If you find yourself hungry on this island, worry not, because the best restaurants in Mykonos won’t be that hard to find. Greek food is well-known worldwide, they use a lot of olives, cheeses, and fresh seafood, but on Mykonos, you can taste many different international cuisines as well. You can find an excellent place to eat pretty much on every corner, but if you don’t want to risk it, here are some restaurants with which you can’t go wrong.

#1 Funky Kitchen Is One of the Hotspots in Mykonos Town

One of the main mottos of this place is that dining is much more than a basic nutritional need. Chefs here are highly dedicated to experimenting with different flavors and use only fresh ingredients to ensure they get unique, delicious, and creative food that’s good for the body and soul. The ambiance of this place reflects traditional Greek and Myconian style – a simple design with white wooden tables and chairs.

There Are Various Specialties on the Restaurant’s Menu

Some of the dishes you should try out here are seared tuna with eggplant mouse or their famous octopus carpaccio spiced with peppercorns. If you’re really hungry, the chef will recommend you to try a rack of lamb with cumin fava beans, and for dessert, a chocolate nirvana is a must.

#2 Kounelas Fish Tavern Is a Place You Should Definitely Check Out if You Travel Here

If you want to try amazing seafood, this is where you should be heading. Many Mykonos restaurants are fancy overpriced dinner spots, but the locals know that the best seafood can actually be found in some lowkey local tavernas. Kounelas Fish Tavern is one of the places where you can have a nice dinner in a beautiful garden setting, just a few steps away from the water.

Their Mussel Risotto Is to Die for

Once you try something from this kitchen, you will definitely want to come back for more. You can’t go wrong if you order their mussel risotto – it is to die for, as well as linguine with cuttlefish ink. The catch of the day, squid and octopus, are always fresh and grilled on a charcoal grill to make them super tasty and crunchy. Help yourself and book a table on time, because this place has limited seating.

#3 Hippie Fish Is a Large and Trendy Beachfront Restaurant

This is probably one of the trendiest spots on the island. Located on the small beach in the southwest corner of the island, this indoor and outdoor restaurant offers a hedonistic setup with a beach club, sunbeds, and lots of marvelous Greek food on their traditional Mediterranean menu. The view and incredible stuff will only upgrade the whole experience.

Hippie Fish Offers Amazing Beach View and Delicious Dishes

You should try out some of their most famous dishes – calamari stuffed with feta cheese or Aegean paella mixed with seafood. Another standout dish is the delicious Mykonos sausage – just add a cold beer, and you’ll definitely have the most amazing day at the beach.

#4 Kiki’s Taverna Is One of the Best Restaurants in Mykonos, Greece

This small and family-run restaurant is one of the most famous taverns on the whole island. Kiki’s Tavern is tucked away among the trees. There’s no indication that it’s there. Park your car as far as possible and walk down the dirt road. Turn left at the local church’s white wall next door and go down to the little bay at the bottom. It’s a local legend well-known among foodies from all over the world, and it is located on the north coast, overlooking a tiny swimming cove and shaded by beautiful grapevines.

Kiki’s Taverna Is a Locals’ Favorite

Kiki’s Taverna opens at 1 p.m. but what makes it different from most other places is that they don’t take reservations. You’ll sometimes need to wait in line to get a table, but it’s totally worth it to do this and try amazing grilled pork chops and seafood, including mussels and octopus. You should also try delicious baked potato garnished with fresh salads and cheese.

Freshly cooked mussels in a pot

Kiki’s Taverna is a restaurant you definitely don’t want to miss

#5 Avli Tou Thodori Is One of the High-End Spots Overlooking a Popular Beach

If you are ready to spend a little more than usual on a luxurious lunch in one of the most popular restaurants in Greece overlooking a gorgeous beach, Avli Tou Thodori is a perfect spot for you. This family-owned restaurant is a true crowd-pleaser, and there is no chance you’ll leave it hungry, so we definitely recommend visiting it if you travel here.

Lobster Orzo and Sweet Baklava Will Make You Come Back for More

Their menu is a mix of almost everything you can think of, starting with traditional Greek and Mediterranean specialties. Service is outstanding, and so are their dishes. You should consider trying their superb meze, lobster orzo, and baklava. Here you can also try freshly grilled fish and meat specialties based on pork and lamb, which are extremely popular in Greece.


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#6 Scorpios Mykonos Located on Paraga Beach Is Another Gem You Shouldn’t Miss

Thanks to the famous chef Alexis Zopas and his carefully prepared traditional Greek specialties infused with unique oriental spices, this is definitely one of the places that are made to feel like paradise on earth and satisfy all of your senses.

The unique ambiance and trendy vibes of this place are combined in a glorious oasis that everyone loves. Kitchen hours are from 1:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., and due to the big popularity of this extraordinary place, you should definitely make a reservation in advance.

