You can not imagine a summer holiday in this paradise without partying at some of the best beach clubs in Mykonos. These gorgeous spots on the coast of the Aegean Sea have become the hottest partying hubs, where thousands of tourists come each year to enjoy incredible music and dance till sunrise. If you wish to experience something extraordinary this summer, visiting these places is a must.

Visiting the Best Beach Clubs in Mykonos, Greece, Needs to Be On Your Bucket List

When planning a vacation – the greatest beach clubs must be on your travel itinerary and the list of fun things to do on the island. These incredible places are some of the main reasons why Mykonos is known as a party island.

Whether you are up for a wild party or you are just interested in relaxing on the beach and enjoying some refreshing cocktails when outside of your Mykonos villa – these places will provide you with all of it.

When Is the Best Time to Visit These Famous Beach Clubs on Mykonos?

The best time to visit these stunning partying hubs is during the season’s peak. Although the season starts in June, the biggest parties are held during July and August, when all the best hotels and luxury private villas in Mykonos, Greece,  are booked, and the streets and beaches are filled with crowds.

During these two months, you can experience the most exciting events, wild parties, and listen to some of the world-renowned DJs. That is when the clubs are jammed, and you can experience the island at its most exciting phase. If you want to have the time of your life this summer, we suggest you travel to Mykonos during these two months.

Psarou Beach on Mykonos

If you love partying, the ideal time to travel to this island in Greece is in July or August

#1 SantAnna Is the Club Where Numerous A-Listers Come to Have the Best Party Time

If you’ve ever wondered where all famous celebrities stay, the answer is, of course, in Mykonos luxury villas, but where do they party? SantAnna is well known for being one of the coolest places on the entire island, and that is where the most influential people come to enjoy their summer days and nights.

Located on the famous Paraga Beach, known for its crystal clear waters and golden sand, this club is easy to reach from the main town and has valet parking. SantAnna is a modern place designed so that it blends in with the surroundings perfectly, it has that typical Mykonian vibe that everyone loves.

Indulge in Some Gastronomic Highlights at This Unique Beach Club

Besides being a popular partying club and day-drinking bar on the golden sand, this location is also known for having one of the best restaurants on the island, with some of the most interesting dishes you can try.

On the restaurant menu, you will find incredible Greek food as well as some modern takes on traditional recipes, which will pleasantly surprise your taste buds. The unique selection of gourmet dishes served in the most authentic and interesting interior will definitely be an experience to remember.


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#2 Super Paradise Beach Club Is a Place You Must Visit

One of the things you must do while on your vacation is to visit the popular Super Paradise Beach and have a drink or two in one of the most popular spots – Super Paradise Club. This place is located on the southern side of the island and is a stress-free zone for all lovers of good music.

The bohemian chill-out environment with a sophisticated interior will win you over, and you will definitely want to come back here. You can have some refreshing cocktails in the beach bar, relax on the golden sand, or perhaps try some interesting dishes in the fine dining restaurant.

Super Paradise Is an Ideal Spot for People Who Are up for a Water Adventure

Besides being a great club and bar for partying and relaxing, people also come to Super Paradise because it is a perfect place for numerous water activities. Since this southern part of the island can get windy due to the Meltemi winds – it is perfect for people who wish to test their water sports skills. Sitting down for a cocktail or a nice dinner will feel much better after riding on the stunning Aegean waves.

#3 Nammos Is One of the Best Beach Clubs Mykonos Has to Offer

For true hedonists and people who love to make their summer days as indulgent as possible – Nammos Mykonos is the perfect place. The fabulous atmosphere in this popular Instagram spot situated on Psarou Beach will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

The bar has a signature turquoise interior, a wide range of champagne and other exclusive drinks, and a glamorous shisha lounge, and these are just a few of the things you can treat yourself to while on the vacation of a lifetime. Of course, the sunset view from here is to die for.

There’s So Much More to This Club Than the Luxury Lounge Bar

Besides lounging areas where you can relax while listening to music and drinking your favorite cocktails, Nammos also has an incredible seafood restaurant with the most amazing selection of contemporary dishes from Greek cuisine.

In this restaurant, the freshest fish and seafood products are prepared by star-studded chefs through bold and exciting dining concepts. We believe that you will truly be amazed by the rhapsody of tastes you will experience here.


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