way for getting around the coast and exploring beaches

Are There Buses on This Paradise Isle?

Yes, an excellent bus network connects all parts of the island. Whether you want to go to Paradise Beach, Platis Gialos, or Ano Mera, you won’t have any issues at any time – buses are frequent during the season and run as late as 2 AM – plus, they’re not expensive at all. There are two bus stations on the opposite sides of town, one at the old port ferry quay and the other at Fabrika. No bus line connects them, but the distance between is only about 20 minutes.

The ticket will cost you only a few dollars. However, keep in mind that there is no return bus ticket, so you’ll have to buy two if you plan on coming back to town the same day. You can purchase tickets in mini markets, tourist shops, or kiosks around the town. You can also buy them from the driver. Be sure to validate the ticket when you enter the bus, or you risk paying a fine.

An air view of Mykonos

You can easily travel by bus during the season – they are frequent and super cheap

Can You Find a Taxi in Mykonos?

Are there cabs in Mykonos? Yes, you can find a few taxi stations – in Chora, the new port, and the Mykonos airport. The station in Chora is in the central square. Although taxis are undoubtedly some of the most comfortable means of travel (if you exclude our car rental service, of course), keep in mind that there aren’t many vehicles on the island, so waiting for an available taxi can be frustrating.

Plus, they are pricey – if a vehicle is required for your vacation, renting a car is a better solution than a taxi. One of the rare situations where taxis pay off is when you have to get from the airport to your accommodation – and it won’t be challenging to find a taxi at the airport. Lastly, many tourists wonder – is there Uber in Mykonos? Unfortunately, Uber isn’t one of the available options on this beautiful isle.

An air view of Mykonos at night

Taxis aren’t the most suitable option for the island as they are a bit expensive

Tours Around Chora on Foot

Considering that Chora is an architectural landmark, you can’t use motorized vehicles in the center, therefore walking is your only solution for exploring the shops and restaurants in Chora. You might find the streets easy to get lost in, and they do seem a bit like a giant labyrinth but consider twisting streets one of the Chora’s characteristics.

Most tourists find it fun and exciting to explore the place – after all, you came to Greece for an adventure, right? Wherever you end up, you will find a great tavern to have a super lunch or a lovely beach with crystal clear water, perfect sand, and amazing Mykonos weather.

Friendly Locals Are Always Here to Offer Guidelines if You Get Lost

If you get lost in the streets of Chora, all you have to do is ask some of the locals for guidelines – Greek people are very friendly and will help you with anything. This is one of many super things about vacationing and taking a trip in Greece that never gets old – when you add perfect beaches, the beautiful water of the Aegean Sea, and world-class nightlife, you will want to stay here the whole season.

An empty street in Chora, Mykonos

The streets of Chora are beautiful for long walks when you want to take a break from the beach and sun

Getting Around the Island Is Easy With Our Services – Contact Us to Rent a Car or a Boat

Vacationing in one of the most popular places in Greece during the high season is a great privilege – be sure to use it well. To make the most out of this heavenly isle, you should have top-rated services. We are here to make that happen – when you combine clear blue water and a sandy beach with a beautiful Mykonos villa and a luxury vehicle that we can offer you, it’s easy to realize that you’re in for the most fabulous holiday of your life. If you wish to cruise the island, we also have a yacht rental service. Reach out to us, and we’ll help you experience Mykonos to the fullest.