If you’re planning a vacation on this incredible island in the Aegean Sea, it’s good to inform yourself of some of the beaches you should visit. Psarou Beach Mykonos should definitely be on the list, as it’s a famous place well known for its beautiful scenery and emerald water. Today we’ll share with you some of the most interesting and important information about this popular Mykonos spot.

How to Get to Psarou Beach, Mykonos?

Psarou beach is located around 4 km away from Mykonos Town, and there are a few ways you can get to this paradise beach on Mykonos. It’s not so recommended to drive a car on your own since the beach is usually crowded during the season, and it’s quite hard to find a parking spot. But if you prefer to go by car, you can take a Mykonos taxi.

The most convenient option would be to take the bus. The public bus goes from Fabrica bus station in Mykonos town and drives to Platys Gialos, which is a beach next to Psarou. From Platys Gialos, you can walk to the Psarou Beach, and it’s a 10min walk through beautiful Mediterranean scenery. You can also take a water taxi that goes to Platis Gialos beach.

Boat on the Psarou Beach shoreline

Water taxis are one of the most popular ways of transportation to Psarou

What Is Psarou Beach Known For?

Psarou is a gorgeous beach in a well-sheltered bay and one of the most famous Mykonos beaches, very popular among high-end tourists and celebrities. Psarou is considered one of the most exclusive beaches in Mykonos, and it’s well organized and equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as small shops and taverns where you can taste some of the amazing Greek specialties. The prices are higher, but definitely worth the experience.

Is Psarou Beach Friendly for Families With Kids?

Even though it’s famous for exclusive high-end beach clubs, with lots of parties and music, Psarou is a kids-friendly place. You have parts of the beach that are calmer and where your kids can enjoy beautiful golden sand and fun watersports.

Panoramic photo of the bay of Psarou with yachts

Psarou beach is known for its golden sand and emerald green waters

What Activities Does Psarou Beach Offer?

When it comes to the question “what to do in Mykonos,” visiting Psarou Beach should definitely be on the list, especially if you’re into glamorous vacation activities. Psarou is a place that has plenty of fabulous activities to offer, and there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy each and every one of them.

Enjoy the Incredibly Fun Water Sports Activities

Water sports in Mykonos are very famous and one of the activities most people choose to indulge in. At Psarou Beach, you can enjoy scuba diving and jet skiing, as well as surfing and motor-boating. These are very popular sports and great choices for people that love active holidays.

Have a Beach Walk Down the Coastal Trail

If you feel like including some physical activity while on the Psarou Beach, you should definitely go for a walk on the coastal trail. The trail links the beaches of Platis Gialos, Agia Anna, Paraga, and Paradise. It takes about 1 hour to walk through all of these spots, and you’ll find some great Mykonos Instagram spots for sure.

Visit the Famous Nammos Beach Club

Nammos is one of the most famous Mykonos beach clubs, set on the shore of Psarou beach. This seaside restaurant has become a signature spot of Mykonos, and its guests are many famous celebrities and stars. If you want to experience some amazing Greek dishes and feel the Mediterranean spirit, this is a place for you.

Some of the most exciting Mykonos parties are held at this exact beach club, and they are definitely worth experiencing. Since the place is so popular, reservations are necessary. Be sure to contact the Nammos team on time if you’re planning on enjoying your summer at this gorgeous seaside.



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The Most Luxurious Hotels Close to the Psarou Beach

Since it is such a gorgeous Mykonos beach, Psarou has plenty of exclusive hotels close to its shoreline. All of the hotels provide their guests with hospitality, luxurious suites, and incredible infinity pools. The Mediterranean architecture creates a special atmosphere and offers you an incredible vacation experience. Here are some of the most luxurious hotels close to the Psarou Beach shoreline that you might want to book for yourself:

  • Kensho Boutique Hotels & Villas is a place known for its modern architecture and dreamy landscape that provides a unique experience to each guest.
  • Nissaki Mykonos Boutique Hotel is a magnificent 5-star hotel overlooking Psarou Beach. Known for being the epitome of elegance, luxury & comfort.
  • Petasos Beach Resort & Spa stands majestically on a private peninsula and offers its guests the impeccable experience of luxury, privacy, and relaxation.

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If you would rather choose a large exclusive villa for your stay on Mykonos, we have some excellent ones for you. Our luxury Mykonos villas for rental are known for their gorgeous views of the sunsets and Aegean sea turquoise waters. If you’re looking for a place next to Psarou Beach, we have a few amazing villas on the shoreline of  Platis Gialos, where you can enjoy your dreamy Mykonos vacation.

 Luxury Villa on Mykonos

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