If you are planning a dream-like vacation this summer for you and maybe your family, Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Greek Islands you should consider visiting. It has plenty of amazing beaches, and today we are talking about Agia Anna Beach Mykonos. This is a small beach with fine sand and crystal clear water – perfect for relaxing and enjoying the summer days.

How to Get to Agia Anna Beach Mykonos?

Before we advise on the most comfortable and easy way to get to this gorgeous beach in Mykonos, you should know that there are actually beaches with the same name – Agia Anna. The main one is a smaller beach with soft sand, which you will find while walking next to Kalafatis Beach on the eastern side of the island. The second one is located between Paraga and Platys Gialos, and it’s an easy and short walk from either one of them.

How Can I Get From Mykonos Town to Agia Anna Beach?

Unfortunately, there are no public buses that go directly to Agia Anna Beach next to Kalafatis. But, you can take a bus from the Old Port in Mykonos Town to get to Kalafatis, and then walk from there to Agia Anna. Since it’s a short route, it will only take you about 5 minutes. Also, you can rent a car or get a Mykonos taxi, and expect that it will take around 20 minutes to get there by car from the town.

To get to the other Agia Anna Beach, you can take the bus to Platys Gialos and then have a short walk to the beach. You can also take the bus to Paraga, just catch the bus in Mykonos town at the Fabrika terminal, and then also walk a bit. Since the buses don’t always stop at every scheduled stop of their itinerary, it’s always a good idea to contact the bus station and ask them to give you all the right information.

Agia Anna beach on Mykonos

There are two Agia Anna beaches that are similar and close to each other

Agia Anna Is a Perfect Beach for Relaxing

There are lots of paradise-like beaches on Mykonos. Some are made for partying and day drinking, while others are more family-friendly, tranquil, and relaxing. Agia Anna is located away from the touristy beaches, and it is less developed than some other Mykonos beaches, but it has some traditional restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood. It has umbrellas and sunbeds, so you don’t need to worry about having to bring your own with you.

It’s Kids Friendly and Perfect for Families

Many people associate Mykonos with partying all day, but there are places in Mykonos for families that many people with kids enjoy. Agia Anna is one of those beaches that is great for families since there are no parties and it’s not so crowded. There are beach volleyball areas for sports activities and plenty of stand shops with refreshments and sunscreens. It’s perfect for parents that want to get peace of mind.

Family with kids on vacation in Greece

Agia Anna is a beach perfect for families with kids

Things to Do in Agia Anna Beach

Even though it is a small and quiet beach, Agia Anna has plenty of fun activities to offer to its visitors. You can choose to chill on the beach all day and enjoy swimming in the crystal clear sea, or you can opt for some more fun activities.

Experience Diving and Swimming Activities

At Agia Anna, there is a large site for wall diving, and it is rich in marine life with a gorgeous topography. The wall starts at a depth of 4 m, and the rocks go down to approximately 26 m. Here you can experience swimming with various types of sea creatures and see sea stars, octopuses, sponges, sea urchins, and many more.

You don’t need to be a professional to experience diving. Everything is prepared and made easy, even for the non-experienced divers. If you are visiting Agia Anna, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity since diving is one of the most fun things to do in Mykonos.

Try Out Signature Greek Dishes in Traditional Restaurants

Having fun on the beach all day and enjoying the sun and the sea will definitely make you hungry. You should know in advance what and where to eat in Mykonos. While you’re on this Greek island, make the most of it, and visit some traditional restaurants to try out Greek cuisine. Close to Agia Anna are plenty of traditional restaurants, such as:

  • Nikolas Taverna,
  • Olea Mykonos,
  • NOA Greek Restaurant.

Is Nudism Allowed on Agia Anna Beach?

Even though there aren’t any official nudist beaches on Mykonos, there are some that allow people to go nude while relaxing on the beach. Agia Anna is not considered one of the nudist beaches since it’s not such a wild beach. However, this depends on when you’re visiting Mykonos. During the off-season on Mykonos, you might run into some nudists on this specific beach, as it’s much less crowded during those months.

Beach in Mykonos island

Agia Anna is not a nudist beach, but nudism is not forbidden

Choosing Where to Stay Close to Agia Anna

Choosing a place to stay while on vacation mostly depends on your own preferences, who you’re going to stay with, as well as if you’re trying to stay on a budget in Mykonos. What you should know is that there are plenty of beautiful hotels in Agia Anna, between Platys Gialos and Paraga, and they are very close to the beach.

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 Luxurious villa on Mykonos

Finding a perfect villa will be easy with our services

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