Spending your summer vacation in Mykonos, one of the best Greek islands is a treat not everyone gets. Lovely beaches and great parties are a trademark of this place, but let us not forget the fantastic Mykonos food that will make your stay even more special. What can you expect from the food in Mykonos, Greece? If you’re curious to find out what delicious dishes await you in this Mediterranean heaven, just keep reading – we have all the information.

What Should You Expect From Mykonos Food? Here’s All You Need to Know Before You Visit This Greek Island

As one of the best Mediterranean islands, Mykonos is known for extravagant parties, fabulous beaches, and running into Hollywood celebrities on every part of the coast. But what many people overlook is the outstanding Mykonian local cuisine and dishes prepared from the highest quality ingredients that are typical for Mediterranean cuisine. So, what is the food like in Mykonos, Greece? Let’s see what kind of meals will be served to you during your stay.

Mykonos Town Offers the Perfect Blend of Traditional Greek and Various International Cuisines

Greek cuisine is well-known among food lovers – it’s one of the most delicious international cuisines, and it’s very healthy. Naturally, you expect to find fish and seafood on your menu in a restaurant in Mykonos town, Chora, and you will – if you go to a traditional Greek restaurant (known as a taverna).

However, Mykonos is quite a cosmopolitan island, which means it offers tourists more than just Greek specialties. Here, you can try various international cuisines and enjoy meals in many different restaurants. Chora has a wide variety of interesting spots, and hopefully, you will have enough time to check out a lot of them.

Plates with Mykonos Food on a table, viewed from above 

Apart from local cuisine, you can taste a lot of international specialties on Mykonos

Dishes to Try When Visiting a Taverna in Mykonos

There’s no need to talk about tasty fish and fantastic seafood – everybody knows that’s something you have to order if you find yourself in a Greek restaurant, regardless of which island you’re on. But when you travel to Mykonos, you can try more than a basic Greek salad and tzatziki served on the side of your main course. With a taverna visit, you can try many Mykonos food specialties.

What Food Is Mykonos Known for?

Mykonos has plenty of traditional delicious specialties, characteristic of this island. Mykonian cuisine has its twist on common Mediterranean ingredients, with many cheese and pork specialties. Here is some stuff you shouldn’t miss out on while on the island:

  • Kopanisti – It’s a beaten (that’s what kopanisti means) stinky cheese made in all parts of Greece, but every region has its recipe. Kopanisti is produced with cow, goat, and sheep milk in different quantities depending on the producer. The Mykonian version is popular because it’s stronger and spicier, with a peppery taste.
  • Mykonos sausages – Also known as Mykoniatika loukanika, these sausages are among the best meat products in Greece. They are in great demand thanks to the incredible taste provided by the mix of Greek savory spice, oregano, salt, and pepper. These sausages have high lean meat content and less fat than most types of sausages.
  • Louza – A delicious pork specialty you can also find on Tinos and Andros. The pork is salted and then marinated in the blend of spices, and after the kneading process, the meat is left to dry. It’s served in thin slices, usually as a meze.
  • Kremmidopita – This is a popular local onion pie, prepared with tyrovolia (another local trademark cheese), which perfectly balances onion. The recipe also calls for dill and a few other herbs. This delicious filling separates two sheets of pastry.
  • Melopita – Another delicious pie, this time a sweet one. Melopita is made with fresh tyrovolia, a lot of honey, and cinnamon. It’s basically a tart, and it’s a brilliant replacement for a cheesecake.

Don’t Forget to Try Excellent Wine From Mykonos Vineyards

Mykonos is one of the smaller islands in the Aegean Sea, but it still has enough land for vineyards. However, wine production isn’t one of the flourishing industries. Most vineyards are located in the proximity of the Ano Mera village. If you get the opportunity, we suggest you try some of the local wine brands – they are exquisite. You will also see great international wines on your menu wherever you go.

Greek salad and a wine glass on the table

Mykonos offers various specialties with many delicious ingredients

What Are the Best Restaurants in Mykonos?

Even if you have no more than 5 days in Mykonos, you will definitely visit Chora – most tourist attractions are located in this tiny town, and most restaurants are here as well. Some popular places are scattered around the beaches all around the coast. If we were to suggest a few top-rated places – both traditional tavernas and modern spots – these would make our shortlist:

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