Cycladic islands are well known for their fascinating architecture and beautiful historical and cultural sights – especially Mykonos, with numerous small churches scattered around the coast. One of the fascinating sites you will encounter here is the stunning church of Panagia Paraportiani. Because this is such an essential part of the Greek cultural heritage – you don’t want to skip visiting this beautiful building.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani on Mykonos, Greece, Is One of the Fascinating Sites

If you’re going on a vacation to Mykonos, you should start planning to visit all of its amazing attractions and beautiful historical and cultural sites. The history of this island is so rich and magnificent, and the best way to learn about it is by visiting crucial historical buildings – such as the Panagia Paraportiani.

This small and charming temple has been dedicated to Virgin Mary, and its name actually means “Our Lady of the Side Gate.” Construction of this gorgeous building started in 1425 and was not completed until the 1600s.

Throughout history, it had a significant role in the life of the local community, and it is still essential to them. But, today, it also has one interesting role, and that is being one of the most photographed buildings on Mykonos and a popular Instagram spot.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani in Mykonos, Greece

This stunning object dates back to the 15th century

This Charming Church Is a Typical Example of Cycladic Architecture

The Cyclades are well known for their stunning and authentic architecture, which you can see on each one of these islands. Mykonos has a great number of little churches, and each one of them was built in the traditional Cycladic style.

The most famous characteristic of this unique style, which can be spotted on this little temple, are whitewashed facades and details accented with color. The exterior is embellished with a small white dome and a typical Mediterranean bell tower.

You may come to think that what you see here is only one building, but this is actually a complex of five churches built next to each other – which is a typical practice in Orthodox architecture. The complex consists of a few buildings which were gradually built over centuries:

  • Agios Efstathios – in the bare center,
  • Agia Anastasia, Agios Anargyros, Agios Sozon – surrounding the center
  • The Virgin Mary – standing out on the top of the complex with the magnificent dome

Panagia Paraportiani Is Located in the Main Town Within Walking Distance From the Old Port

The good thing about this small island is that most of its stunning attractions are located close to one another, and it is quite easy to get around the island if you want to visit these popular sites. Just like many other places you should see, this charming religious complex is located in Chora, the main town, where all the luxurious hotels and most stunning Greek restaurants are.

You will find it right next to the Old Port in the famous neighborhood of Little Venice. The building faces the Aegean Sea and represents the entrance to the Kastro (castle) neighborhood. Visiting this entire area and its fascinating museums and galleries is one of the things you must do while on holiday.

What Is the Easiest Way to Get to This Unique Location?

To get here, you should first figure out how to get to Little Venice. If you are staying at some of the best hotels or maybe in one of the luxury Mykonos villas for rental somewhere in Chora, you can surely get here easily if you don’t mind taking a short walk. The church is quite close to all the famous streets, popular bars, and restaurants, so it will be easy to find. It is close to spots such as:

  • Kastro’s,
  • Folklore Museum,
  • Katerina’s restaurant,
  • Jackie O’ bar,
  • Paraportiani Taverna.

If your accommodation or a private Mykonos villa is located on some other part of the island, we suggest you grab a taxi or hop on a bus and get to the Fabrika station. From Fabrika, it will take you only around 5-7 minutes to get to this stunning building. If you have a private yacht, you can easily get to the Old Port and park your yacht there since this port currently only functions for private boats.

 Little Venice in Mykonos

The building is located close to the Little Venice neighborhood and Old Port

If You Want to Learn More, You Can Join an Organized Tour

If you wish to visit Panagia Paraportiani, tours and activities may be something that sounds interesting to you. There are many guided tours to this charming object which you can join, especially if you wish to see its interior, which is usually closed to the public eye.

However, you can also explore this building and nearby attractions on your own – and it could even be the best activity for you and perhaps your companion. You can experience some of the most beautiful sunsets from this spot and perhaps share some romantic moments while on your honeymoon vacation. No matter the occasion, this picturesque place is a site you must visit.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani

Visiting this unique building must be on your travel bucket list

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