Seafood and Traditional Mediterranean Specialities Are a Must

You can start your delicious lunch by ordering traditional Greek “meze,” which is their word for a starter. You can’t go wrong with Scorpio’s signature Tzatziki and Spicy Feta Cheese. If you’re looking for some lighter options, Smoked Aubergine Salad or Hummus Lemonato are highly recommended. If you like raw starters, you should also try their delicious Carpaccio or Steak Tartare.

For the main course, you can choose some of the “open fire” specialties, and catch of the day is always recommended. There is usually a variety of fresh fish or lobster, so you can’t go wrong with it. For a dessert, you can try refreshing Passionfruit Brule and Lemon Coconut Mousse.


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#7 Sea Satin Is Another Legendary Place

Sea Satin is of the legendary Myconian restaurants, located in the most breathtaking location on the island, right under the famous Windmills. Considering the fact that from this place, you will be directly overlooking picturesque Little Venice while dining, your entire dining experience just gets ten times better. This is one of the cosmopolitan and luxurious restaurants where you can try traditional specialties with a modern twist.

Try Traditional Greek Food With an Avantgarde Twist

You can start your meal with some of their amazing appetizers, such as octopus salad or grilled vegetables. All dishes are made of fresh and delicious ingredients combined with aromatic herbs and spices. Continuing with seafood specialties, you can choose something from their great offer of fish, shells, shrimps, or lobsters.

The best part about this place is that you can pick what you want yourself. Experienced and talented chefs will grill and spice up everything, so the final outcome will definitely seduce your senses. If you want to finish with something sweet and delicious, traditional loukoumades might be a perfect choice. These are small crunchy Greek donuts topped with vanilla ice cream and honey.


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#8 Koursaros Is Not a Typical Fish n’ Sushi Restaurant You Can Find Anywhere

Koursaros Fish Restaurant is located right next to famous Little Venice in a beautifully decorated spacious garden with a unique and eye-catching ambiance that promises a memorable and unique dining experience. A team of experts created an outstanding menu with various delicacies that will satisfy everyone’s cravings. The focus is on Greek and Mediterranean food, with lots of fresh fish and seafood.

You’ll Be Amazed by the Menu Here – You Get to Choose From Many Delicious Options

You can start your dinner with delicious Marinated anchovy with lemon and zucchini or grilled squid with wasabi dressing, lemon, and olive oil. One of the extravagant options for starters is gravlax style salmon topped with aromatic mustard dressing and beetroot leaves. From the main course offer, pasta with prawns and black truffle paste is something you can’t go wrong with.

Oven-baked salmon filet marinated in chili garlic paste, and served with beetroot tartare, is another safe choice, but there are many other delicious options. For dessert, we recommend you try traditional “Ekmek” – toasted Greek “tsoureki” with mastic syrup and mascarpone whipped cream, mastic ice cream, and cherries. Greek Loukoumades are always a safe and delicious option for those who don’t want to experiment.


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#9 Nōema Nurtures Traditional Greek Family Values and Great Food

Did you know that one of the most respected and valued Greek traditions is gathering the whole family and friends around the table? It is believed that the joy of eating together brings family closer and, with that, happier.

This is why it is in Nōema’s core to nurture this tradition and traditional family values as something that should last. Nōema’s cuisine relies on traditional Cycladic dishes with a spotlight on original cooking methods, but they are also not afraid of experimenting with something more modern.

This Place Has Extensive Offer of Marvelous Dishes

It is hard to recommend just one dish when they have everything from traditional beef tartare and raw red shrimp to local tuna sashimi. Steam mussels with white wine and parsley pesto are also something you should definitely consider trying. You can combine this with delicious oven-baked bread with olive oil and grilled olives.

Another one of their specialties is crunchy squid with smoked paprika and green fava. You can also eat Grilled keftedakia meatballs or Charcoal-grilled thick lamb chops. Finish this extraordinary culinary experience with one of everyone’s favorites – classic pistachio ice cream or almond sandwich with baked peach.


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#10 Alemagou Is a Beachfront Restaurant Serving Delicious Cocktails and Greek Specialties

If you want to experience a true Greek summer and try some great traditional food while enjoying the breeze and gorgeous venue, Alemagou might be the right place for you. This outstanding beach bar and restaurant, located in Ftelia, is a must-see when on the island.

It provides a holistic experience, different from anything else on the island. It’s laid back but still eclectic enough to intrigue you. Finally, something different around here, you might think to yourself. Actually, this is just what “Alemagou” means in ancient Myconian dialect – “finally.”

Try Their Lobster Specialties That Will Seduce All of Your Senses

After a long and exciting day at the beach and probably a few delicious drinks, you should definitely fill up your belly with some tasty traditional foods from the menu. The sophisticated simplicity of their offer might be just what you need – fresh ingredients from the local market prepared without too many complicated twists or experiments. You should definitely try tuna filet with warm avocado salad and soya as well as fresh lobster pasta with tomato sauce.


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#11 Principote Is the a Where You Can Experience the Ultimate Luxurious Leisure

Legendary Principote Beach Club is the place where raw Mediterranean ambiance meets luxurious amenities and outstanding service. This place is beyond just laid-back summer living – it’s a true A-listers paradise led by a welcoming Principote Group. Panormos Beach, as a part of the club, offers comfortable sunbeds under beautiful hand-knitted umbrellas.

