Looking for a reason why to visit legendary Nammos Mykonos? The truth is you’ll hardly find a reason not to visit it. This is one of the trendiest locations on the whole island, and it’s got huge popularity thanks to many celebrities that travel to this beautiful place every summer on their Greek vacation. Experiencing its charming atmosphere will definitely heat up your holiday.

#1 Nammos Mykonos Is One of the Most Popular Locations on the Island

Mykonos is known as a party island and one of the most popular destinations in Greece, thanks to its charming beauty, picturesque beaches, and exotic beach clubs with amazing design and atmosphere. If you want to become a part of this legendary party scene, you must visit one of the places that actually made this island so popular for up-scale visitors – Nammos Mykonos.

This place is not a regular beach bar – there is so much more about it that can’t be explained only in words. You simply have to visit it to feel this unique energy on your own. Everything about it is enchanting – from the position to design, guests, service, and atmosphere. Sounds like a good summer story, so you definitely need to consider visiting this location. In fact, you can already visit this place, as the season-opening for 2022 was announced for April.

Celebrities in Mykonos

This charming place and its famous guests will definitely amaze you

#2 You Can Easily Get There in No Time – Discover How With Our Guide

Once you get to this island, it won’t be hard to find this location – it’s one of the most popular car stops for tourists from all around the world. It is located near Psarou beach – about 4 km from the main town. If you’re driving there from Chora, you can follow the road that will lead you to Psarou, and you’ll easily spot Nammos there. If you don’t rent a car or contact a private driver, you can always use public transportation or get a taxi that will easily take you there in less than 10 minutes.

Aerial view of Nammos Mykonos

You can easily get there – transportation options are numerous

#3 It Has Outstanding Offer When It Comes to Dining

If you get hungry after soaking up the warm Myconian sun at this gorgeous beach, you can always satisfy your cravings with amazing specialties from Nammos restaurant’s kitchen. This is actually one of the most exclusive restaurants on the island, so it’s allowed to have high expectations when it comes to food. Professional chefs from all around the world continuously develop their menu in order to provide something unique and original to visitors, using only fresh ingredients.

No matter if you’re a seafood or meat lover, or on the other hand, you prefer salads or something light – you can find it all here. Fish specialties are among the most popular options, but vegetarian and meat offerings are outstanding as well. Everything from the menu is prepared with great care and seasoned properly, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you’ll have a delightful experience no matter what you choose to eat.

Nammos Mykonos Restaurant

Satisfy your cravings and try the most amazing specialties from Nammos Restaurant

#4 Formal Dining Is Followed by Informal Clubbing, so You Can Enjoy Party Atmosphere as Well

The interesting design of this place will definitely intrigue you and make you want to explore every part of the club. Nammos actually has a few different areas. These include:

  • Formal dining area that serves traditional Greek and Italian food,
  • Large and beautifully decorated lounge area,
  • Outdoor club.

Dancing at the Restaurant Tables Can Be a Highlight of Your Night – It’s a Part of Nammos Culture

Just having a delicious dinner and chilling in the lounge area, you can dance the night away at the outdoor beach club with the best party atmosphere that Mykonos has ever seen. Music will turn up, so you can expect guests to stand up and climb on the table to dance – it’s sort of a tradition here, so don’t hesitate to do this if you’re in a good mood. You can experience fine dining and end up dancing at the tables with Paris Hilton next to you.

Nammos Club Party

End your night at the beach – dancing at the table is very popular here

#5 You Can Comfortably Shop For Luxury Pieces With Celebrity Guests at the Nammos Village

Apart from dining and partying, this place has another surprise for you, especially if you love shopping. Nammos Village is one of the most exclusive shopping areas in Mykonos. Here you can find all the high-end brands and luxurious items that can’t be found anywhere else across the island. Apart from fashionable clothes and shoes, you can also find accessories that will glam up your look, as well as unique jewelry and phenomenal art pieces.

You Can Find Plenty of Interesting Things at Nammos Village

It is not a secret that many celebrities who visit Mykonos shop right here, so you can be certain that the offer here will suit even the highest standards. Apart from high-end brands, you can also find some hand-made crafts and souvenirs, which can be a perfect choice for those who want to buy some unique local pieces. Check out this video and see what you can expect to find around these shops.

#6 You Can Also Spend a Day at the Beach

Another amazing thing about this place it’s the natural beauty of its location, so don’t forget to check out the beautiful beach with soft sand and interesting options for water sports. If you would like to experience a little adventure, you should definitely visit The Riva Private Yacht Deck and go on a memorable boat ride with your friends or family. In case you already rented a yacht and want to throw your anchor here, this will be a perfect stop.

Nammos Village

You’ll find the tropical beach right next to the popular Nammos Village

You Can Rent a Luxurious Private Villa Close to This Attractive Location If You Travel to Greece This Summer

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