Mediterranean villas for rent

It is that time of the year when you deserve to pamper yourself with a long-awaited vacation far from your everyday routine.

Have you considered the Mediterranean sea? Warm climate, beautiful beaches, rich history and culture, colorful nightlife, world-renowned cuisine, what’s not to love about it?

And what a better way to enjoy it all than from the comfort of one of the Mediterranean villas.

Mediterranean villas offer accommodation to people that seek luxury holidays.

You will have the most memorable time, surrounded by comforts, amenities, and facilities.

Staying in these villas will increase your happiness while having amazing views.

The Ace VIP is famous for offering the best Mediterranean villas for rent, which suit all kind of holidays.

These luxury villas are also available to rent for extended stays as well as short stays.

We tend to offer the best comforts, security, and services to our clients.

All the rooms are well-equipped while you will feel at home having all the facilities close to you.

The well-furnished spaces with exclusive features and luxurious options make Mediterranean villas the perfect choice to stay and gather the best living memories.


Mediterranean villas for rent

The villas offer the best to those who want to enjoy an exceptional lifestyle while enjoying eye-catching views of sea and shores all the time.

The sought-after location, outstanding development, interior, exterior, and out-class amenities make our villas the perfect choice for living purposes.

Our villas near the beaches of the Mediterranean will suit your taste.


Where to find Mediterranean Villas for rent?

If you are firmly set up on spending your vacation in one of the luxury Mediterranean villas, the next big question would be where to find Mediterranean villas to rent?

Luckily, you can find the best choice all in one place, The Ace VIP Villas.

Not only that you can browse for your perfect vacation residence, but you can also get acquainted with the location, best restaurants, places to go out at night and tourist attractions on our blog.

This is your one-stop spot to organize your vacation in every aspect.


Beautiful and Warm Mediterranean Villa Design

The Mediterranean villa design takes inspiration in the cultural roots of the area.

Dominant colors are white and variant shades of blue like turquoise, navy blue and baby blue and many pastels.

The interior is warm and full of wood accents, with mostly natural materials. Furniture is bulky but with always present minimalist lines.

Stone and brick feature walls give them a sense of old and timeless.

Since everything in large Mediterranean villas is about the perfect marriage of natural elements and sunlight.

Earth tone elements like: strong wooden pieces, like carved oak coffee tables or massive frame king beds are integral and accentuate every room, every other piece revolves around them.

Mediterranean Villa Architecture

The Distinctive Mediterranean Villa Architecture

Architecture is very distinctive when it comes to our luxury Mediterranean villas for rent. They are usually one-story residences with large and spacious rooms.

Big windows allow natural sunlight to shine through throughout the whole day and clever layout makes the whole living area breezy and fresh even on the highest temperatures in the summer.

Modern Mediterranean villas pay homage to the archaic simplistic design and follow the rules of straight lines and natural elements.

Simple and straight lines are crowned with intricate tile rooftops and verandas.

While the villa on its own is a jewel to enjoy, the yard and veranda will certainly be the places where you spend a lot of time, drinking your morning coffee, having lunch and watching beautiful and colorful sunsets.

For the ultimate leisure, may we suggest renting one of the Mediterranean villas with pools?


Mediterranean Villa Holidays Are the Best Way to Spend Summer

Planning holidays to the Mediterranean Sea this summer? Well, it will prove a great idea when you see the incredible beauty of this sea and around.

The best and ideal time of coming here is from May to September in which the weather remains very favorable.

There are many excellent and places to visit in the Mediterranean, including Kos, Paphos, Santorini and many more.

All these will make you feel that you are discovering a new world full of beauty and attraction.

The visit to these places during the Mediterranean holidays will make you feel delighted while you will enjoy some of the best days of your life.

Make your trip glamorous by picking a luxury villa during your Mediterranean holidays. The Ace VIP villas are the best choice in this regard which has so much to offer you during your stay here.

Treat yourself, you deserve it. Why would you spend your holiday in a hotel, pacing up and down for lunch when you can make your vacation home in one of the modern Mediterranean villas?

