Are you craving some authentic Greek food with a twist? If so, and you happen to be on the Mykonos, Remezzo Mykonos is a place you shouldn’t skip. This well established and recognized fine dining and partying place opened its doors in 1967 and has been the best-known place to eat and party all night long for many, many years.

Remezzo Mykonos is a Place Where You Can Enjoy Dining and Partying Throughout the Whole Day, and Night

Since the vacation is a perfect opportunity to get loose and lose yourself in the summer spirit you might be hunting for an all-in-one place. This is what the Remezzo Restaurant and Bar is, a place for great food, refreshing cocktails, breathtaking views and DJ parties till the morning hours. A fresh, reinvented design and approach does not take off of the authenticity and tradition of the place, it is merely an upgraded ambiance to fulfill the demand for the modern atmosphere. What people behind this establishment realized soon enough is that you can always keep the tradition, even if you move forward. Our recommendation is to start your evening with some of their signature cocktails like Chilli Tommy’s Margarita, Melina’s Passion, Salty sunrise and the ultimate luxury Harakiri Royal cocktail with 24K gold leaves. As you get into the mood with a beautiful sunset view it is time to sample the well thought out menu with authentic Greek dishes with a modern twist. Aegean fish Carpaccio, Sea Urchin, Smoked Octopus, Greek Moussaka, Roasted Lamb with wild oregano are all made out of the top fresh produce and to die for.