Megali Ammos Beach Mykonos is one of the beaches closest to the town, so it’s no wonder it is so popular among tourists, you basically can’t skip it. It is located within walking distance from Chora, so this is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for transportation that could take them to further beaches. Let’s see what you can expect from a beach like this and find out if it is the right choice for you.

How to Get to Megali Ammos Beach Mykonos?

One of the things that makes this beach so extremely popular and often visited by tourists is that this is one of the closest beaches to Chora. It is positioned within walking distance from the town – approximately 600 m in the south direction where Ornos is located. You’ll need no more than 10 minutes to get here on foot.

If you don’t feel like walking to this place and still want to visit it, there are other convenient options. You can always try to catch a taxi, drive there or use public transportation. For example, you can take the bus from the Fabrika station and get there in 5 minutes, and the buses go frequently so you won’t have to wait long.

View of the sea with two boats in the distance

This piece of paradise is within walking distance from Chora – about 600 m in the south direction

Megali Ammos Has a Lot to Offer – Check Out All the Information

Did you know that the name of the beach Megali Ammos actually means large sand in Greek? Despite the fact that it is the closest one to the town, it is decently quiet and peaceful, so you can come here to relax without worrying that it will be overcrowded by tourists, even during the summer season. It is right next to the main road, so you will easily find it. The interesting thing about this spot is that it is very windy, so there are no parasols.

It is good for walking, jogging, and relaxation – whichever kind of activities you prefer. If you like this area, there are also a few hotels where you can stay during your vacation. If you’re up for lunch, you can also have an amazing time at a small traditional taverna that is positioned near the sea.

It Is Great for Families, Nice for Swimming and Relaxing, But There Aren’t Many Options When It Comes to Water Sports

This isn’t a very loud area, famous for wild parties or beach clubs, so it might be an excellent place to visit if you’re spending your summer holiday with a family. You can relax and enjoy a peaceful environment, just don’t forget that there are no sunbeds and umbrellas to rent here due to the strong winds. This is why it is not recommended to visit this place during midday – it is more pleasant during the early morning or afternoon hours. Also, don’t expect you will be able to try out some water sports, this is not the place for it.

Megali Ammos Beach Is a Favorite Among Cruise Tourists

Visiting Megali Ammos might be the perfect solution for those who want to stay close to the main town. Besides those who are staying on the island, there is another group of people who prefer this place. Cruise tourists who are only spending a day on Mykonos often make a stop here since it is the most convenient beach to visit in such a short time.

They get to enjoy the water and can easily get to the main Chora streets to walk, explore, buy souvenirs or have a nice meal at some of the popular local restaurants. Staying in this area is also more affordable than staying in the town center – ideal for those who travel on a budget. You can find nice hotels and suites around here for a reasonable price and still be within walking distance of the center.

You Can Find Various Interesting Things to Do Around Main Town

If you choose to stay in this area, you can have a lot of fun while trying different things. Mykonos definitely has a lot to offer to tourists. Apart from beautiful beaches, this island also offers:


Mykonos offers plenty of exciting places to visit, so you’ll definitely enjoy every minute you spend on this gorgeous island

If You Like This Area, Booking Accommodation Right Here Might Be the Best Option for Your Summer Vacation in Greece

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You can have your own private infinity pool and plenty of rooms, so your whole crew can stay together. Another interesting option that will ensure you have a glamorous vacation and spend your days exploring some of the island’s most treasured beaches in the area is renting a private yacht. You can also plan a day trip to neighboring islands such as Delos and enjoy breathtaking views of ancient ruins.