Mykonos is, without a doubt, one of the best islands in the world. If you get to visit it and enjoy sandy beaches, Little Venice, windmills, and Chora, you should consider yourself lucky. Once you are on this wonderful island, you’ll need to know where to eat in Mykonos – finding the best restaurants is a must-do whenever you travel, especially to Greece – traditional Greek cuisine is magnificent.

Where to Eat in Mykonos, Greece? Best Restaurants You Should Add to Your Travel Itinerary

The Island of the Winds, as it’s popularly referred to, is a place you can’t help but love – whoever comes here wants to revisit it, and it’s definitely one of the best Greek islands (and it’s amongst the most expensive ones as well). Tourists can enjoy the amazing Aegean Sea – warm, clean, and the nicest shade of blue you will ever see – and spend the day on a beautiful beach.

Every beach on the island is gorgeous, so there’s no room for a mistake. Besides sunbathing, spending time in Mykonos town, Chora, is an activity you shouldn’t skip. This lovely little town has plenty of amazing restaurants you should check out. If you only have five days in Mykonos, the list of best places to eat we’ll share will be more than helpful to you.

Whether You’re Looking for a Restaurant on a Beach or in Mykonos Town, the Choices Are Endless

Getting around Mykonos and exploring the whole island will require a lot of energy – and what better way to get it than by having a delicious lunch? We’ve chosen 7 (amongst many) fantastic restaurants that will make your mouth water. Mykonos has many other traditional cuisines to offer its tourists, but we’ve focused on the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine here.

Greek salad, fries, and olive oil on the table overlooking the port in Mykonos

Excellent food is just one of many things you can enjoy on this part of the Cycladic islands

Kiki’s Taverna – Agios Sostis

This taverna is considered legendary amongst the locals and tourists. Located on the north coast and hidden under grapevines, Kiki’s is a family-run business that needs no advertising. The place opens at 12:30 PM, but if you arrive at that time, you’re already late. People start lining up an hour before and enjoy wine spritzer while they wait to taste the spectacular food prepared here – grilled fish, octopus, pork chops, and great salads are the most popular.

Everything is prepared on the charcoal grill because the restaurant operates without electricity, so you can’t book a table here. If you’re on the island for one day only, Kiki’s the place for you – come here to enjoy the beautiful view, excellent food, and wine.

Octopus drying on the sun, sea, and boats behind them

Fresh food is an unavoidable part of Kiki’s tavern experience

Avli Tou Thodori – Platis Gialos

Located on one of the most popular beaches, Avli Tou Thodori is a perfect example of what Mediterranean food should taste like. Fresh-grilled fish, salads, meze, pasta, and baklavas are to die for, the service is more than professional, and the heavenly meals are combined with a breathtaking view of Platis Gialos. Come here to experience the delicious food for reasonable prices and spend a perfect day on the sandy beach next to the restaurant.


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M-Eating in Chora

Planning to go out for a fancy dinner in Mykonos town? If so, it sounds like it’s the perfect time to visit M-Eating, one of the most famous spots for dinner in the center of Chora. Overlooking one of many narrow streets with characteristic Cycladic architecture, M-Eating can offer you a wide variety of specialties that will additionally sweeten up a lovely day you’ve had.

Try some amazing seafood or meat dishes, and don’t forget to order a creatively served dessert to go with one of their world-class cocktails. This is a place for those who spare no expense when they travel – it reflects the Mykonos luxury lifestyle.


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Nikos Gallop Restaurant Near Platis Gialos

Nikos Gallop is known for its extraordinary fish and seafood dishes. The restaurant is located between Platis Gialos and Psarou beaches. Friendly and pleasant service is part of its charm, and delicious food is guaranteed. Here you can experience traditional Mykonian and Cretan cuisine, and they have excellent pasta and risottos. A great selection of wines also awaits the tourists. This is a place you should definitely add to your Mykonos travel guide – you won’t regret it.

Elia Restaurant on the Beach of the Same Name

Elia is on the south coast, and this is the only restaurant here. It is a part of the hotel of the same name, and it lies just a few meters away from the turquoise water. Here you can try various seafood dishes, all excellent, and freshly caught fish – you can’t go wrong whatever you choose. Add a salad and a meze for the perfect experience, and of course – a chilled wine, perfect for the hot summer days in Greece.

Kadena in Little Venice, Mykonos Town

After visiting Panagia Paraportiani church, popular Mykonos Windmills, and exploring Little Venice, come for a late breakfast or an early lunch in Kadena. This restaurant serves great meat dishes, seafood, and offers a wonderful waterfront view. The staff is welcoming and will make you feel comfortable – the dessert on the house is a common occurrence in Kadena. It is a kid-friendly restaurant. Keep in mind that it closes at 2 PM, and make sure you grab a meal here during your vacation.


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Joanna’s Nikos Place Taverna – Megali Ammos

Right on the Megali Ammos, and five minutes from the center of Chora lies a traditional taverna run by Joanna. This is a chill and relaxing place, perfect for dinner at sunset. Watching the waves on Megali Ammos while eating traditional Greek food such as souvlaki or moussaka is a memorable experience. Fresh grilled fish is always a good choice here, and a kind and hospitable service is a part of the taverna’s brand.

Greek salad, gyros, souvlaki, baked potatoes, and olives on the table

Perfect Greek cuisine can be found at Joanna’s Nikos Place Taverna

Now You Know Where to Find Great Food, But What About Accommodation?

No vacation is entirely perfect if you don’t have a comfortable place to stay. When in Mykonos, be sure to live life to the fullest and book one of the luxury Mykonos villas for rental for you and your travel companions. Enjoy your time in Greece in a modern Mykonos villa with a beautiful view, and rest after a long day of swimming or partying on Mykonos beaches. If you want to drive around and check out all the beaches, you’ll need a car rental service – we can help with that. Contact us, and we will make sure you have everything required for the vacation of your life.