Shopping in Mykonos

If you are traveling to Mykonos for leisure purposes then, nothing adds a satisfactory flavor to your trip other than shopping your heart out in Mykonos.

For shopping lovers, strolling the shopping centers in Mykonos could be a pastime for them, and they can purchase from anything from a local Greek brand to an international designer brand at one-stop destination.

Shopping in Mykonos is a dream-come-true for shopaholics and brand-conscious people.

When strolling in Mykonos Town, a visitor would be warmly greeted by the glamorous streets of the capital.

Here, they would find a multitude of souvenir shops to purchase special gifts for their loved ones. In addition, they can also visit shoe shops, designer stores, and jewelry stores to shop until they drop.

Mykonos Shops and Fashion Stores

Shopping in the streets of Mykonos is truly something ecstatic and euphoric—once you start shopping, you wouldn’t help but, admire the Greek architecture work and antiquated handmade jewelry being sold in the streets of Mykonos Town.

The shops in Mykonos are open to the visitors around-the-clock, so you can plan your shopping at any time of the day, and the local merchants in the streets of Mykonos Town would warmly greet you.

The combination of designer stores with local stores creates a cosmopolitan environment for the shopper, which is an absolute delight to witness in the long run.

shopping in mykonos fashion stores

Shopping Tips

If you are traveling to Mykonos for the first time then, you are going to have a lot to do on your to-do list.

You should reserve some time to shop in the local streets of Mykonos, and we assure you — it would be an absolutely mesmerizing shopping experience for you.

If you have plans to splurge on the local and international shops in Mykonos then, the following tips should help you with your shopping trip:

  1. Always keep spare currency in your wallets. However, if you are visiting the shops for exchanging currency, you should look up for the most reliable money exchanger booth on the internet before your visit.
  2. Use a local transportation mode to visit the shops in Mykonos. You can ask your residence provider to arrange for a car for you, which would be more convenience for you.
  3. If you are travelling to Mykonos Town, keep a map in your handbag to keep track of the most important sites. However, if you were to get lost or get separated with your partner, you should always keep a mobile phone with you to contact your partner.
  4. Beware of pocket pickers and thieves; usually, the commercial shops in Mykonos are over packed, so you’ll never know when a thief would cross your way.
  5. Most local merchants are not familiar with the English language; so it would be recommendable for you to hire a local guide or personal shopper in Mykonos to help with your shopping without facing any language barrier.
  6. Always keep a bottle of fresh water in your bag. Shopping for long hours could get hectic and exhausting, and it would help you with hydrating yourself on a hot day in Mykonos.
  7. You should take a large-sized carrying bag to accommodate your shopping bags in one place. If you are planning to shop a lot then, it would allow you to be hands free for most part and continue with your shopping without any hassle.
  8. If you are planning on buying souvenir for your loved ones in your home country then, you should have the gifts packed from the local gift stores.

Moreover, you would find plenty of shopping spots in the Chora of Mykonos, where you would come across shops that mimic the picturesque grace of Greek architecture.

In addition, you would find plenty of shops on the verge of Mykonos Ring Road, adjacent to Ano Mera as well as you would come across several shops at the beaches n Mykonos.

The shops in Mykonos are open across the clock, so you can stroll the shopping streets at any desirable time.

You can continue with your day by doing anything else then, you can plan your shopping in Mykonos after the sunset, so you could continue your shopping in the tranquil breeze of Mykonos.

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Famous shopping streets

Whether you are fixated on spending your heart out on the latest designer collection or, you simply want to immerse the beauty of Greek art and craft by window-shopping, the local shops of Mykonos would make a great shopping spot for your family and you.

Hire a shopping guide or travelling guide to help you maneuver through the streets of Mykonos shopping area and make your shopping in mykonos easier.

The following are the hot shopping spots in Mykonos for brand lovers as well as for those who are interested in buying from the local merchants.

Louis Vuitton Mykonos

The handbags, wallets, and high-ankle boot by Louis Vuitton are favorites amongst most fashionistas, and they couldn’t help but, splurge their wallets on the newest LV-collection.

The Louis Vuitton flagship in Mykonos is a wonderland for designer bags lover, and here, you would find the latest handbags before they reach the general audience.

If you are in Mykonos by a chance then, you may want to pay a visit to the Louis Vuitton store to see what’s hot in the world of designer bag and enlist yourself for the waiting list for the next hot item by LV.

The item would be delivered to your local address at the given time, and you would be grateful that you were able to get on the waiting list during your stay in Mykonos.

Gucci Mykonos

If you vibe with Gucci more than Louis Vuitton then, Gucci Mykonos flagship store would make an interesting spot for you to visit.

Remember to bring your credit card or debit card to the store, so you could make your purchase on an instant basis.

Whether you are shopping for the sizzling Gucci sunglasses or perfume, you would find plenty of latest Gucci offerings at the store.

Not to mention, the sale associated at Gucci Mykonos store are trained to treat the visitors like royalty, which is an absolute treat for anyone.

Chanel Mykonos

Which high-fashion lover fashionista doesn’t admire the glamorous appeal of Chanel outfits and jewelry?

The flagship Chanel store in Mykonos in a must-visit spot for any high-fashion lover, and there they would find plenty of stunning Chanel dresses and jewelries that they can purchase for themselves.

Or, if you are someone who is looking for an anniversary present for your spouse, the generous sales associates at Chanel would help you find the perfect gift that your partner would love and admire forever.

Patrizia Saolini @Mykonos visiting LINEA PIU boutique

Caravana Clothes

If you have forgotten to pack the perfect outfit for your trip in Mykonos then, visiting Caravana Clothes in Mykonos would take care of your problem.

In the utterly luxurious store, you will find perfect outfits that you can wear to the Mediterranean Beach or, to a wildlife party at the Greek Island.

You wouldn’t help but, gush over the clothing pieces offered by Caravana Clothing, and take them back to your home.

Matoyianni street

If you have reserved a day for shopping in Mykonos then, visiting the Matoyianni Street in Mykonos Town would be the highlight of your trip that you shouldn’t miss at all costs.

The busy harbor is an excellent spot, where you would find several shopping spots as well as restaurants to spend your time in.

Whether you are looking for something high-end or souvenir shop, we guarantee you that you would find plenty of items to add to your shopping cart at the Matoyianni Street.

Here, you can stroll around exploring the wonderfulness of the Greek bazaar, and find a variety between local shops and international shopping stores.

Shopping from the local merchants is an excellent way to contribute towards the economy of Greece, so you should consider buying from the locals as well.

You will be certainly surprised by the professionalism of the shopkeepers and local merchants in this part of Mykonos, and you wouldn’t help but, explore more and find more Greek souvenirs to take back home.

You can finish your exhausting day by treating yourself to a Greek cuisine and red wine from a restaurant nearby.

Mykonos Jewelry

If you are familiar with Greek poetry or Greek philosophy; you would found the writer to illustrate the significance of Greek jewelry in its work.

The beauty and rarity of Greek jewelry is admired all around the world, and the people who visit the local jewelry shops in Mykonos get to experience the beauty of jewelry firsthand.

Whether you are looking for seashells necklaces or diamante bracelets, you would find a plenty of variety in the local streets of Mykonos.

Don’t forget to buy fancy souvenir for your friends and family back in your home country!