If you are planning a summer vacation on this famous Greek island, you have to put visiting Ftelia Beach on your holiday itinerary. This gorgeous beach is renowned for being a surfer’s paradise and a place where you can enjoy crystal-clear waters, golden sand, and stylish clubs. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting place on the island’s northern side.

How to Get to Ftelia Beach, Mykonos?

Ftelia is located on the northern side of Mykonos, close to Marathi, one of the most popular Mykonos attractions. It only takes a 15-minute drive to get to this spectacular coast from Mykonos town.

Driving is probably the best way to get to Ftelia since buses are not going to this location. If you do not have a car with you, we recommend catching an island taxi or perhaps renting a car. There is parking right next to it, and you won’t have to walk a lot.

Boat on Ftelia Beach

The easiest way to get to this location is to rent a car

This Is One of the Best Beaches on the Island for Windsurfing

Because it is located on the north side of the island, don’t be surprised if it gets more windy than usual. The wind makes this location one of the best areas for windsurfing, and plenty of adventurists come here to enjoy this activity.

It’s a perfect spot for people who are just starting to learn and want to gradually test their windsurfing skills. It’s important to know that there are no windsurf centers for renting equipment, so you will have to bring your own.

This Is a Perfect Spot for Various Water Sports Activities

Besides being a paradise for windsurfers, this location is super popular for plenty of different water sports. It’s great for kitesurfing, wake surfing, and wakeskating. Most people visiting this beach are extreme water sports enthusiasts or enjoy watching these spectacular kites and sails swooshing over the turquoise horizon.

Man on a jet ski

This place is perfect for various water sports activities

Discover an Important Historical Site Nearby

This island has a rich history and is filled with various historical sights. Ftelia is actually located in a neolithic settlement that dates back to the 5th millennium BC. The site is mainly in ruins, and there aren’t any interesting museums around it, but it’s definitely worth seeing. Many valuable findings were excavated here during previous years. An old tomb on this site is believed to be the grave of the ancient hero Ajax the Locrian.

Exploring This Site Is Perfect Activity for Families With Kids

Greek and Mykonos mythology is something most kids find super interesting. Suppose you plan to show your kids some important historical sights while on your summer vacation on Mykonos. This location should definitely be on the itinerary list. Your kids will undoubtedly love hearing stories about prehistoric times and Ancient Greece. Walking around this site will provide your kids with an unforgettable experience after a fun day by the sea.

Woman with kids on Mykonos

Exploring historical sights with kids is a perfect family activity

If You Like Taking Nice Summer Photos – Ftelia Beach Club Is the Spot for You

If you are not interested in adventurous water activities or exploring historical sites, there is an exciting option for you too! If you like spending your vacation days visiting popular Instagram spots, taking cute photos, sipping wine, sunbathing, and listening to some nice beats, this is the perfect place.

A Friendly Place for Swimming, Relaxing, and Enjoying Some Good Food

In this spectacular location, you will find one of the most unique and stylish beach clubs, with breathtaking views, stunning interiors, and friendly service. This place is one of the most popular spots on this destination, where luxury meets wild beauty.

Everything here is dressed in a vintage vibe for an exciting bohemian Myconian experience. Besides enjoying good music, you can also enjoy some of the tastiest island food here. It is a super unique place that you will most definitely enjoy.

This Place Is Perfect for People Who Don’t Like Crowded Beaches

Even though it offers plenty of various activities, this spot is one of the less popular beaches on the island. For most people, the wind is the most problematic factor, so they skip visiting this place while on their vacation. However, for people who love less crowded places, it is perfect. Most visitors come here to surf or chill at the club, and you won’t see that many people on the sand.

Nudism Is Allowed on This Secluded Beach

Because it is not such a crowded place, nudism is allowed here. However, it is not considered a nudist beach since clothes are optional. If you are into nudism, you will enjoy this beach because you will have plenty of personal space to enjoy.

Topless girl on the beach

This place is perfect for people who like to take it all off while on vacation

There Aren’t Many Hotels in This Area, But There Are Plenty of Luxury Mykonos Villas for Rental

If you really like how this place sounds and are interested in finding accommodation near this location, we can help you with that. Except for Panormos Village, there aren’t many great hotels close to this place, but there are numerous luxury villas for rent, which Mykonos is famous for.

If you wish to wake up to the spectacular view of the kite surfers and natural beauties of this area, here are some popular Mykonos luxury villas you might want to consider booking:

  • Villa Connery,
  • Villa Hayek,
  • Villa Mirren,
  • Vila Betty,
  • Villa Daniel.

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