Where can you find crispy grilled sardines with lemon juice, exquisite Mykonian sausages, as well as a Greek salad with a lot of feta cheese? The answer is in the authentic Mykonos taverna or restaurant. In this blog, we’ll focus on the best tavernas you can find here and their appetizing meals you simply have to try. Trust us, after trying moussaka or souvlaki with tzatziki sauce, you’ll make sure to book a Mykonos villa rental for your next summer vacation as well.

Visit Fokos Taverna and Have Some of the Best Seafood Dishes on the Island

Beautiful location, spectacular view, and excellent ambiance – Fokos Taverna simply offers everything you need when looking for a place to enjoy your lunch or dinner. Tucked away in a remote part of Fokos Beach, this place is almost a well-kept secret among the locals and tourists. But, the word about their amazing seafood dishes spreads fast because people who have been vacationing in Mykonos villa rentals every summer always keep coming back.

This place specializes in genuine Greek food, homemade dishes, and fresh seafood delicacies. They serve tasty barbecue octopus, grilled fish, and home-baked bread. Tourists can enjoy fresh fish from the day’s catch. You can accompany every meal with sweet wines since their list is extensive.

Freshly cooked mussels in a pot

Hire a private driver and go to the Fokos Taverna in case your luxury Mykonos villa rental is not close

Find Exquisite Traditional Dishes in Nikolas Taverna

Another seaside eatery that has been around since 1967 is Nikolas Taverna. It is situated next to one of the gorgeous beaches, Agia Anna Beach. Here you will find the best uniquely prepared Mykonian dishes, such as louza and local sausages. From squids and shrimp to moussaka, the menu is very diverse.

They serve dishes right at the beach since some of their tables are placed on the sand, so you can be as close to the Aegean Sea as possible, but you can also dine on their terrace, which is very nicely decorated. This family-owned taverna is especially praised for its good service.

Favorite Dishes in This Mykonos Restaurant – What You Should Order?

Since there are a lot of dishes you can try, we will recommend some of the best dishes on the menu that are worth trying when you leave one of the luxury villas in Mykonos to dine here. For hot appetizers, we recommend ordering baked aubergine.

When it comes to cold appetizers, tzatziki and mashed split yellow peas are unmatched. Next, for your main course, the best options are chicken chops, rib eye, veal with tomato sauce, grilled salmon, and lobster.

You can reserve a table through the Nikolas Taverna website or leave this task to your concierge in Mykonos, who will make sure that you don’t have to think about reservations while vacationing on the island.

Greek salad, baked potatoes, and souvlaki

Your Mykonos concierge can reserve a table at Nikolas Taverna for you

Another Well-Hidden Restaurant, Kiki’s Taverna, Has Delicious Meat Dishes

The northern parts of The Island of the Winds keep a secret as well. It’s called Kiki’s Taverna, and it’s a place where you can get dishes prepared following age-old recipes. It is located on Agios Sostis Beach, and just like the previous tavernas, it has a spectacular view of the waves.

But, the true charm of this place is the homemade delicacies that have stood the test of time. It’s a prime example of a restaurant where traditional Greek dishes have been perfected. It is a place where locals like to eat as well.

We recommend ordering delicious dishes such as:

  • Chicken thigh marinated,
  • Sausage,
  • Swordfish filet,
  • Sea bass,
  • Grilled eggplant,
  • Grilled mushrooms,
  • Anchovies marinated in vinegar,
  • Spinach with balsamic,
  • Calamari,
  • Grilled Feta cheese.

Don’t forget to check out their dessert menu, which includes a delectable chocolate cake that is loved by all the diners that come to enjoy a pleasant lunch or dinner at Kiki’s Taverna.

Niko’s Taverna Is a Culinary Gem at the Heart of Chora

Taverna you can visit and possibly avoid calling a taxi or hiring a private driver is Niko’s Taverna. It is close to numerous Mykonos villas for rent, so you can just walk to Chora, the main Mykonian town, and find this popular spot. There is a spacious patio where you can eat dinner before heading to one of the Mykonian nightclubs.

The menu features both dishes from Greek cuisine as well as fresh fish. Another popular meal here is also the sweet baklava that has to be savored after a filling dinner. Covered with honey and pistachios, this dessert made with phyllo pastry is a sweet you shouldn’t miss during your stay.

You’ll Receive a Warm Welcome From the Staff, and They Will Make Sure You Enjoy Your Dining Experience

One of the main benefits of dining in Niko’s Tavern is the friendly staff. Since the Mykonian streets in Chora are always busy and bustling with people, the staff wants to make sure that every guest feels appreciated even though the atmosphere and the surroundings are always busy.

They try to personalize their service and make sure you are comfortable. They always offer signature dishes that would appeal to all diners, such as mussels with tomato, garlic & cheese, seafood with spaghetti or rice, and lobster salad.

People waiting in a restaurant

Niko’s Taverna is located close to the majority of luxury villa rentals in Mykonos

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Have you made your choice of which place is the best for you? We can assure you that each taverna is unique in its way, and they offer something different for everyone. But, the prerequisite to dining here is first booking a luxury Mykonos villa. Luckily, The Ace VIP team will provide you with one that would be perfect for your needs and requirements.

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