Platys Gialos Beach is one of the most popular ones on the whole island, and for a good reason – this place continues to amaze visitors from all over the world with its stunning beauty. If you plan to travel to Greece this summer and get a chance to visit Mykonos, this lovely spot will surely become one of your favorite beaches.

Mykonos Is a Beautiful Destination in Greece

Apart from beautiful beaches, Mykonos is home to many other incredible amenities. This legendary island is home to various museums, art galleries, and legendary clubs, so you’ll definitely enjoy exploring all of these popular spots. It also has incredible shopping areas and many traditional and exclusive restaurants serving interesting and delicious food – from local to international specialties, you can try it all here.

If you ever get bored around here, which we doubt, you can always plan a day trip to the neighboring islands of Santorini or Delos and spice up your vacation with new adventures. If you’re into island hopping, renting a private yacht might be a great idea, and The Ace Vip has an incredible offer when it comes to yachts available for rent.

Platys Gialos

Mykonos is recognizable for tropical beaches, but many other interesting amenities as well

How to Get to Platis Gialos Beach Mykonos?

There are many different ways to get here but none of them is complicated, which is why this beach is very popular among tourists. It is actually one of the most visited beaches on Mykonos, and there are plenty of accommodation options right next to it.

The best option for getting there is by car – no matter if we’re talking about a rented vehicle, a personal one, or a Mykonos taxi. The second-best solution is public transportation. This is, as we already mentioned, a popular tourist spot, so buses that can take you here go frequently.

Use Public Transportation to Get to Platys Gialos and Other Popular Beaches

The bus departs from the main town station called Fabrika, and it will take you to Platis Gialos in approximately 15 minutes, which is quite fast. The bus will leave you close to the beach entrance, right in front of the popular Petasos Resort and Spa – which is one of the common accommodation options for people who like to stay near this beautiful beach.

Another interesting option is hopping on a water taxi – it can take you to this and neighboring beaches such as Paraga, Paradise, and Super Paradise or Elia. It operates with 14 small boats, and it can transport you from one beach to another in no time.

Apart from the previously mentioned Petasos Resort, some other great hotels located near Platys Gialos are:

  • Branco Hotel,
  • Myconian Ambassador Relais & Chateaux Hotel,
  • Nissaki Boutique Hotel.

How Far From Platys Gialos Beach Is Mykonos Town?

The beach is located approximately 5 km from Mykonos Town in the southeast direction, and it offers many charming amenities you can enjoy. Aside from lovely hotels, in the surrounding area, you can find many beautiful restaurants, trendy cafes, two markets, as well as plenty of options for water sports.

If it happens you are visiting some other popular beaches such as Paradise, Agia Anna, or Paraga, you can easily walk to Platys Gialos because it is very close to all of them. And if you keep walking, you could also reach Psarou.

Aerial view of Chora

It won’t be hard to reach Platys Gialos, especially if you’re staying nearby

At Platis Gialos Beach, You Can Participate in Different Activities

If you’re an adventurous person who doesn’t want to have a boring vacation without any interesting activities, Mykonos is the right place for you. With so many things to do, you’ll hardly even decide what to do first.

Water sports and beach activities must be a part of your memorable summer, especially if you plan to visit Platys Gialos. This extraordinary place is a true paradise for water sports lovers. You can rent a jet ski or go snorkeling in calm and shallow waters – whatever suits you best.

These Water Sports Are Family-Friendly – Apart From Swimming, Your Kids Will Love to Experience Something Different

The qualified and super friendly staff will offer you various activities for different age groups as well as lessons for those who want to try some activities for the first time. Both beginners and experts are welcome to enjoy water skiing, barefoot skiing, wakeboarding, and speed boats. These water activities can be fun for the whole family – your kids will love every second they spend on this interesting beach.

Experienced and reliable boat riders can also offer rides on a sofa, banana, or a packed tube ride – whichever you and your family or group of friends find most enjoyable. Within the bay, you’ll find jet skis for rent, and the best part is that no experience is required for this – a team of experts will show you everything you need to know.

Is Nudism Allowed on This Beach?

Although Mykonos is home to many beaches that attract nudists, this one isn’t one of them – so it is more family-friendly in that way. If you still want to visit some nudist-friendly beaches, you should go to Elia, Fokos, or Kapari.

Father and child riding a jet ski

You can participate in numerous activities

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