If you want to travel to Mykonos, Greece, for your next vacation, you have probably done extensive research on this island. You know what it’s famous for and what to expect from it, but have you asked yourself – what is the best area to stay in Mykonos? Luckily for you, you won’t have to wonder for long. We have all the answers right here – keep reading to find out what are the top places where tourists book their accommodation.

The Best Area to Stay in Mykonos for You Depends on What You Want Your Vacation to Be Like

Mykonos is the kind of place that offers something for everybody. That’s why it’s often said that you should visit this island at least once in your life – and that’s not just if you’re a party maniac who plans on dancing till dawn. Mykonos is a great place to relax and spend time with friends, family, or your significant other. So, whatever your reason for coming to Greece, be sure not to leave Mykonos out of your travel itinerary.

Whether You Choose a Hotel or a Villa, No Matter What Part of the Island, You Will Have the Best Travel Experience Ever

A common dilemma people have when organizing their trip to The Island of the Winds is this – should they book a hotel room or a luxury villa? Furthermore, there’s the issue of location. Many beaches can be a possible destination, plus staying in Mykonos town is another option to keep in mind. How to choose the perfect spot on the island for accommodation? Lucky for you, we have some answers that will help you figure out where to stay in Mykonos to get the most out of this heavenly place.

Our suggestion would be to think about what kind of vacation you want to have. With that in mind, it will be simple to find the place that will fit you best. Either way – even if you make a wrong choice – your Mykonos vacation will undoubtedly be one of the greatest and most memorable experiences of your life. You can hardly find a person who dislikes The Island of the Winds – everybody can find something appealing on this gorgeous Greek island.

"I love Mykonos" written in sand

Your travel experience will be legendary, no matter where you get accommodation

For Many Tourists, Mykonos Town – Chora, Is the Best Area in Mykonos to Stay

When you search “Mykonos – which area to stay in?” you will get many different answers, but one of the most common ones will undoubtedly be Chora, Mykonos town. This beautiful small town has all the Greek and Mediterranean charm and will be an amazing place to spend time. Chora has a lot of beautiful tourist attractions you should definitely check out even if you decide to stay elsewhere on the coast of Mykonos.

Walking around Little Venice, eating in one of the great restaurants in Mykonos, or checking out the breathtaking view of the windmills just a few minutes away from the center of the town will make your days wonderful. If you want to party, there are countless bars and clubs you should visit – who says that Mykonos parties are just in the beach bars? Staying in one of many high-end hotels or gorgeous private villas in Mykonos town can’t be the wrong choice for anybody. But how will you choose between a villa and a hotel?

Staying in Chora – Should You Book a Luxury Villa or Stay in a Hotel?

Obviously, it depends on your preferences, but if you’re going for a real Mykonos experience, we would definitely suggest staying in one of the stunning Mykonos villas in the center of town. They will give you more privacy and are more spacious than hotel rooms.

Plus, you can always book concierge services and enjoy your stay to the fullest – a professional concierge will ensure you have everything you need, from a restaurant reservation to a driver who will take you anywhere on the island. Here are some of the best villas in Chora that can guarantee you a splendid stay:

  • Villa Bardem – With a stylish mix of classic and modern interior, Bardem is a dream come true for smaller groups – it can host up to 7 guests. It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and offers a magnificent view from the balcony, especially in the sunset.
  • Villa Reeves – This villa provides a pleasant stay for 10 guests. With 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a pool, you won’t even feel the need to leave the estate. It has recently been renovated and is designed in a minimalistic style.
  • Villa Ion – Ion has a stunning view of the old port and the windmills. It is a perfect choice for a family vacation. The villa can host up to 6 guests and has all the amenities you need – a pool, jacuzzi, private parking, and an interior worthy of lifestyle magazines.
  • Villa Ellisa – If you want to enjoy a cocktail in the shade next to a pool and be close to all the amenities of Chora, this is the place for you. Ellisa is a lovely oasis for 10 guests, with an outside dining area and a pergola where you can relax and have dinner.

Staying Close to Paraga Beach Is a Must-Do if You Want to Experience the Extravagant Mykonos Party Life

Although most party enthusiasts would probably think of staying near Paradise Beach, known for wild parties, Paraga (also known as Paranga) is an even better place to dance all day and drink all night. In recent years, Paraga has taken over as the island’s lead party beach. If you were wondering where to stay to be close to the heart of Mykonos nightlife, this is the place.

What You Need to Know About Paraga

You can listen to the latest summer hits all day and enjoy your favorite drinks with a stunning view of the sea and the island of Delos in the distance. There are a few world-renowned places on this beach, such as must-see Scorpios Mykonos or a fabulous Kalua Beach Bar, and let us not forget a lovely SantAnna.

