Do you need more than just wine and dine on your summer vacation? Do you need a luxury experience? Then you need Principote Beach Bar. This is not your regular beach bar, this is a luxury haven for the perfect summer on the Island of the winds. Besides treating your taste buds, you can also shop for luxury items in the in-house boutique.

Principote Restaurant on Panormos Beach is Your Personalized Luxury Club

As if the beautiful island of Mykonos wasn’t enough on its own, this jewel on the beach is something that will alleviate your vacation to a whole new level. Open space, natural elements and colors that embody summer are a unique artistic expression of leisure beyond everything you’ve ever known. This is not simply yet another beach bar, or a restaurant, this is a place to spend your whole day and forget about everything else. You can relax and sunbathe in one of the comfortable lounges, order some cocktails to quench your thirst and when you feel hungry enjoy some of the best meals available.

One of the things they are very proud of is exceptional hospitality and great service.

Fresh produce with the scent of the Mediterranean Sea, beautifully presented dishes, comfy and casual atmosphere are all the reasons that make this experience pleasant and unique. Principote Restaurant pride themselves on a personalized artistic approach. Let this place be your go-to beach spot and you won’t regret it.