When in Greece, you must not miss out on their magnificent cuisine, which is one of the best on the Mediterranean coast. If you wish to prepare well for your journey, you might want to inform yourself about popular Greek food and find out which iconic dishes you must try while on your summer vacation. Here are some examples of the most famous and authentic meals you must taste when in Greece.

What to Expect from Popular Greek Food and Traditional Local Dishes?

Greece is a Mediterranean country home to exciting and delicious cuisine, mostly known for organic and fresh ingredients. Most of their cuisine consists of vegetables, olive oil, seafood, cheese, herbs, and different kinds of meat. They also have a lot of vegan food options on their traditional menu.

Olives and wine are centerpieces of their cuisine, and wheat is the basic grain. Contemporary Greek cuisine relies on the traditions of Ancient Greece but has also incorporated influences from Middle Eastern, Italian, and Ottoman cultures. Their diet is generally considered fresh and healthy, and the majority of people that travel here enjoy it quite much.

Whether you’re visiting the famous Cycladic islands, the well-known party Island Mykonos, or some other part of the Greek coast, the local food will taste amazing in every corner of this beautiful land. The food you’ll taste in some of their local tavernas and best restaurants will surely sweep you off your feet.

Greek food

Greek cuisine is quite interesting and has plenty of different tastes

Cheese Lovers Must Try the Most Popular Appetizer – Tirokroketes

Appetizers are quite important to locals, and you must not underestimate the importance of starters when it comes to their cuisine. Many various appetizers are considered super popular, but this one is considered the most mouthwatering one. Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, tirokroketes are famous starters made with various types of cheese.

These little balls are covered with bread crumbs and deep-fried before being served as a starting meal to open up your appetite. You will most likely be served tirokroketes with a traditional local salad called tzatziki or tomato sauce.

The kids also love it, which is good to know if you’re vacationing with family. It is a perfect snack on those warm sunny days when you’re relaxing on some of the best beaches and crave some tasty bites. Below you can find a short tutorial and recipe on how to make these tasty cheese balls.

Papoutsakia, Also Known as Stuffed Eggplants, Are a Popular Delicacy You Will Most Definitely Adore

Papoutsakia is one of the most known delicacies on the coast of the Aegean Sea. This spectacular dish is made out of stuffed eggplants which are first baked and afterward filled with a tomato-based sauce and meat. Topped with traditional white bechamel sauce and cheese, they are baked until they receive a wonderful golden tone.

An interesting fact about this dish is that the name papoutsakia, when translated into English, basically means little shoes. The name is self-explanatory since the stuffed eggplants resemble little shoes.

There Are Plenty of Greek Recipes Which Include Stuffed Vegetables

Even though papoutsakia is one of the most popular dishes among locals and tourists, Greek cuisine has numerous recipes that include stuffed vegetables. This is a popular way of making dishes in Greece, and the locals love experimenting with combinations of different tastes.

On the majority of menus in local tavernas, you will find dishes such as Gemista – which are either peppers or tomatoes stuffed with meat and rice. It is a very interesting combination, and trying these dishes should be on your list of things to do while on your holiday.

Vegetables on a plate

Vegetables are an essential part of Greek cuisine

Moussaka Is the Most Popular of All Dishes

When it comes to choosing a dish that is considered the most popular among the locals, it is undoubtedly moussaka. This dish is considered to be the traditional national dish of Greece, and it’s their most well-known meal – you must try it out.

There are plenty of variations of this meal which can be found throughout the Mediterranean coast and the Balkan peninsula, but the version from Greece is considered the most iconic. This oven-baked delicacy is made of layers of sliced eggplant, minced meat, fried tomato, onion, garlic, and plenty of other traditional herbs and spices.

The entire dish is finished with a creamy topping of white bechamel sauce and cheese, which gives it an incredible taste. If you end up having a vacation on Mykonos or some other famous destination in this country, and you’re not sure what to eat, definitely order this special dish. You won’t be disappointed.

Moussaka on a plate

Moussaka is considered to be a national dish of Greece

If You Feel Like Tasting Some Sweet Foods in Greece – Bougatsa Is the Unique Dish, You Must Try Here

The cuisine of this sunny country is also famous for incredible desserts and sweet food, mostly interesting pastries. One of these unique desserts is the creamy custard pie with phyllo pastry, also known as Bougatsa. They make this dessert with semolina custard or cheese wrapped in layers of thin crispy dough commonly used in domestic pastries.

It is often garnished with cinnamon and powdered sugar and is best made in local bakeries, which you must visit when on holiday. Trust us. Once you try this dish, you won’t be able to stop at only one. Some other tasty desserts you should also try out are:

  • Melomakarona,
  • Diples,
  • Halva,
  • Kourabiedes,
  • Glyka tou koutaliou,
  • Revani, and many more.

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