Paraga is a small beach within walking distance of Paradise, so if you choose to stay here, you will be able to check out both party meccas on your first day here. Also, there’s a bus connecting Paraga to Chora – this beach is well-connected to every spot on the island.

There are sunbeds and parasols all over the beach – you should expect a great crowd. But hey, that’s what a party in Mykonos should be like, right? Also, you can expect nude sunbathing on Paraga, and the water is crystal clear – you can cool yourself in the turquoise sea and then continue dancing.

Excellent Accommodation Options Near Paraga Beach

Hopefully, you’re not worried about your Mykonos trip cost – after all, this is a vacation to remember, so why not treat yourself? If you want to make a party in Mykonos even better than it regularly is, you should book a luxury Mykonos villa for your travel companions and yourself.

Not only will you be able to party on the beach, but you can also take a few steps and continue the fun in your fancy villa. Here’s a pro tip – you should organize a fabulous party near the pool. These Mykonos luxury villas are the top spots for a huge party:

  • Villa Supreme – With 16 bedrooms that can host 32 people, Supreme definitely lives up to its name. This is one of the unique listings on Mykonos, and every party you host here will be a huge success. You will have two infinity pools and two relaxation pools at your disposal – let the fun begin.
  • Villa Paula – Just a two-minute walk from Paraga, this villa is made for a fun friends’ reunion, and it can host 16 guests in 8 bedrooms (and 8 bathrooms). There is a gorgeous pool terrace with an infinity pool and a smaller relaxation pool, both offering beautiful sea views. Villa Paula is a lovely spot for various events.
  • Villa Joyce – Another rental property for 16 guests, Joyce is a top-notch choice for groups who want to spend time together and still have some privacy – there are four attached villas on the property. You can enjoy lunch next to the infinity pool with a stunning view, and then head to Paraga for a party – it’ll just take you a few minutes to get there.

Party Enthusiasts Should Also Consider Staying Near Paradise Beach

As a beach that brought worldwide fame to Mykonos, Paradise is one of the places great for partying until the sun comes up – and even longer. This beach is a dream come true for everybody who enjoys a hedonistic lifestyle, and if you consider yourself such a person, we suggest you choose a villa or a hotel next to this beach.

That way, you’ll be able to get to the famous Paradise Beach Club in just a few minutes, or Tropicana Club, and let us not forget Cavo Paradiso. These are some of the best clubs on the island – people come to Mykonos just to experience the night out here. If you find yourself on Paradise Beach, don’t forget to dip your toes in the beautiful Aegean Sea and soak in the views while you sip your drink.

What to Expect From Paradise Beach?

Such a popular tourist destination as this beach deserves a few luxury hotels – Tropicana Hotel, Paradise View Hotel, and Soho Roc House Mykonos are among the best. Staying in one of these is always a good idea. Still, you should also consider one of the luxury villas – those located near Paraga are also close to Paradise, so those we’ve mentioned above can serve you well if you want to be close to Paradise Beach.

View of Paradise Beach in Mykonos

Paradise is one of the top choices for party lovers, and it’s close to popular Paraga

Super Paradise Is Another Top Choice for Partying, and It’s Close to Paradise and Paraga

Super Paradise is an excellent alternative to Paradise when it comes to accommodation and parties. Of course, you will be able to visit both beaches during your vacation, considering how close they are to each other. Obviously, Paraga is close as well.

Super Paradise is known as a popular LGBTQ+ destination, with Jackie O’ Beach Club being one of the top-rated gay-friendly clubs on the island, with fantastic drag shows every night and delicious food and drinks available all day long. Be sure to visit Super Paradise Beach Club as well.

Top Spots Near Super Paradise

Where should you stay near Super Paradise? As always, we have a few great suggestions for you. Some of the highest-rated listings on the island are located here – you might have a hard time deciding which one to book. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Villa Kingsley – If your travel group consists of 10 people or less, this is one of the most beautiful accommodation options for you. Great for gatherings or family trips, Kingsley offers a stunning interior and beautiful views from the outdoor area with a pool.
  • Villa Brooks – Suited for larger groups, Brooks can host up to 26 guests in 13 rooms. Properties are semi-detached from one another, and each one has its own pool and entrance. Unique Cycladic architecture offers a truly Mykonian experience, and the outdoor area with a pool is sheltered from the winds with large stone formations.
  • Villa Andromeda – Built on two levels, Andromeda is designed by an award-winning Greek architect, and it’s one of the top-rated places on the whole island. Super Paradise is right in front of the villa, and you’ll have a stunning view of the beach from here. Up to 20 guests can be accommodated in this villa.
View of the Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos

Super Paradise is an amazing place for party lovers, just like Paradise Beach

Platis Gialos Beach Is One of the Most Popular Choices for a Relaxing Trip

If you want to skip the party mania and yet still be in the part of the island where there are a lot of restaurants and bars, Platis Gialos should be on your shortlist. It’s one of the best places here, with crystal clear shallow water and golden sand filled with parasols and sunbeds. Platis Gialos is an excellent choice for families, young couples, or anyone who’s looking for a more relaxing type of vacation.

