When travelling, Tourists are often keen on learning the Menus.

They want to make sure that they would find something to eat for satiating their appetite.

The best Mykonos restaurants are constructed to match the serene Aesthetic of the island.

If you plan to visit the restaurants to fulfill your appetite, you will find yourself spending your leisure time in the Restaurants due to their beautiful surroundings.

The restaurants in Mykonos Greece are enamored with tranquil waterside and pleasant courtyard sceneries which appeases the eyes of the travelers visiting from any part of the world.

Mykonos Restaurants to check out

Good food is a priority for every tourist ever! If you don’t know about the best Mykonos town restaurants, then you won’t be enjoying your trip a lot.

Your tummy needs to be happy so that you can be happier. Thus, here we have rounded up the best Mykonos town restaurants that are a must-visit for all the tourists.

If you decided to spend your vacation on the beautiful island of Mykonos you might want to know what are the best restaurants on Mykonos. With ample choice, it is not easy to decide where to dine out. We will try to make up a shortlist of the best places to eat, depending on the cuisine they serve, quality of service and the overall quality of the restaurant. Without further due, here are our top pick of Mykonos restaurants.

Nobu Matsuhisa Mykonos Sushi Restaurant Mykonos

Nobu Matsuhisa Mykonos Sushi Restaurant

One of the best and well-renowned Sushi Restaurants in the world, Nobu Matsuhisa Mykonos is not your regular Sushi bar. It serves fusion cuisine and dishes carefully crafted by the sushi master and embodies the spirit of the Far East and the Mediterranean sea. With the unique fusion approach, they strive to overcome the cultural and culinary differences between these two very different nations. They merge Japanese dishes with the Mediterranean fresh produce and bring something special to your table. The restaurant itself has very clean and minimal design with those natural elements of the Mediterranean architecture. It is a truly unique experience.

Principote Beach Bar

If you want to experience a bit more than just good food than the Principote Beach Bar is the place to visit. It is an ultimate leisure spot for all the hungry tourists. With its Resort vibe, Principote can offer a whole day of sunbathing in one of their lounges on the beautiful seaside, with some of the best cocktails mixed by their professional mixologists and the quick snack or the whole lavish meal prepared by the chef from the fresh produce with special care. Even though it is an upscale Mykonos restaurant, it has a comfy feel of the bar by the beach.

Spilia Mykonos

Spilia Seaside Restaurant

While we are on the topic of unique experiences, we have to mention this hidden jewel of the Mediterranean sea, tucked between the cliffs of the Agia Anna Beach. The design itself and the architecture of Spilia Seaside Restaurant make it somewhat surreal. This is the best place to take your significant other for a romantic dinner, and who knows, maybe even propose. The dining area is set directly over the sea level and you can have your dinner with the sound of the waves crashing on the cliffs while watching the beautiful Mediterranean sunset.

D’Angelo Italian Restaurant

While you may not be in Italy, you do have a chance to try some authentic Italian cuisine that is all the rage for decades all around the world. From pizzas to pasta or creamy risotto you can find it all in one place in Ristorante D’Angelo. Italian chefs and pizzaiolos will deliver dishes that are straight out of Naples, Milan or Puglia without you having even to go there. Stone oven pizzas are as authentic as they get and the pasta dishes are made following the recipes that have been passed through the generations from the Italian nonnas.

Pasaji Restaurant

Pasaji means a passage. This restaurant is just that, a passage between the Greek and Eastern cuisines, a fusion between the eastern aromas and spices with a unique twist on the Greek dishes. The ambiance and the menu are constructed to take you on a journey that will have you wondering where exactly are you and what the dish reminds you of. While you may not be able to put your finger exactly on where the aroma comes from, East or the Mediterranean, you will surely have a delightful meal that you’ll never forget.

Nusr-Et Mykonos Steakhouse

Nur-Et Steakhouse BBQ Mykonos

Everyone has heard about the famous internet sensation “Salt-bae”. This graceful chef made his name by the perfect and succulent meat dishes that he prepares in his restaurant, but he became famous when the first clip of him salting the meat emerged a few years ago. What people may not know, however, is that he elevated your regular BBQ to a fine-dining experience. The aging of the beef, the spices, preparation and on the table final touches are more of an event than just a dinner. You have a unique opportunity to enjoy his food here in Nusr-Et Steak-house one of the best Mykonos restaurants.

