Some of you reading this Mykonos Guide may have wanted to travel or visit all the serene places in the world and witness the beautiful sunsets/sunrises at a destination island across the sea.

Instead of actually being there you would have tried to find the redemption on social media by scouring all the beautiful holiday destinations.

This is just an excuse to make up for your “Someday” philosophy because if you leave that to “Someday” it is probably “Never” going to happen.

Mykonos FOMO

Therefore, skip all the FOMO and try to be real this time because with this Mykonos Guide we bring to you the most fantastic and whimsical tourist destination among the islands of Greece a place called “Mykonos”.

The place has everything one can wish for, the luxurious villas, beautiful beaches, summer party atmosphere, wild nightlife, and all the special Greek food.

Mykonos travel guide (updated for 2020)

Although, there are various places to visit and places to stay when you are in Mykonos, it is best to stay close to the town or on the South Coast of Mykonos no matter what kind of residence you choose.

All the important things are happening at the South Coast or close to the town and when you are nearby it is impossible for you to miss out on any important events.

First thing first, you have to breathe in nature in yourself, and that can only happen if you are out there enjoying on a beach.

Next in this Mykonos Guide you can make your trip both purposeful and full of pleasure by enjoying the day and night parties, exploring beautiful places and of course enjoying the tasty Greek food.

And there is more; you can do skydiving, boat surfing and take part in other sports events to make your trip more fulfilling and exciting.

Mykonos 2020 Trends and Things to do

The first and foremost priority should be the beaches, where you can hang out, have a sunbath or party even, but there is a lot to do when you are Mykonos that it is even common to lose track of time. So, here goes:

Mykonos Trends 2019

Mykonos Trends 2020

Mykonos Town

One of the most amazing and historically preserved towns in the Aegean, the main convincing factor would be that if you are interested in ancient Greek History this is the place you visit.

Little Venice

The most scenic areas in whole Mykonos, the sunsets and sunrises and the overall experience from above the ocean would make you feel pleasant and amazing.

Mykonos Windmills

Mykonos windmills offer the most panoramic and beautiful view of the whole island, there are a bunch of them, so don’t miss out on them.

Paraportiani Church

There are almost 365 churches in Mykonos Island but the most famous one is Paraportiani specifically for its architecture, and the white paint makes it more splendid to visit.

Ano Mera Village

If you want to have a brief glimpse at the quiet island life this village should be your itinerary.

Even in Mykonos Trends, this village is amazing with many artifacts in the form of preserved history, do visit and live out there to experience the island life.

Mykonos Shopping

There are various interesting locations and stores as well as shopping neighborhoods in Mykonos, the shops include clothing, jewelry, antique historical items as well as luxury boutique shops as well.

The bottom line is that there is predominantly a luxury edge present for high-end customers.

It is important to know your places before you can go shopping, the ones with amazing artifacts that attract you to the ones offering various discounts.

Mykonos Shopping Ideas

Mykonos Shopping Ideas

Shopping in Mykonos will help you to stead further in this regard. We put together a comprehensive list below:

  1. Nammos Village Shopping Mall
  2. Matoyianni Street
  3. DSquared
  4. Louis Vuitton

If you have made up your mind for visiting Mykonos then act on it otherwise you will be missing a lot more than sandy beaches and calm oceans.

The Mykonos Holidays Guide

Mykonos is one so of the most vibrant holiday destinations in Europe, with all the amazing islands and luxury villas to hire there is so much one can do to spend a magnificent holiday away from their everyday stress life.

If you are willing to plan your holiday to Mykonos then it would be worth every amount you spend on this package.

This holiday promises splendid windmills, sandy beaches, and a cosmopolitan nightlife.

A paradise for sand lovers

Mykonos Holidays would be a splendid arrangement for anyone who is obsessed with sandy beaches; there are enormous beaches to spark more glamour for your overall stay.

One of the most vibrant of all is Super Paradise beach.

Here you can find celebrities, International personalities and many other notable people having a chill time with their family.

Agios Sostis offers more privacy though in respect with all the crowd and intermingled shops and restaurants if you want some quality alone time then it is a perfect destination to be.

Best Time for Holidays

July and August are considered the most suitable time of the year to visit Mykonos because of all the summer fun you can have there, warm water of the sea, sun smiling wide from the sky and quieter to soothe your soul with inner peace.

The most amazing thing about Mykonos is all the welcoming aspect to be free and have a great time for your holidays no matter the cost.

Here you can rent a beach villa for your holiday, honeymoon, family or even a night out with friends. There are various types of villas to consider and all of them can be different with respect to what you truly need them to be.

Blue VIlla

Villas on the Beach

Yes, there are luxurious villas situated on the sand, and you can rent them to enjoy the most vivid and splendid experience of beach life in Mykonos.

If you want to get up to the beautiful sunrises and warm and fragrant air of the sea then these villas can surely serve that purpose.

Rejoice yourself with the most delicious food and candlelight dinners in your Villas and be closer to the beauty of life.

Private Villas

For people who are interested in enjoying the crazy and rich lifestyle of Mykonos, private villas can be their magic spot.

The beautiful architecture along with the sweet sound of the ocean and the rich white color of the villas speak for all the luxury you can witness.

Friends, couples on their marriage anniversary, newlyweds, as well as businessmen with their family on a great holiday to Mykonos, can enjoy their stay in the villas.

Mykonos Clubs 2020

Why not enjoy the most fantastic holiday of your life?

Yes, apart from long walks over the sandy shores with the calm and thundering ocean at the side why not enjoy the club life in Mykonos.

These are some of the most dazzling and upbeat clubs at Mykonos, which can turn your party spirit on and let you, enjoy every aspect of the nightlife.

Best Mykonos Clubs

Best Mykonos Clubs

Here is a comprehensive list of some of the Best Mykonos clubs for 2020

  1. Scorpios
  2. Nammos
  3. Kalua
  4. Void
  5. Astra
  6. Queen of Mykonos
  7. Bonbonniere
  8. Cavo Paradiso
  9. Super Paradise
  10. Jackie O’ Bar
  11. Alemagou
  12. SantAnna

These are the most famous destinations for partying and dancing over high beat music with your friends.

Alemagou and Scorpios are considered the most awesome of all due to its beach-themed partying style and long late night hours. You can listen to techno, house as well as Hip Hop / RnB all you want.

Enjoy the sun, the ocean and refreshing fruit cocktails with high pitched music and party till the sunset. Cavo Paradiso is for people who are interested in late night partying.

Although, if you want to enjoy all the modern trends of partying then Void Mykonos should be your ultimate choice it has all the amazing modern music and all the party birds find it joyous to spend the night there.

Mykonos Nightlife

If you haven’t made up your mind yet to visit Mykonos and have an amazing holiday there maybe the crazy and wild nightlife will convince you otherwise.

As the day is really soothing and magical in its own way, the nightlife at Mykonos has its own twists and turns.

For starters, it offers the most vivid and amazing night party destination to the young people from around the world.

The beach bars, bars, and dance clubs are full at all times with some amazing DJs, international celebrities and themed party events going on every night.

Mykonos Parties - DJ's

Mykonos Parties – DJ’s

It is just impossible to miss out any fun when you are in Mykonos, and the Mykonos Nightlife unlike other places in the world it is filled with life and joy, music and dance and tasty cocktails all night.

If you book your holiday at Mykonos, you are surely purchasing one in a lifetime night entertainment for you.