If you head to the right (right when facing the sea), you’ll quickly arrive at Psarou, and heading to the left will lead you to Paraga – the location of Platis Gialos is top-notch. Plus, Chora is just 15 minutes away by bus (or car, if you get a car rental).

Hotels and Villas at Platis Gialos

Getting a villa near this beach is a sure way to ensure yourself a pleasant and relaxing vacation. Also, there are more than a few hotels with quick access to the beach – some of them are almost on the sand.

The most popular and luxurious hotels here are Branco, Thalassa Boutique, The George Hotel, Argo, Mykonian Ambassador, Palladium Hotel, and Petasos Beach Resort and Spa. When it comes to villas, here are the best ones:

  • Villa Jesse – Just a two-minute walk from Platis Gialos, Jesse is an amazing choice for family gatherings or friend groups, and it can host up to 14 people. It has 7 rooms and 7 bathrooms, with lovely terraces. The outside area has a stylish kitchen, bar, and dining area. Of course, there’s a beautiful pool with a view, and let us tell you a secret – there’s access to a small peaceful beach directly from the villa.
  • Villa Becca – Literally a few steps from Platis Gialos and within walking distance from Paraga, Becca is the perfect place for families with kids. It can host up to 10 guests in 5 rooms. The interior consists of wooden details combined with light colors, and it’s divided into two levels. The terrace opens up to the pool area, and there’s a pergola next to it, with a lounge area and a bar.
  • Villa Odra – Built on three levels with separate entrances, Odra offers perfect conditions for a luxury and private vacation for a group of 13 guests. A swimming pool and a relaxation area are located on the ground floor, with breathtaking views of Platis Gialos and the Aegean Sea.

Consider Elia for a Family Vacation – It Is the Best Beach for Families With Children

Elia is an alternative to Platis Gialos – it’s one of the less crowded and less chaotic beaches, which makes it an excellent choice if you plan to travel on a family vacation with kids. Elia is also a beautiful choice for a honeymoon. The longest out of all beaches on this island, with a turquoise sea perfect for swimming and warm, dusty sand, Elia will provide you with a great Mediterranean experience.

The beach is crowded with sunbeds and parasols, but there’s always a part of the sand that’s empty. This is usually the corner where you can find a rainbow flag – Elia is a popular choice for an LGBTQ+ community. Don’t miss out on Elia Restaurant (a part of the hotel by the same name) with excellent food – you should come here for lunch, even if you’re not staying in Elia Beach Resort.

The restaurant leads right to the sand, and the hotel rooms have lovely views of the sea. Here are a few other resorts you should put on your shortlist if you’re considering staying near Elia beach:

  • Arte & Mare Luxury Suites & Spa,
  • Cova Mykonos Suites,
  • Myconian Imperial,
  • Myconian Utopia Resort,
  • Myconian Villa Collection,
  • Royal Myconian Resort & Villas.

The Perfect Villa Near Elia Beach You Will Fall in Love With

A top choice for family gatherings or a few families with kids, Villa Marilyn, will fulfill all your Mykonos dreams and ensure you have the most relaxing, fun vacation with your favorite people. This villa can host up to 12 guests in 6 rooms and has 7 bathrooms. There’s more than enough space for running around or hosting a family event.

The infinity pool has its own jacuzzi and a stunning sea view. The outside area is furnished with modern pieces, and there’s a dining area as well. Villa Marilyn has a great location – Elia isn’t the only beach that’s close. You can quickly get to Kalo Livadi, Kalafatis, Lia, and Agia Anna.

View of the Elia Beach in Mykonos

Wonderful Elia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos – be sure to visit it

Wherever You Decide to Go, We Have a Villa to Accommodate You – Reach Out to Us for Great Listings

We’ve talked about the most popular areas to stay in Mykonos – have you decided which one is perfect for you? If you still don’t know which corner of Mykonos you should choose, let us suggest a different approach. Check out our long list of luxury villas for rent and pick the most beautiful one for yourself. We have something for everybody, and we’re sure you’ll find more than a few villas you like.

Does the place even matter when you can simply book a car rental and get around Mykonos swiftly? The island is tiny, which means you can effortlessly get anywhere on the coast in a matter of minutes. Or here’s an even better suggestion – you can treat yourself with yacht rental and explore Mykonos like a celebrity. After all, isn’t luxury what Mykonos is all about? Reach out to us for more information, and we’ll make sure you get the vacation you deserve. After you come to Mykonos, you will never want to leave!