Koursaros Fresh Fish and Seafood

Yet another restaurant that serves a unique twist on the classic dishes and fusion cuisine. While you may be tempted to write it off as another Sushi restaurant you would be wrong. This place is very distinguished from the others by the look of it alone. It is modeled after Coursaros boats and it is unique in its own right. The looks are not the only thing that makes this restaurant special. The cuisine is conceptualized as a Sushi restaurant and Seafood restaurant, and all the dishes are prepared from the fresh produce that is locally grown or caught. It is a place to have a business meeting, family dinner, a night with friends or with your significant other.

Funky Kitchen

This is the place to taste something different, to have a fine dining experience in a laid-back and comfortable setting. This restaurant prides itself on one of a kind food for the soul. If you wanted just to have a quick bite and be on your way then this is not a place for you. This is a place to enjoy your dinner and company, and the food is not in the background but it is not overpowering and taking the central stage either. This is a place to enjoy in its whole. They are getting their produce from the local organic farmers and making it into their own signature dishes that will be perfectly accompanied by some of the best wines that you ever tasted.

Best Mykonos Greek Restaurants

Greek food is one of the world’s staple cuisines. It is very well recognized in the restaurant community as the fresh and healthy produce cuisine. Many of the dishes are prepared from the vegetables that are grown in the region and seafood and fish. The dishes are prepared with olive oil since Greece is one of the biggest producers and exporters of the olive oil of top quality. Greek cuisine is one variation of Mediterranean cuisine which is recognized as healthy and nutritional. They use a lot of herbs and spices, wine, lemon and cheese. One of the most famous cheeses in the world, Feta, comes from Greece. Here are some of the staple dishes from the Greek cuisine:

  • Pita: it is made out of very thin sheets of filo pastry filled with cheese, spinach or meat
  • Mousaka: a lasagna-dish. The meat filling is distributed between courgette layers
  • Pita bread: is a thin, puffed, yeast-based bread that is baked in special ovens with a sort of gap in the middle that can serve as a pocket to be filled with meat and other food
  • Meze: the Greek version of it must include olives and feta cheese, it is a sort of charcuterie board
  • Tzatziki: is a famous Greek spread or a dip made out of Greek yogurt, cucumber and garlic puree
  • Gyros: is meat prepared in special pits, cooked vertically and served with sauce and garnishes on pita bread

These are only a few of the best-known staple Greek dishes that you can try in their purest form while you are vacationing on the Mykonos island.

The best places to try authentic Greek cuisine are of course the ones that are frequented by locals.

That may be your best indicator when you are trying to decide where to go for the best Greek cuisine meal.

If, however, you want to have a few suggestions from the people who already tried it, here are our top picks for the best Mykonos Greek Restaurants.

Oregano Cook and Grill Restaurant

Oregano Cook and Grill Restaurant is one of the local’s favorites on Mykonos. It not only serves authentic Greek dishes but the whole feel of the restaurant is very much Mediterranean. It is built and decorated with natural elements and pastel colors that blend perfectly with the surroundings and represent Greek culture and heritage. Here you would want to try meze and gyros as well as lamb meat dishes and seafood. When you enter Oregano Cook and Grill you will have a feeling of the warm Greek home like you are visiting someone’s house and the service that is welcoming and pleasant will only make the experience more pleasant.

Remezzo Mykonos

Remezzo Restaurant and Bar

This is a place to go when you are craving some authentic food but with a unique twist. While the produce is from the area, locally sourced and fresh, the touch of the chef gives it a whole another dimension. But the food is not the only reason why you should visit the Remezzo Restaurant and free essay writing. This is a place to stay the whole day. You can sunbathe with some of the signature cocktails, eat your dinner and lunch and stay for a late-night and party with DJ’s in the evening. If you love to party and want some exquisite food to go with it. This is the place for you.

