Although this is a small island in Greece and almost everyone stays in the main town – Chora, there are still some other options worth considering. We bring you the three best towns in Mykonos to choose from, and all you have to do is to pick which one suits your idea of an ideal vacation. Of course, you can also visit them all while you are there since everything is so close.

Chora Is the Main Town and Staying Here Is Recommended if You Want to Be in the Center of the Action

The capital town is Chora, which actually means town in Greek. Most amenities, Greek museums, shops, bars, and small cafes, are located right here. Narrow windy streets with whitewashed houses and pink bougainvillea trees will take your breath away, so let yourself get lost among the streets of this old town and admire its beauty.

If you’re staying only a few days and hoping to see most of the island, being situated here might be a good option because its central location allows you to get everywhere easily. For example, if you want to take a day trip to Delos or Santorini, having a port close to you can be very convenient. Cabs and buses are also easily reachable, and on the other hand, Mykonos International Airport is just 4km away, so that can also be great if you’re staying here for just a couple of days.

The Best Things to Do in Mykonos Town (Chora)

The island has plenty of resorts, bars, and beaches that draw partygoers, but there’s so much more. This is especially evident in Chora, where there is something for everyone. It is without a doubt one of the nicest towns in Mykonos – not only because of its charming atmosphere, size, and numerous things to do, but also because of many amazing restaurants, rich history, trendy boutiques, and much more. One thing is certain, you’ll hardly ever get bored if you choose to stay here because there is something new waiting for you around every corner. Some of the top things you should check out when in Chora are:

  • Little Venice and the famous windmills,
  • Paraportiani church,
  • Folklore Museum,
  • Rarity Gallery.
Houses in Chora

Chora is home to various restaurants and museums

Ano Mera Is One of the Quaint Towns in Mykonos, Greece

Another historically significant town on this island is Ano Mera, and it is the second biggest town after Chora. This is one of the oldest inhabited places, but it still offers a couple of studios and rooms to rent for those who prefer staying in a peaceful place, away from the clubs.

Ano Mera is located about 8 km east of Chora, so staying here might be ideal for those who are looking for peace and relaxation while still being close to Chora and all the fun amenities. Renting a car can help you get around the island easily, without having to depend on cabs or buses.

If You Stay in Ano Mera, Don’t Skip Visiting Panagia Tourliani Monastery

If you’re situated in Ano Mera, you’ll be close to the famous Greek monastery of Panagia Tourliani. There is a small museum as well, and the architecture is impressive, so even if you’re not a religious person, this is something that is worth visiting. Since it is only 8 km from Chora, you can easily visit it even if you’re not staying in Ano Mera.

Panagia Tourliani Greek Monastery

If you travel to Mykonos, don’t miss out on Ano Mera – one of the oldest inhabited places

Glastros Village Is Recommended for Those Who Want to Stay Close to the Beach

Glastros is more a village than an actual town, and its proximity to Chora makes it perfect for those who are indecisive about things they are looking for or they want to experience amazing beaches, amenities, and exciting nightlife around the main town. It is considered to be a suburb of Chora, so its location is perfect for those who want to be close to everything.

If You Stay in Glastros Village, You Get to Choose From Various Accommodations Close to the Beach

This area offers various hotels and villas to rent, so you will definitely enjoy your stay no matter what you pick. You can easily reach it on foot from Chora, and due to its location, it’s close to many popular beaches on the southern side. It will be easy for you to get to them and enjoy relaxing at trendy beach bars or participating in adventurous water sports. Bus connections here are very frequent, so it will be easy for you to get around.

Beach with sunbeds

Glastros Village is home to many hotels and luxury villas near the beach

Book Your Accommodation in one of the Best Towns in Mykonos, Greece, on Time

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