True sushi lovers know that there is no better comfort food than fresh fish wrapped in a layer of rice and seaweed, which is why many people are on the hunt for places that serve sashimi on their vacation. So, here are the 3 best Japanese restaurants in Mykonos that are absolutely worth visiting.

Here Are the 3 Best Japanese Restaurants in Mykonos if You Feel Like Eating Sushi

Greek food is delicious and wonderful, which is why you might feel like you could eat gyros every day for every meal during your vacation. However, after some time, you’ll be craving something fresh and healthy, possibly dippable in soy sauce and wasabi.

And don’t worry, Mykonos is known for much more than souvlaki in a taverna and nightclubs. Some of the best restaurants on the island offer Japanese cuisine, so your comfort food won’t be too hard to find. They’re around every corner once you exit one of Mykonos villas for rental.

Most Restaurants That Offer Japanese Cuisine Are Located in Mykonos Town (Chora)

During your stay in Mykonos, you will notice you can find practically anything you could need right in the heart of the island – in Chora. Many amazing sushi places are located right in Chora because it’s undoubtedly the most popular part of the island.

This means your favorite restaurant will be very close to you no matter which one of the private villas in Mykonos you choose to stay in. If you don’t want to take a taxi or walk, you can rent a car and make your life easier by driving 10 minutes to your favorite destination.

A street in Mykonos old town

Chora has great places where you can eat quality sashimi

#1 If You’re Looking for a Little Piece of Sushi Heaven: Matsuhisa Is the Place to Be

Summer vacations in Greece are all about enjoying yourself while doing fun things. There is nothing better than washing off the salt and getting dressed up to go eat delicious food at a nice place after a day spent at one of the best beaches. If you want to treat yourself to a unique dining experience, Matsuhisa is a restaurant you have to visit.

It’s located in Mykonos town, in the Belvedere hotel, which might begin to explain to you how luxurious and exclusive this place is. It’s an extension of the world-renowned Nobu chain of restaurants. The prices for fine dining here are pretty high, so this might not be the place for you if you’re visiting Mykonos on a budget.

Fresh Japanese Dishes Are an Excellent Choice for Dinner After a Long Day on the Beach

The menu is out of this world. It’s composed of Japanese dishes and seafood with a modern twist, and each of them has been perfected. Each dish is made with the freshest fish from the Aegean Sea, which just adds a special touch to the harmony of flavors.

Some of the dishes you could expect to see are spicy tuna crispy rice, yellowtail jalapeno, and sashimi salad. You can’t go wrong with whatever you pick. The interior of the place is very modern, classy, and clean, with some fun details that lighten up the room, such as chandeliers.

They have an outside seating area with a wonderful view, and the overall ambiance of the restaurant is great and romantic, especially if you’re coming to dinner. The staff is friendly, and you will get an exclusive experience if you manage to get a reservation because they’re always at full capacity. You might want to contact your Mykonos concierge and ask for some help with the reservations.


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#2 Tokyo Joe Is a Small Distance Outside Chora

If you’re looking for a place where you won’t have to spend crazy amounts of money, Tokyo Joe is the right spot for you. They have outstanding sushi and sashimi at reasonable prices. When you open their menu, you can see that the restaurant specializes in sushi, and it might be the most delicious on the entire island. The seafood ingredients are super fresh, and they also have some amazing vegetarian and vegan options.

Tokyo Joe is located close to Little Venice, and it’s just outside of Chora. It’s a favorite spot for not only tourists but locals as well. The ambiance is great, but once you see how beautifully presented the food is, you will truly fall in love. The waiters have a habit of bringing small ice creams at the end of the meal, so that’s just an added bonus reason why you will love this place.


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#3 If You’re Looking for a Place on the Beach – Go to Buddha Bar

If you ask any local where you can have the most amazing meal featuring Japanese cuisine, they will refer you to Buddha Bar in 99% of the cases. Buddha Bar is located right on the beach, and it’s by far the most famous sushi restaurant on the island. The interior design is beautiful, but the true beauty lies in the view of Ornos Beach and the iconic Mykonos sunsets.

Buddha Bar has a very romantic ambiance, which makes it perfect for dinner with your loved one. But, once you try how amazing the food is, the view will become irrelevant. Their menu features all the traditional Japanese dishes your heart could desire. The prices are pretty high but think of it as a special experience or a night out. How often do you get to eat an amazing sushi roll while drinking delicious cocktails overlooking the Aegean Sea in Greece?

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