Maizevelo Restaurant

The name alone of this place suggests a comfy and cozy place. It is a place to relax and enjoy some of the best Greek cuisine specialties. You have an opportunity to try dishes that honor the tradition but also adapt to modern demands. While you can get dishes that are purely authentic you can also try some modern twists and mashups. They have an extensive wine card and the pleasant service will know to pint you out to the best one that should accompany your meal.

Kastro’s Restaurant

This dreamy and whimsical restaurant is an upscale version of the Greek cuisine. It is a fine dining place to indulge all your senses. Set in Little Venice, the most beautiful place in Mykonos, its architecture and design represent the merger of the natural elements and modern architecture. It was established in 1976 and it has a long tradition and experienced staff and management keep their standards high ever since. You can start with some of the authentic appetizers like a platter of Greek spreads and move to main courses like Mykonia soup and Orzo lobster and rack of lamb.

Hippie Fish Seafood Restaurant Mykonos

Hippie Fish Seafood Restaurant

This place is not only known for the great food it is also recognized because some of the scenes in the famous movie Shirley Valentine were filmed here. It has a long tradition of more than 40 years, but it always kept up with modern trends and demands. If you want to witness a piece of history and have a nice meal to go with it then Hippie Fish Restaurant is the place for you.

Noa Greek Restaurant

If you are looking for a unique dining experience and best restaurants Mykonos is the place to be. Noa Greek Restaurant is yet another fine dining place that will uphold even the highest standards of haute cuisine. Noa is a place that respects traditional Greek cuisine but gives it that some contemporary modern twist to make up for an unforgettable dining experience. It is a restaurant well known among the gourmet scene as an authentic approach to cultural heritage. Chef Panagiotis started appreciating his mom’s home-cooked meals and incorporated all that love into his modern style dishes that leave everyone wanting more. There is nothing quite like a love that is brought into food through the generations of family recipes.

Fatto a Mano

Don’t let the Italian name of this restaurant fool you. They make authentic Greek food, and they make it very good. This is a cafe and a restaurant that has a cozy feeling but an upscale service and food. Fatto a mane, means made by hand, or from scratch. It is a very demanding type of preparation, but this place managed to perfect it. Here you can try filo pitas, authentic Greek breakfast and if you want also some dishes from the other parts of the world. So why not, experiment a bit and enjoy.

Mykonos Restaurant Characteristics

The restaurants in Mykonos are the depiction of cultural settings and culinary excellence.

The chefs are thoroughly trained to use local ingredients for preparing the Greek delicacies to serve the guests of the island.

The prepared meals are combined with international preferences for making the food more welcoming for the international guests.

Guests are served with locally-sourced meals that the guests would cherish during their stay on the island.

The local taverns are the top hot spots in Mykonos, and you should visit one of the taverns when visiting Mykonos.

These small restaurants are dedicated to offering good-value cuisine to the guests.

Assorted menu for international tourists

If you have not tried Greek meals before then, you might find it hard to warm up to the Greek menu.

This is why a majority of the Greek restaurants are committed to offering a diverse menu to its guests.

They prepare the regular American or non-Greek meals for catering to the guests, who want to wait to treat their taste buds to the Greek delicacies

On the hand, if you are travelling to Greece to travel yourself the most authentic Greek foods then, you are absolutely in for a treat.

You should try fasolada, moussaka, dolmadaki, souvlaki, and gyro when visiting the taverns in Mykonos.

You can always ask the chef or servers on their input on the best dishes and meals when visiting Mykonos.

Mykonos Local Food

Mykonos makes a top-level fine dining place, and you should try local Mykonos food during your stay on the island.

The chefs are trained to fuse local Mykonos products with international standards to prepare delicious Greek meals for their guests.

When visiting Mykonos, you should definitely try the edibles made using local Greek cheese.

Mostra is a favorite appetizer among the native residents of Mykonos, and they would suggest you to try Mykonos rusks, gioras, and patisseries for relishing your taste buds.

Greek food traditions

Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world; therefore, the people of Mykonos follow the Greek food tradition when treating their guests.

The Greek or, Mediterranean cuisine is a center of attraction in Mykonos, and it strongly inspired by the Ottoman cuisine.

The cuisine is inclusive of unique Greek products and Greek dishes, which is a favorite among many people.

We hope that you have found this article of help.