Pasaji Mykonos is located in Ornos, and it is one of those places with a unique approach, unique design and a unique story behind it. “Pasaji” means a passage, between worlds, places, aromas and tastes – it is a place where two worlds collide and create something memorable and unique, a fusion.

The journey between those places and the final result is the main story behind this establishment.

What makes it different from many other restaurants is also the beautiful beach with powdery sand right in front of it. This is the place to go when you want to enjoy a whole day of the beach activities and when you get exhausted and hungry, you hop up into the restaurant and indulge in food that you’ll rarely find anywhere else. The restaurant is located in Ornos and it is easily accessible. 

What to Try in Pasaji Mykonos?

This restaurant boasts a unique fusion experience of the Greek, Italian and Asian cuisine with the aromas of the Middle East. If you got your head spinning only from thinking about this unusual combination, let us tell you a secret – it works so well when you know how to do it right.

Here you can get sushi rolls and sashimi with only the freshest seafood and local produce, spring rolls, shrimp tempura and grilled octopus that was caught this morning.

As for the Greek counterparts on the menu, try ordering T-bone steak and Tomahawk Black Angus steak, as well as some fish, made Greek-style like Grilled Salmon and Black Cod. Don’t forget to try some of the signature shisha cocktails.