It could never get more comfortable than that. Take your whole family to your piece of paradise, cook a homemade dinner with fresh produce and enjoy a family game together.

Or take your significant other to the best honeymoon ever and enjoy a starry night on the veranda with a glass of vine curdled up together.

Enjoy your peace and privacy to the fullest on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Mykonos Villa Holidays
Rent a Mykonos Villa to stay during Holidays

Explore the Rich Culture and Heritage of the Area With a Mediterranean Villa as Your Base Camp

Once you are all set up in your vacation home, you can always organize sightseeing and explore ancient remains and rich history of the area.

The echo of the first democratic society in the world is still present in every corner of Greece, and you can dive into many remains and stories behind them with a tour guide or on your own if you prefer it that way.


What to Do in Your Spare Time

With so many tourist attractions and the liberty that rented villa gives you it is not the question of what to do, but what to do first.

Besides the historic landmarks, of course, you can spend your days on beautiful sandy beaches, sunbathing and swimming or exploring underwater flora and fauna.

One thing that Greece doesn’t lack is great food and fresh produce, as fresh as it gets.

You can buy fish that was caught hours ago and prepare a healthy meal for your family with the best olive oil you ever tried.

If you are not up for cooking while you are on a vacation, visit one of the local restaurants that serve great specialties with locally grown produce.

The nightlife in Greece is notorious. You can party all night, get a cocktail in one of the beach bars, go to some live gigs or DJ parties and let yourself loose.

Everyone has heard how fun Mediterranean parties are, and the rumors are true, locals are warm and welcoming and you’ll feel like a part of the crowd in no time.

The good place to start your Mykonos summer adventure is on The Ace VIP website and book your dream Mediterranean Villa and more.


Mediterranean Sea

This stunning and auspicious sea is fantastic enough to catch the attention of people from all over the world.

The dark deep blue crystal clear waters, the vivid landscapes, and auspicious shores make it one of the fantastic things to visit in the world.

sea of the mediterranean

You can book a magnificent villa close to this fantastic place with The Ace VIP. We are offering the best villas during your visit to have an enjoyable experience.

The Mediterranean Sea connects with the Atlantic Ocean, Black sea, Bosporus, and the Marmara Sea.

Many ancient civilizations flourished around this sea. While in the present time, it has much appeal.


Mykonos Island in the Mediterranean

Mykonos Island offers the best sights and stunning views. Loved for its beauty and favorable weather.

Its rich history, architectural beauty, and lovely population are fantastic enough to make you feel inspired.

You will explore many new things and with the experience necessary time here while surrounded by beautiful views and sites.

Windmills in Mykonos island

Here are many beaches, historical spots, sacred, and many other tourists’ attractions. It is a place of love, history, exploration, and eminence.

The Ace VIP is offering the best villas for residential purposes on Mykonos island. The high standards and best solutions are available with us as we care to meet all your concerns.


Mediterranean Food

When the Mediterranean is such a famous and incredible place, then why not its food?

Well-known for the healthy and outstanding food. The diet consists on the taste of Greece, South Italy, and Crete.

The people who live around this sea have developed excellent taste. Their eating habit revolves on the best cuisines, which all have a unique flavor.

If you go there to live or spend holidays, you should try food from different places.

Mediterranean cuisine includes vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, olive oil, nuts, and many more. These beneficial diets offer the best taste and health to people.

fresh fish food in the mediterranean islands

People here do not consider the other types of meat as healthy and tasty as the fish meat.

The diet and food culture is the amalgamation of many civilizations, traditions, and countries.

People here also emphasize on the importance of eating food together.

During your visit in the Mediterranean will enjoy the best food, dishes, hospitality.

Also your heart rate will remain normal while many other problems will get better.

The beauty and heritage of Mykonos Island is incredible. Enjoy even more with our on-call concierge services.

Mykonos Concierge Services
Mykonos Concierge services at your disposal

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