You have booked one of the gorgeous Mykonos luxury villas for a picture-perfect holiday and plan to spend your entire Mykonos island vacation relaxing by the pool? That sounds great, but it would be a shame not to spice up your holiday and make the most out of your stay. If you’re lacking inspiration – we have numerous recommendations for things to do.

Plan the Itinerary for Your Summer Vacation in Advance

While planning your holiday, researching private villas in Mykonos, and figuring out your summer outfits – you should definitely work on your trip itinerary as well. This place has many sightseeing spots, so it can be challenging to pick just a few if you only have 3 days, for example. However, if you plan everything ahead and organize your time efficiently, it will be much easier to accomplish everything from your wishlist.

Do Research and Figure Out Which Places on Mykonos You Want to Visit

When planning a vacation to Mykonos island in Greece, you should consider researching all the interesting places you should visit and the most popular attractions to see. There are tons of fun spots on this island, so check out which ones are the most interesting to you. If you are more adventurous, you could go hiking around the island and explore what’s there besides the main town. But, if you are a party animal, we suggest visiting some famous beach clubs along the coast.

Decide Whether You Want to Stay in a Hotel or One of Mykonos Villas for Rent

Although here you can find some of the best hotels, they can get quite crowded during the summer season, and if you don’t pick carefully, you might end up in a party hotel instead of a family one. On the other hand, investing in Mykonos villa rental services could pay off because you would get a luxury villa in a prime location and have the time of your life. Whether you want to throw a private party or spend the whole day by the pool, you can do it all in the privacy and comfort of your villa.

Getting Around the Island Is Pretty Simple

No matter where your Mykonos villa with a private pool is located, you should consider exploring as much as possible. Getting around Mykonos is not too complicated, as there are many transportation options to choose from. You can use public transport, hire a private chauffeur, or get into a local taxi. Choose the option you find the most convenient and plan how to visit every corner of this unique Cycladic island.

Ornos beach in Mykonos

Getting around is pretty simple if you rent a car

You Can Easily Visit Different Spots Every Day of Your Holiday

The best thing about this unique summer destination is that it is so versatile that you can’t have a dull day. From horseback riding to hiking and water sports, you can try it all here or simply spend every day on a new beach. If you prefer active vacations, this piece of paradise in the Aegean Sea will fulfill your expectations.

There Are Numerous Mesmerizing Beaches to Choose From

Although you might be staying in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos for rent, it would be a real shame not to visit some gorgeous beaches. From the most popular beaches for partying, such as Paradise Beach or perhaps Elia Beach, to more secluded beaches perfect for romantic getaways and even nudist beaches – there will be plenty of places to choose from.

Don’t Forget to Try as Much as You Can From Greek Cuisine

Everybody knows that Mediterranean food is on an entirely different level, and those dishes are simply the perfect choice for hot summer days. If you are already spending your holiday in Greece, you must try something from Greek cuisine and traditional Greek dishes.

You can also visit some international restaurants, but the real deal is traditional Greek tavernas, where you can find the most delicious food on the menu. There are many restaurants to choose from as well as farms that produce organic food, which you can also visit and learn how to prepare some local specialties.

View of the port in Mykonos

Many people travel here to enjoy great food and weather

Travel to Some Popular Nearby Islands on a Private Yacht

Although this place has lots of interesting places to offer, it would be a shame not to explore some of its neighboring islands. If you love sailing around the sea, then booking a private yacht and going on a yacht tour is definitely a good idea for your summer holiday. You should consider spending the entire day on the sea and visiting:

  • Delos and its fascinating archeological sites,
  • Rhenia and its picturesque coast,
  • Tragonisi island for an exciting scuba diving experience,
  • Santorini and its gorgeous architecture and fabulous restaurants.

Getting Mykonos Yacht Rental Services Is the Best Choice You Can Make

Although there are some organized group tours going from the main ferry port quite often, renting a private yacht is a much better option. It can be a great activity for a honeymoon vacation or even a family holiday with kids, as it is something everyone can enjoy.

The tour will be scheduled according to your personal itinerary, and you will be provided with lots of different services. For example, you can book a private chef to cook a five-course meal for you and your friends and family members while you’re enjoying the mesmerizing view of the Cyclades.

A boat in the sea

Sailing around on a private boat can be a wonderful experience

The Ace VIP Team Is Here to Help You Make the Most Out of Your Mykonos Island Vacation

Organizing a summer holiday filled with a great number of activities can be pretty challenging, and not to mention most people just want to relax on their Greek holiday as much as they can. But what if we tell you you don’t have to plan anything on your own because our team can easily do it for you?

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