Order some of their delicious signature cocktails or enjoy a professional massage. At this iconic beach club, you can enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes in a breathtaking setting with mesmerizing sea views this high-end restaurant provides. It is suitable for elegant and corporate events, but it is also the home to some legendary parties.

Here You Can Get Nothing But a Pure Exclusive Experience

The restaurant itself combines three expansive patios designed for pure pleasure, all offering breathtaking sea views. However, there is also a VIP dining area for those who want more privacy. Master sommeliers and chefs all work together in order to provide a unique gastronomic experience for all the appreciated visitors.

Here you can find everything from sushi to prime meat, followed by a wide selection of exclusive wines, including even kosher and vegan ones. Organic products are hand-picked from local producers, so it’s guaranteed you’ll have an amazing culinary experience and, most importantly, a healthy and delicious meal.

#12 Liasti Is a Luxurious Beach Resort Facing the Lia Bay and Offering a Home to an Exclusive Restaurant

Liasti Beach Resort is known as a fashionable oasis of relaxation where luxury ambiance meets raw Mediterranean beauty. It is located on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, and apart from the famous restaurant, it also offers a lounge, a seating area as well as a fancy boutique.

With rays of sunshine slowly disappearing, this restaurant becomes one of the most cosmopolitan spots on the island, and you definitely don’t want to miss a chance to be seen here. With its exotic cuisine combined with traditional Mediterranean ingredients and flavors, you’ll easily find something that suits your taste and cravings.

This Restaurant Has a Long List of Intriguing Specialties

When it comes to appetizers, you can try delicious Zucchini served with aromatic lemon and mint yogurt dip. If you’re into this one, you should also try the ultimate Mediterranean trilogy of dips – homemade melitzanosalata, tarama, and tzatziki served with crunchy breadsticks. Gabeira cheese “saganaki” from Naxos island dressed with panko and served with Myconian “tirokafteri” and fennel salad is also one of the signature appetizers.

Calamari “hilopites” are also very delicious, as well as classic “Liasti” tuna rolls in crunchy white bread with tartare sauce and herbal spring salad. If you’re into raw fish, you can try their spicy tuna tartare or Myconian white fish ceviche, as well as Langoustine carpaccio. Want to share your experience with another person? We highly recommend trying Lobster Catalana or Veal cutlet coated with panko and served together with rocket salad. If you want to finish strong with desserts, you should definitely try the signature Chocolate Heaven or Pavlova.


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#13 La Maison de Katrin Offers a Fine Dining Experience in the Heart of Mykonos Town

In a narrow alley, back in 1971, this restaurant was brought to life by the original idea of the Giziotis family, and the restaurant’s name refers to the family mom Katerina. Today, this is one of the best restaurants in Mykonos town and is still a family business. Its unique cuisine attracts visitors hoping to try traditional and healthy Greek specialties. This place actually combines classic Greek recipes with the French style of cooking and high-quality ingredients.

This Place Serves Traditional Food Along With Some Amazing Signature Dishes

From a great offer of refreshing salads, you can try a classic Greek salad with feta cheese from the island of Evia or a salad with figs, goat cheese, and citrus vinaigrette. Arugula with mushrooms and parmesan is another interesting option.

Salad with seafood and fruits is another exciting combo for those who aren’t afraid to experiment with unusual combinations of flavors. From various mixes of cold and hot appetizers, you should try beef or fish tartare, mussels in tomato basil sauce, yummy cheese pies, and Calamari alla Romana with tartare sauce. Signature Katrin’s appetizers are:

  • Moussaka,
  • Spinach pie with mint, leek, and feta cheese,
  • Zucchini with local Mykonian cheese,
  • Stuffed grape leaves with rice and minced meat.

For main dishes, you can go with classic beef ragout, Osso Bucco, roasted lamb, or try something lighter such as lemon or mushroom risotto. For dessert, we recommend trying tart tatin or chocolate brownies topped with delicious vanilla ice cream.


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#14 Nobu Matsuhisa Mykonos Restaurant Offers an Open-Air Sushi Bar

What’s a popular swimming and lounging area during the daytime transforms into a buzzing nightlife IT spot, making this place definitely worth visiting. Here you can experience the unique Myconian vibes and real luxury this franchise is recognizable for. Popular Belvedere Bar is a place where you can enjoy your favorite drinks and relax while listening to some oriental music, while in the restaurant, you can try out the best sushi on the island.

Nobu Is Recognizable for the Best Sushi on the Island

Superstar chef Nobu Matsuhisa transformed the 19th-century mansion into a signature Mykonos staple and is currently one of the most desirable destinations on this island. Mykonos’s representative of this international franchise embraces global favorite specialties such as salmon karashi miso, white fish miso, yellowtail jalapeno, and rock shrimp salad. Most of the Greek specialties include freshly caught Aegean fish that comes to your plate straight from the sea.


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